Would You Drive This LS400?! | From The Gallery EP. 54

Would You Drive This LS400?! | From The Gallery EP. 54

(clapping sounds) (laughs) – What’s going on everybody, welcome back to another episode of “From the Gallery”, episode fifty-four? – Yep.
– I think? – Yep.
– We got a special guest in house today.
– Who that? (all laughing) – Got me going crazy. – So for everybody who doesn’t know, this is Elon Musk. – Jasper – I’m the idiot everyone likes to know. I’m the idiot that– – Have you been on TikTok
a lot lately or something? – No, you know who is? – Who?
– The idiot with the Porsche! (laughs)
That idiot is on (beep) TikTok!
– Yes, he is. – He has built a standard
around that thing. – He’s so, like, for the
internet, for the people. Anyway, yeah. I used to
be the intern, the idiot. Am I looking at the screen?
Is that what I’m looking at? – Remember how cameras work? – No.
– Okay we’ll figure it out. – So… – Alright, so, if you want you car featured in an upcoming episode, don’t forget to add it to the gallery, fitmentindustries.com/add. (claps) – We’re still doing that And then email us at
[email protected] – Do I do that? (claps)
with the subject line “Review My Car”, we’ll
get it added to the giant Excel spreadsheet that we got going on. And then, we’ll get to it. – Heard that. – We got a good weight going on. – Yes sir. Multi-piece wheels. – It’s pretty neat.
– Three pieces of apparel, you can get a windbreaker a T-shirt, or a sweatshirt. Me and Gels are both
wearing the sweatshirt. – Yeah. – Jasper, he’s pretending
to wear it today, so – Yeah, man. – Go check that out,
fitmentindustries.com, get entered to win a set
of ESR multi piece wheels. – Alright, we ready to get
into the first car here? – Rams. – Let’s do it baby. – Rams! Thank you.
– Why are you here? (laughing) Alrighty, so, first up on
the chopping block of today we’ve got our Walmart tablet here. – Yeah, what the hell,
this ain’t even an iPad? – Nope. – Very much less than an iPad. – [Gels] Alright, so we’ve got a 2014 Volkswagen GTI, and some BBS RS’s. Eighteen by nine-and-a-half plus thirty eighteen by ten plus
twenty-five in the rears. Some Nankang’s and some Airlift
Performance Air Suspension. Now this is Maikel_Rox. – Maikel Rox? – More like an R-O-X.
– R-O-X. – He’s got some great metal. (growling sound) (all laughing) – So he’s got some details here, there are sixteen inches
converted to eighteen. Chrome plated, red hardware,
twenty-four Karat gold hex nuts, and red and gold lug baller. Who wants to start?
– Jasper’s going to start this off.
– Alright, here you go bud. – Oh, golly. – Yeah, I’m a fan that it’s, Oh God I’m already saying
that, what the hell? Okay, I like that, he did chrome plate it because I got polished
lips and it is like, the absolute worst to take care of. Like, so not a fan but I’m not a baller, I go to school so (laughing) Yeah no, but I know like GTI mark 6, mark 7 stuff, I know those
are pretty aggressive because normally it’s
like a nine and a half plus thirty-five for your bag or like eight and a half plus thirty-five. Your static is like the go-to. You drive one of those, you should know. – I have a Volkswagen – Yeah, no I mean his
fitments tight, tight (laughing) And, yeah, this is a nice rig.
– Would you say that it rocks? – Yeah. Miakel? Miakel definitely rocks with an X. (laughing) Yeah he do that. – Alright here you go. – The fitment looks super dope, spot on very similar to my Polka SD actually (beep) my fenders up, so
you better be careful. The BBs’s look super good on there. It’s always weird to me
running a staggered setup on a front-wheel drive car but, – Staggered.
