Wheel of Opinions with Tiffany Haddish

Wheel of Opinions with Tiffany Haddish

100 thoughts on “Wheel of Opinions with Tiffany Haddish

  1. Am I the only one who loves those strawberry candies?

  2. "what if Jason in the woods?" Honestly that's why I don't go in the woods you never know what kind of crazy Forrest people you'll meet

  3. Tiffany carries this segment 🤣🤣🤣 sooo funny. "I AIN'T FINISHED" – iconic, let's be real

  4. Her body is ready.

  5. #Annoyish

  6. Lmao a booga wolf

  7. Love Tiffany!! Shut up Jimmy! Fix your fake laugh!

  8. She is the new best thing

  9. She should do this segment all the time! ahemmm Jimmy Fallon bring her ass back haha I love it

  10. Jimmy is the best

  11. I cringed every time she stole jimmys part 😫

  12. She can just say apple you 1 2 3 and u will be like"hahahahaahhahahahahah"

  13. She used my word 😂😂😂 “boogerwolf”

  14. She is such a classy lady! and so pretty!

  15. A Booga Wolf lol !

  16. 1:00 jimmys fake laugh 😂

  17. She's hilarious.

  18. Jimmy oh jimmy why u so fake!!I don't hate u by …damn man u just shut the people u invite and ur fake laugh…..god…why???Love u Tiffany !!You r original and special!!

  19. Love her

  20. “His beard is ashy”😂😂😂

  21. Her face when “the woods” popped up 😂😂 she look like she had beef with “the woods”

  22. "I ain't finished yet"

  23. She's real witty!

  24. I like the strawberry candies

  25. Wash my ass hahaha

  26. I love the strawberry candies! 🤤

  27. 😍😍

  28. i love this woman😂😂

  29. I love those strawberry candies! LOL

  30. Bring ber backkkkk

  31. I disagree, those strawberry candies are amazing

  32. Tiffany Haddish and Taraji P. Henson on screen together in an action comedy. If this didn't already happen, it needs to. Like today.

  33. "But. I go to the woods, though 😜" LOL

  34. When she ain't finished it's the funniest thing ever I love her so much

  35. I'm so thankful Jimmy didn't participate in /ruin this segment 🙏🙏


  37. She tries too hard.

  38. LOVE HER

  39. Hilarious!!!

  40. 2:32 😂😂😂 exactly tho😏😭😂

  41. Boogawoof

  42. She’s pretty in that dress

  43. Jimmy fallon is so fucking Annoying

  44. I just fell into a Tiffany Haddish YouTube hole and I’m not mad at all

  45. How am I just seeing this now?

  46. He got a ashy beard lmao

  47. She's amazing LMAO

  48. she starting to annoy me

  49. This was funny… but also rlly cringy

  50. Giiiiiirl, "I ain't finished yet" ohhh I love her!!!

  51. Tiffany can do no wrong to me

  52. I was making up my bed and fell on the ground DYING when she brought up the eggs again💀😂

  53. she is HILARIOUS

  54. Idk that strawberry candy was ight to me 😂😂

  55. She’s the best

  56. She's hot well in my eyes

  57. "you can get freaky in the woods but I be scared at the same times"

  58. Tiffany a straight freak!!

  59. She aint finished yet but it’s Jimmy’s turn 😂

  60. Killt

  61. Whattt I loved those strawberry candies!!!!!

  62. Lovrher shescomr such along way keep it up momalove ta Strong sita

  63. She is female version of Anthony mackie

  64. She ready! vs. I ain't finished yet!
    The two personas of Tiffany. 😁

  65. Jimmy seems genuine 😍 Tiffany brought it out

  66. I am sooo done lmao “and another thang I ain’t finished yet” Hahahaha

  67. Fine azz woman right there!!

  68. My grandfather gave me those all the time but he always got it from under his bef

  69. Her facial expressions are gold!

  70. Tiffany Haddish SHE READY!!!!

  71. Her face!😂😂😂
    What if Jason's in the woods?
    But I still go to the woods!😂

  72. 0:58 "oh my gwad its a bugger woof"

  73. The funniest woman in the world!!

  74. The improv Queen!!!!❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎

  75. I adore her so much I cant take it.

  76. 2:59–3:03 FACTS

  77. 3:05 that tongue ??? 7 inches?

  78. Anyone else notice how Jimmy is forever interrupting his guests also fake laughing.he's so narcissistic. I only wanted to see Tiffany I can't stand how fake Fallon comes through….sry jimmy lovers just being real

  79. My golly jimmy Fallon why do You gEt tHESe peOPle On yOur sHOW iF yOu caNT hanDLe thEmmM

  80. Tiffany is so funny!!

  81. Not funny
    A walking stereotype

  82. Her eyebrows are GOALS. But “I’ain finish yet.”

  83. Gawd daim jimmy with the fake laugh

  84. Quote of the day people
    "I ain't finished yet"

    By tiffany haddish…

  85. Gilmore Girls was a topic and I am down to hear any celebrity’s opinion on my favorite show.

  86. "It tastes like plastic and sugar" that's the most accurate description of the candy tbh and now I can live my life satisfied

  87. That candy is DISGUSTING but I always try it


  89. Booger Wolf!!! 😆

  90. That tongue tho!!!

  91. Not eggs for three days lol😂😂

  92. She's like a mix of Cardi, Rico nasty and herself lol

  93. This was too short a segment with Tiff

  94. Nobody :
    Tiffany Haddish: I AiN't FiNiShEd YeT…

  95. I ♥️ her

  96. When Tiffany said booger wolf, Jimmy was looking confused at the camera like: "Should we censor that?"

  97. That was probably the MOST annoying thing I've ever watched.

  98. I like those strawberry candies…….

  99. Ice cube should do this

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