What’s inside a Tesla Charger?

What’s inside a Tesla Charger?

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  1. Hope you upgraded the breaker to 60 amp…80% continuous load at 48 amps per code.

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  4. Please delete this video. You spouting off total nonsense to 6 million subscribers is pretty irresponsible. Focus on "whats inside" instead of "educating" your subscribers on a subject that is very important to fully understand. You clearly know nothing about this subject, you could've read the owners manual or educated yourself just a bit beforehand. I hope nobody took any advice at all from this video. I am totally stunned that you would upload this and i highly doubt you had a real electrician with you. Right away, a total lack of safety and then just blatant fictional advice and zero knowledge and you play it off the entire time. Don't doubt your vibe.

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  7. Each breaker you flipped is marked 50 Amps, so I’m assuming you have 3 charging breakers because you have three chargers in your garage? Either way it looks like you have 50 amps on that circuit.

  8. NOOO!!!! Please read the manual. Your old electrician likely did. The old charger had a dial that you would need to set to match your breaker setting. I believe that it would only take 80% of what breaker you had, so you probably have a 50 amp breaker. You need to connect to it’s WiFi network on the new charger to fully set it up. But I can’t believe that Tesla would let you use the charger at full power without setting it up properly first.

  9. Continuous 48A should be on a 60A circuit (80% rule).

  10. It’s because in the model s and x at some point you could order it with onboard dual chargers. So if you had those it would go up to the top amps.

    Since then Tesla removed the option and all cars have a single charger onboard so you’d never go over 48 amps.

    A supercharger bypasses those onboard chargers and feed dc current directly into the battery.

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  12. If u want Zach’s way then “ it starts to scratch at level 6 with deeper groves at 7”

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  14. Not gonna lie; I literally had anxiety watching this. The power to the circuit should have been cut before opening the wall charger and you cannot safely increase the load (amperage) without changing the circuit breaker and cable size (unless it was already good enough). Code requires the load only pull 80% continuous of the rated breaker; so for 48 amp continuous load you would need a 60 amp breaker and 4 gauge wire which does not appear to be what was shown in the video. I would get a second opinion from a different electrician unless the breaker/wire changes were done but just not shown in the video.

  15. The wall chargers glass reminds me of the Apple IMac mouse

  16. How much does it cost to get the tesla charger ?

  17. I have the Grey one

  18. I dont understand… Isnt the US on 110v??? or is that the chargers magic?

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  21. 40 amps of energy

  22. im not watching todays video because I already know you unplugged it before opening…no excitement

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  24. If it’s taking 9 hours or so to charge your Tesla, what kind of increase do you see on your monthly electric bill?

  25. 80 amp or 150 be better

  26. How much more is your electric with that in the house that what I want to know

  27. I think we can safely assume Elon Musk's signature requires 8 amps to power it.

  28. next: whats inside the sun?

  29. 7:30 smh this man really doesn’t understand how electrical current works and what an amp really is.

  30. how long does the battery inside tesla last?and..lets say you charge your tesla outside then suddenly its raining..what happen to the car?

  31. Hey I know how you got hacked when you enter your pin the guy had a thermal camera and could see the heat of the your finger when you enter your pin and charge your account

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  33. Stop talking up Tesla so much

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  35. How do you get 32 amps out of a normal socket? Do you know how bulky your cables need to be to be able to do that.

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  39. 3:09 32 amps OR 240V????? Someone didn't pay attention in class

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  41. The new chargers have been set into 48 amps. Also, there are less resistance in the charger, thus, more amps.

  42. Bro I have Tesla model 3 and my tyre is damaged . What can I do

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  46. Alright, now im going to buy this shiny wall charger and im pretty excited to know the price its cheap according to how expensive the car is but only thing I want after buying this charger is the tesla it self

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  48. Current is not energery

  49. Why not install 2? If you want to charge both Teslas overnight

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  55. The figure on the left is what you are actually getting and the figure on the right is the maximum the charger can provide. If your house can only supply a maximum of 40A, then you will only get a maximum of 40/48 amps from your charger.