– it fits good. – I mean like… – What? – It’s like, he’s
obviously like at a show, it’s not like this dude is like yah. – Right, I understand it’s just, it’s just weird, just make
a square setup work, right? But yeah, I like the thing
it’s very Volkswagen, very simple, clean, lowered, on wheels and that’s about all you need. It looks good. I’d maybe like to see maybe
a little carbon goodies or something on here. No, You don’t like carbon fiber? – Carbon fiber is so bad. – Why? – It’s so tacky, everyone does it. – But I know carbon
fiber a thing is tacky. – I No. That’s worse but like I don’t know. I mean there’s like
there’s the middle ground I like where it’s like all
or nothing, like the whole – The entire car is carbon fiber? – I think that’s too much. – It’s a lot but like if you’re doing it it’s the whole car but like, I don’t know I guess like the accents are fine but when people run on like
the doors and stuff like that but not the body – When I said a little bit of carbon fiber – You meant like a lip (laughs) – I need you to drop two
grand on a new set of doors. – I was thinking maybe
like a rear diffuser, or a little splitter, or
maybe some exhaust trim or something like that. Maybe the doors I guess. Yes, carbon fiber doors
would really complete this. (laughing) – It is gray! Like it wouldn’t. Whatever I guess, I hate everybody. – Gels just heard of carbon fiber trunks so you can talk (beep) to him now. (laughing) – Here we go. – Alright, going into this. I really like that thing
it looks really clean. I love the downsized base on it. The color combo he’s got going on with like the gold and the red
I think really makes it pop. ‘Cause like it is a very neutral color. It looks really good. I think maybe some Ash
Market like taillights or headlights or something. Like, just to give it a
little bit of something other than the wheels and
suspension and everything it does look pretty stocked. I mean that fitment is
freaking gorgeous so It looks really really good. – None of that demonetization. – We can say (beep), Gels
is just so wholesome. – No. – Well yeah, someone’s gotta bleep it out. (laughing) To add on to the red thing too like it’s nice because like he’s stuck with like the stock GTI like That’s why I like stock headlights though because it keeps the red line in it, so then he is like hardware. Pay attention, God (laughing) Yeah man, I look like I am twelve – Let Poppa Jasper teach
you a lesson or something. – Poppa’s in the house! – Poppa’s in the house! – Are we ready to rate it?
– Yeah. – Alright, are you ready? – Yeah.
– Okay, on three. One, Two, Three. (speaking together) – You’ve gotta be a little quicker. – I was a little like eight and a half, eight point two five. – Alright, what do we got
next? Gels seems excited so. – Is this going to be good? Am I going to like it? – So this is a 1991, Lexus LS400 right? – It’s got some GMR LS-1’s. Nineteen by eleven plus five in the front. Nineteen by twelve plus
zero setting the rears and Achilles tires. Airtekk air suspension. This is Troy_Nochill.
– Nochill. – 1991 Lexus, let’s see
if we get any other things going on here. Custom widened to fit. That’s about all the notes on this guy. – Sick! (laughing) All right cool. – All right, so we’ve got some kind of thing going on here. We got a big wing. We got some
– What the hell! I didn’t even see the wing at first. – (laughs) Yeah brother. So, we’ve got some kind
of body kit going on. Something is going on
with the fenders there I’m not sure if it was – Oh, it’s, widened to fit.
– Widened to fit? – Yeah, those are probably
custom like metal flared, fenders, like metal, bent in, and stuff. – Yeah.
– Yeah. (mumbles) – Alright let me check this thing out. I don’t know, I don’t know, this is weird. It plays with my feelings. The all white wing is not carbon fiber, so maybe Jasper will
love it I am not sure. (laughing) I want to hear what
Jasper has to say about it. I hope he drifts it on air. What the banner on there looks like its crooked as – Every banner is crooked. Every banner is crooked. – So that’s a little wack. What’s going on with the taillights to? It looks like there’s something (laughs) – They’re tinted to work less. – They’re not even tinted,
there’s like some paper wrap on them. – Yeah it’s strange. The fitment looks like it’s pretty good because it has the widened fit. Custom widened to fit. – And it’s on air.
