WeBuyCars Car Dash | Episode 61 | #BlindfoldChallenge

WeBuyCars Car Dash | Episode 61 | #BlindfoldChallenge

We’re back and, in this episode, we challenge
the team to yet another subscriber request. This week the team has to guess the car, blindfolded! They have to rely on touch only and in 5min
guess the brand. Let’s see what the team finds/guesses. “So, this is a bakkie. This feels like either a double cab or extra
cab, there is no door handle here. The bin. The roll-bar. Ok now getting to the make of this bakkie. It actually feels nice and smooth, sleek lines. It actually feels like either a Ford ranger
or a Mazda. Ok so with the shape of the headlights I’m
going to go with Mazda. So, this is the Mazda extra cab. This is what I think, Mazda extra cab. Oh, wow it is actually a Mazda extra cab. That’s fantastic. Very different experience from looking at
the beautiful cars. But what it made me realize is that the design
is actually sleek and smooth. You don’t really see that but when you feel
it, that is what you feel. When you reveal it’s like wow! Its like a smooth, sleek extra cab. No never again, never. I prefer through my eyes, seeing through my
eyes and not my fingers.” “Ey, who’s that? Mmm, this is a trap. Ok so this is it. Ok this is definitely a hatchback. Ok. Ok. Huh. Okay I think this is a Ford. Just want to feel something. I think a Ford Focus maybe. It’s a Ford Fiesta. I initially went for the Focus, so I thought
it was Focus. So, I’m thinking ok hatchback, Ford, what
would it be? Ag, Figo.” “Ok, I’m feeling, it feels like metal. Always just go with the logo. I’m fairly certain I know what this car
is. Ja. Could it be a Mercedes ML? Ne? A ML? M Class ML. I would never suggest going car shopping blindfolded. Thank you to Kieran and Jay for helping me
to not trip and fall and break my leg.” Luckily for you, finding the right car doesn’t
need blindfolds. Just visit one of the nationwide branches
and browse the wide selection of vehicles at your fingertips. Remember to click subscribe and ring that
bell! Leave a comment below and you could decide
the next Car Dash Special! For more episodes visit us on our Youtube

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