  56. The new charger is supposed to have wifi… where’s the review of its networked smart functions???

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  58. Can i havd your old one

  59. The new ones with white face are able to connect to WiFi through an app or Tesla app and u can change settings and controls trio other thing u should have out that in ur video

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  62. Thats not good that u got hacked do u have he iphone 11 pro?

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  64. If your electrician installed a 40amp circuit in the new house and set the old charger for 40amps, then that install is correct. Your chargers need to be set for the type (amperage) 220 circuit that was installed. Assuming your electrician installed a 40amp circuit in the new house and you are pulling 48, then you are pulling too much power and heating the wiring in your walls. You could potentially burn down your nice new house.

  65. That’s only a 50 amp breaker and that looks like 6/3 romex which is rated to 55 amps so if you were using more than 55 amps (if the breaker didn’t trip by then) it would start to heat up and melt the wire and eventually catch on fire

  66. The secret to finding the right wall charger just don't buy a Tesla at all

  67. Hard to believe a licensed electrician was watching and didn’t turn off the circuit breaker as the FIRST STEP. It was still live when you removed from brackets and the unit and heavy cables hanging from live wires. Those wires could have easily pulled loose and given up a 220V surprise.

    Turn off the breaker FIRST!!!

  68. What's inside a TV

  69. Crazy Idea, Wireless charging cars, Where you can just pull into your garage and it automatically starts charging

  70. Hey, who was that charger signed by? I don’t think you mentioned it….

  71. Can I have the Elon musk signature

  72. Our house is fine we have a lock

  73. Can you guys do whats inside "whats inside"?

  74. I'm not convinced thinner is better, esoecially when you are talking 50A for hours and a flex lead.

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  77. the comments are more informative than the video.

  78. can anyone donate tesla to me?

  79. What are you going to do with the old Tesla charger? I could use the thick charger cord.

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  81. Your old charger was set for 40 amps likely because it was on a 50 amp circuit. You can only draw 80% of a breaker rating for ev charging. 48amp is within 2amps (4%) of the rating. The new one is likely set up incorrectly. So the question is what size wire in your walls and what is breaker rating? 60 amp breaker can support 48amp charging. 50 amp can support 40 amp charging. 40 amp can support 32 amp charging.

  82. When is school project turns into a YouTube

  83. why spend $500 when you can buy a 50 amp outlet at home depot for $7.83?

  84. Glass is glass and glass breaks

  85. Maybe on the older unit you or your electrician should have read the installation manual. It’s selectable with switches. That was your problem, not the charger lol.

  86. Great content

  87. Please take an hour and learn about voltage, current, and power.

  88. I think you want to marry Tesla because that’s what most of your videos are about

  89. Your breaker is only 50 amps from the video, you should NOT let it draw 48 amps on a 50 amp breaker.

  90. for what i know the old charger can charge up to 80 amp, but it has a little potentiometer like switch that limits the maximum current, probably the electrician set it to 40 amps to make sure to not burn the cables in the wall.
    you should check what gauge are those cables and maybe up the max current (btw you have 50 amps brakers).

  91. I love Tesla, so I wish the US never has to deal with load-shedding. All the Tesla owners will be crying in a corner.

  92. Last I knew they were still making glue for plastic. All you should be pulling is 80% of your breaker amperage. If a 40 amp breaker then 32 amps. You would have to have a 100 amp breaker to pull 80 amps. You seem surprisingly incurious about a technology you have been using for a few years?

  93. How did this turn from a kids project to 6million subs!!!! WOW the money you guys have made💰💰💰

  94. Check the breaker. It could be a 50amp.

  95. nothing i have riped open one . there is some caps and some resistors a PCB and some ic + wiers coils etc…

  96. I wished it was the same for chronovirus to keep us safe too

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  98. rip bills
    and you have to have at least 50 amp breaker and viering

  99. You should keep the cracked one for your future Cybertruck 😂

  100. It says it has 60 amps on the instruction manual

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