– And it’s on air. – If you don’t have good fitment on air like you’re missing you’re just bad. (laughing) – I mean honestly if you
don’t have good fitment when you’re static you’re bad too. You know what I’m saying? – What, yeah bad fitment, yep. – Bad fitment wack. All right, the wheels look good on there but the rest of the car I don’t know how I’m feeling about it. – I feel like if I showed this to Steve he would cry because Steve has been trying to get one of these cars
for like quite sometime now and like– – I like when they’re just dumb and like VIP. – Take it away. – Okay, here’s the deal. I love the UCf10 chasse. I think the chasse is like incredible. I know so may people with like whole VIP look. Like it always no matter what even oh yeah I’m like good. It’s a good car, it’s a boat of a car. Chrome ten baller as hell. Here’s the thing. Big bodies, is a huge
no the big wing for me. Like okay first off I hate big wings like in general I think if you gonna get
one though, paint magic because that’s cool. Like I don’t know I think
stuff like that’s cool. I think the car is like super stylish. I am a huge fan off metal overfenders. I think putting that much effort into like I know ulterior motive like make stuff that’s like
you kinda just pop it on. I feel the fronts are like phenomenal. The rears are a little like. Which is like whatever I mean
I got cracked over fenders so like I can’t (laughs) – I can’t really talk much. I think (mumbles) He’s got some big Johns though creeps. All right anyway. – Nineteen by eleven in the front nineteen by twelve in the back – Like big john’s, but like Johns, I don’t know there’s just like. The visions there, there’s
just parts I really don’t like but like you know it’s not
like my rig, but like– – It’s not your boat. – Yeah, it’s not my boat, but like– – Did you sell fish out that boat? – He’s got the baller parts. Yeah, I think I could —
– Go fishing. – Ride around and you know, it’s a rig. – I don’t know what much
else there is to say. I think he’s got a lot
of good stuff going on from like, there forward, I like it. And then, rear doors forward. – How do you feel about the tent? – The tent I actually think (mumbles). – How do you not get
pulled in just instantly with that (beep) though? – There’s, well I don’t
know where he’s from. There’s places like Florida, you can like register a lawn mower (laughs) – I’ve seen people do that here bro. – If your dumpster had big
enough wheels in Florida, you could register it. (laughs) – Alright, honestly yeah, it’s just, the big wing kinda just
throws off the whole I think and then that rear end it almost needs, that
whole bumper just needs to almost come down more to
match the rest of it, I think and then it won’t be so bad. – It looks like there’s
a rear balance on– – Yeah, it just looks like
some, like spats or something– – I mean, he’s out here. He’s out here–
– terrible car, it’s just, it’s a little bit out there. – It’s just not my style. (mumbles) – It is a car. – It is. – I’m ready to rate it.
– Alright, on three. One, two, three. (speaking at once) – What did you say?
– Seven. – Yeah.
– Cool. Alright, moving on right
along here we find ourselves into a 2010 Audi S4, Rotiform
RSE, 19 by 10 plus 35. Yokohama Advans, 255/35. Again, some airlift, air
performance air suspension. This is DOOOOPE_S4. So fenders slightly rolled
and then slightly rolled but more rear camber.
– Is that all it says? – Yep (laughs). Other things they got,
trunk, intake, exhaust, think (mumbles) – I mean I can’t see
it too well yet, but– – So here’s, go through the
pictures real quick, all right. – Oh, it is definitely tank. – Tank (laughs). – That’s totally tank. Thinkest tank, think tank. – So, this car overall. I’m not sure how I feel about the wrap, ’cause I’m not sure like what
the whole idea behind it was. It looks just like, I’m not sure. It’s not a stripe and it’s not like a– – Yeah, I don’t know what you’d call it. How would you describe, if
someone couldn’t see your car and you’re describing the wrap
to them, what is that shape? – It’s almost, like an upside down, Starsky and Hutch What the hell, how do you
pronounce the first one? Starsky and Hutch (laughs) – Starch, starch, starch. (laughs) – It’s like upside down, you know, ’cause normally it’s like,
I’m a Gremlin, right. That’s what they draw, Gremlin– – Oh okay, yeah, I know what
you’re talking about now. – And it’s like really big. – Yeah, it’s like someone
messed up the wrap editor on like (beep) need for
speed or something (mumbles). – That was mean. (laughs) – I was just trying to describe it, you’re like, “somebody (beep) the wrap”. – It looked like Stevie Wonder made a wrap on need for speed. (laughs) – Alright, moving on here. (laughs) I think the RC’s a cool choice. – Be nice. – I’m not sure how feel about the white around the grill there– – I thought that was chrome. – That’s like an S4 thing,
is like their aluminum– – Look at another picture, is it… it’s white, but if it’s chrome . (speaking together) (coughs) – I think the trunk set up
looks really, really good. It’s got a little pink set
up and it’s got the hardlines and it’s got that (mumbles). – You got suede. Man this is classy. – Alright, what do you think? – I think the delivery isn’t bad. It is a little confusing
but I’ve never seen anything like it. Which is cool, he’s got like
the little Rotiform veel. I mean, I doubt it’s like sponsored but it’s cool to show
branding somewhere else, I appreciate stuff like that and the grocery list. And it’s bags and wheels with a wrap I mean it’s cool, it’s
just like, you know, yeah, it is what it is, it’s a car. Yeah man it’s a large rig. – Here you go. (laughs) – Yeah, no, I’m not feeling the wrap . – All right. – It’s different and I
don’t think it’s different in a good way, to be honest with you. Look, I’m sorry, but the colors, it’s blue and then it’s
red, its white and black, there’s just so much going on, normally blue and red just, no. – They’re almost complimentary colors, let me tell you some art school. – Drop some art knowledge. – (laughs) – And educate us. – Blue and orange are
complimentary colors. So like, they clash like whatever, but that’s red which is a product of, orange is a product of red. So, like relatively complimentary colors, so they clash weird. – I think what you’re just trying to say is red contrasts orange. – No, red contrasts blue you idiot. – I meant, that’s what I meant to say. (laughs) Red contrasts blue. Why’d you have to bring
orange into this at all? Orange you glad I didn’t say that again? – Why did I know that was coming? – Alright and then the weird, there’s like the blue
windshield banner too that doesn’t even say anything,
it’s just the blue eyebrow. – It’s meshing though. – I know but that’s weird, it’s like, “oh hey we have (mumbles)”. – That’s a pretty common thing. – I wouldn’t do it, I don’t know. Like, maybe–
– It’s a thing people do in Dakota. – No, no ,no, I’d like
to see it like black. Like, contrast there, do
something, have a word there. – Rotiform (laughs) – Do something, I don’t
know, but the anyways, the wheels do look good here,
the RSCs are a good choice. The fib ins pretty
good, I’d like to see it get a bit lower since it is on air. (laughs) – Ready to give it a rate?
– Yes, all right. – On three. One, two, three. (Speaking together) – Five. – Oh see you talk (beep) and
then you rate it the lowest out of everybody. “I love the wrap, RSCs are
the same wheels I have. “The windshield’s sick
with the vinyl on it, “everyone does that”, Five. – I didn’t say it was sick, I
just said that it’s a thing. – I got another (mumbles).
– Yeah man. – (claps) Give it to us. – Alright, moving on to
our forth and final car. We have a 2009 Chevrolet HHR on some CCW LM20s. 18 by 9, plus 33; 18
by 9 and then plus 35. Some Nitto NT555s and some
Megan racing coilovers. Now this is a 400 and plus
horse power (mumbles). – Oh (beep) yeah. – Got the LNF in it– – Yes!
– We got a whole bunch of good stuff going on. We got intercoolers, we
got custom coldside piping, we’ve got ready blowup valves, fender– – Here’s the deal, dude wrote an essay and you don’t need to read it all off. – Yes you do– – No, I wasn’t even, I was like skipping, like okay here, here. – Have you ever seen an HHR SS with this much (beep) into it? – It’s not an SS though
is it, it’s just an HHR. – No, I just wanted, that’s
just what it says on it that’s an SS – Oh your website is broken. – Oh my God, I will smack the
(beep) out of you right now. Come over here, we’re gonna
bend you over that chair, I’m gonna spank you. (laughs) – That’s what they chose it for. – Yeah man, good spanking, all right cool. – Guys next year is up, interior
bright seats are (mumbles) there’s a lot of stuff
going on in this thing. – All right, I don’t
want it, I’m just saying, this is, I know why Dakota likes this, it’s because he had a PT cruiser and it’s just, shut your
mouth, it’s just like– – No, you’re not even ready. – He’s got a fender– – It does yeah! – Okay, that’s cool, okay. (laughs) Point being, it’s almost the same thing– – It’s a PT cruiser–
– but like a PT cruiser is worse. – And I had a Cobalt
SS with the same motor, so it’s like (angelic sound) – Why is this in– – Dude, this thing just
looks like a mail truck. (laughs) – It’s a mail truck would (beep) (laughs) – It’s a mail truck with
a Colorado front end. (laughs) Oh it is an SS. (chatters) – It really does look
like a delivery truck. – Yeah, I’ll never understand
how they can come like that and then can’t have tint on my windows but they can just block out every– – Well it’s like a Nexus Meerton, I’ve never got how those
SUVs do that (mumbles) – This thing is dope, I
like this thing a lot. It is rowdy. So this is ROBSS_TURBO 2009 HHR. I think, you know, everyone’s
seen a good amount of it, here, have you got
anything to say about it? – Yeah, this is the man van. I think this thing is dope. The CCWs on there are sick. I think it’s dope doing
something different with a different car, you
don’t see HHR SSes that often and then to take it to this caliber and actually like, make it fast and I don’t think it looks that bad. I’m not even a fan of
blue cars or anything like that or wraps like this
but this one pulls it off. I love the CCW wheels,
the fender dump is sick, all the mods that have gone
into this is just nutty. As the LNF motor, which
is a really good motor for making power, believe it or not , they come in the Cobalt
SS and turbo charge ones and then the HHR SS and
also the Paniac Solstice. I really love this. – I don’t need it, I just like. No, no, no, I’ve looked at it enough. So like, I will give
’em this, CCWs balling, like that’s a flax in
itself, I do appreciate it that like it is a car
that like no one does but like it’s for a reason to be fair but like also he’s
exhaust, that is so pimp. So like, have those
super flat front fenders then they’re just like (farts) (laughs) – The fact that it’s a fender
exit and it’s still going up. (laughs) – Like that’s a flax in itself and like, I don’t know,
I appreciate that like, he knows like he’s got the right parts like nothing on that thing
looks like bad or fake– – Right, yeah.
– Yeah man, this is my sweet ebay kit. No, this thing is – You’re such an emotional
rollercoaster, you know that. You always like, you
either make it sound good and then (beep) or you
talk (beep) about it and make it sound good. – You know like you get– – I can’t read you man. – It’s like one put down, three put ups. No it’s, it’s alright though. (laughs) (beep) – I absolutely love this thing. I think people would wanna
make their own HHRs, oh my God. Like, we got a guy, Erin, I
think he’s from Wisconsin, he’s got one that’s he’s built up to, he participates in the
road rally every year, that thing is insane. He does a lot of like custom
metal work and stuff to it, it’s really cool, seeing
this is absolutely awesome, I love like, the exhaust
exits, I think the wheels are a freaking solid choice. I love the color and the fact that it’s
just like the whole backend is blocked out and it looks
like a freaking mail truck. It’s like a milk man. The milk man. (laughs) – I don’t like these cars stocked, like I would never buy them– – Oh that would suck. (laughs) He did nice. – He did nice. – He did okay
– He did nice. – It, no, it’s okay but he did a good job. – Ready to rate. – I’m ready to rate it. – Yeah let’s go. – Rating for free. On three. One, two, three! (speaking together) – I don’t know. – Ten?
– Ten. – Fine, I’ll go up, eight. (laughs) – You can’t keep changing your score and you just change it
almost every time afterwards. – All right, so I’m just
gonna go ahead and wrap it up for this episode from the Gallery, thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you Jeff for coming in. – Yeah man. – Go on get boy! Go on get! – Enough for you. Just don’t forget if you
watch your car rating in an upcoming episode,
add it to the Gallery for the fitmentindustries.com/add and then email [email protected], subject line review my car,
get it, add it in the list and that’s about it. Don’t forget about the
giveaway we got with ESR all that sort of good stuff,
we’ll see you guys later. (upbeat music)

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