Warren Drops Out, Trump Shrugs Off Coronavirus & An Ironic Car Accident | The Daily Show

Warren Drops Out, Trump Shrugs Off Coronavirus & An Ironic Car Accident | The Daily Show

The Democratic primaries. After Super Tuesday,
voters basically decided the race should be between
Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. So Michael Bloomberg
promptly dropped out, and now, in the wise words
of the phisolo… philosopher DJ Khaled, “Another one.” We begin with today’s
big breaking 2020 news. Senator Elizabeth Warren
is dropping out. Warren speaking out
on her decision to suspend her campaign. Gender in this race, you know… that is the trap question
for every woman. Uh, if you say, “Yeah, there was sexism
in this race,” everyone says, “Whiner!” And if you say,
“No, there was no sexism,” about a bazillion women think,
“What planet do you live on?” Um, I promise you this, I will have a lot more to say
on that subject later on. Damn. Elizabeth Warren has
a good point. Yeah. Because like it or not, that was some truth
that she dropped there. A woman addressing sexism,
or ignoring it, while running for president
is either gonna be seen as a whiner
or living on another planet. Which is unfair,
especially since the president is already a whiner
who lives on another planet. -(laughter)
-And whether you think sexism played a role or not,
you have to admit, it’s pretty strange
that a race that started with a broad tapestry
of candidates is now basically down
to two old white men. Yeah. They’re so old that no
matter which one of them wins, Donald Trump will be
the youngest person in the race. Think about that. That’s wild.
Like, there’s no other job where these three people
would be the top candidates. Like, even
if they were auditioning for those
Life Alert commercials… -(laughter)
-yeah, people would be like, “Uh, we’re kind of going
for someone healthier, you know? “You guys don’t really look like
you’re young enough to save, you know what I mean?” And now the big question is, who is Elizabeth Warren
gonna endorse? Biden or Bernie? Is she gonna swipe right
or really far left? (laughter) All right, let’s move on to this
year’s biggest viral challenge, the coronavirus. While the CDC is struggling
to test patients, and stores are running out
of cleaning supplies, we’re finding out just how fast
this thing can spread. New alarm bells ringing tonight in the coronavirus outbreak
in this country. There are now
more than 150 cases in a growing number of states. A New York City lawyer
is hospitalized. His wife, daughter and son
testing positive. A family friend
who he spent time with is also positive, as are
his wife and three children. Officials also announcing the
neighbor who drove the lawyer to the hospital has the virus. The neighbor’s children
are being tested. The governor says
no need to panic. (laughter) Okay, there’s definitely
a need to panic. (laughter) ‘Cause the only time people say
there’s no need to panic is when there’s something
to panic about. Like, a pilot
never comes on the P.A. like, “Uh, ladies and gentlemen,
no need to panic, uh, but we’ve landed.” You’d be like, “And?” “And nothing.
There’s no need to panic.” Because that graphic
is especially scary. Did you see that thing?
Look at that. Like, everyone got the virus. That guy got the virus,
then his wife got the virus, his kids got the virus,
his neighbor got the virus, probably everyone sharing his
Netflix account got the virus. Huh? The guy who drove him
to the hospital got the virus, which means the car’s GPS
probably got the virus as well. She’s like, “Turn right now. “Coughing. Coughing. Touching face.” No, GPS, don’t touch your face! You don’t even have a face! Now, leaders all over the world
are handling corona in very different ways. You know, some are panicking,
and some are not doing enough. Luckily for all of us
here in the United States, there’s one person
who isn’t worried at all. NEWSMAN: We had a report today
the global death rate at 3.4%, and a report that the Olympics
could be delayed. Your reaction to that? TRUMP: Well, I think the 3.4%
is really a false number. Now, this is just my hunch. Because a lot of people
will have this, and it’s very mild. So I think that that number
is very high. I think the number…
personally, I would say the number’s
way under one percent. Yes, good news.
Trump has a hunch that coronavirus is not
as deadly as people think. In fact,
he personally has a feeling that the death rate
is lower than one percent. What the (bleep) is that? (laughter) “I’ve got a feeling” is a phrase that should only be reserved
for low-stakes situations. You know, like whether tonight’s
gonna be a good, good night. (laughter) And honestly, I don’t know
why Trump is doing this. Like, why is he being like,
“Oh, it’s not that bad. It’s not…” He’s acting like
the virus is no big deal. No one is blaming Trump
for coronavirus. People just don’t want him
ignoring it like it’ll just go away. This is a global pandemic,
not his son Eric. (laughter) And, by the way, why was… why was Fox News showing
the White House for that call? I mean, based on where Trump
spends most of his time, it’s more likely
he was at Mar-a-Lago or KFC. I mean, I don’t even know
why they did that. Right, and finally, here’s a fun story
to lighten up your day. Uh, you know how
everyone always tells you to not text while driving because it can lead
to a disaster? Well, this next driver
should have taken that advice. NEWSWOMAN:
Please stop what you’re doing and take a look at your screen. Check out a major fail after a man
passed his driving test. Just ten minutes later,
yeah, that same man, he drove his car into a river.
It happened in southern China. Reports say
he was trying to avoid those pedestrians
on the bridge. Apparently, he was reading–
get this– messages on his phone
congratulating him for passing his driver’s test. (laughter and applause) There are… there are
so many things about this story. First of all,
he was trying to avoid the… Why didn’t he just stop? (laughter) Like, that thing,
it went bad so fast. It looked like
the driving version of Mike Bloomberg’s campaign,
you know? It was like,
“I’m the only one who can… Aah, Elizabeth Warren!” (laughter) And you know who
I really feel bad for? The person
he was apparently texting with, because you realize
they’re still at home looking at
those three little dots, and nothing has come out. Like, “What is he saying?
What is he saying? Did he pass the test or not?” But still, people,
the real lesson here is about texting while driving. Because, you see,
this only happened because the driver looked down
to read his texts. Then he looked up,
saw the pedestrians, panicked, swerved,
and went into the water. So please, don’t make
this mistake. All right? Just keep looking down
at your phone the whole time. You let the people
jump out of the way. Yeah. ‘Cause if people
jump off the bridge, we can always make more people, but that car
is never coming back.

100 thoughts on “Warren Drops Out, Trump Shrugs Off Coronavirus & An Ironic Car Accident | The Daily Show

  1. If a woman is inept, she can always blame sexism for her loss. And inept women always find something to blame.

  2. Remember Tulsi Gabbard, Trevor?!

  3. Warren's not going to endorse Bernie whatsoever. It's a hunch… lol. And i'm also seeing another set of rig's again except this time, the rig will be out in the open. Meaning…. good luck about complaining about trump for another 4 years. Bernie will get screwed again, meaning …. the rest of the america is going to get screwed…. again.

  4. Isnt tulsi gabbard still in the race?


  6. Bernie 2020!

  7. so trump should be in the risk group of the coronavirus, right? RIGHT?!

  8. Obiden-bama is losing his marbles. Bernie might be an "old white dude", but he is also Jewish, a people who have faced their own oppression…ya'know, like the Holocaust

  9. She does have a good point; Sexism was why she won't win the nomination. Just like Hillary in 2016

  10. Warren is whiny and annoying.. and once she flipped on medicare for all she was out.. no amount of billionaire or corporate pac money was going to save her

  11. Hey guys, can we just Panic! At The Disco instead…?

  12. Trump's statement that the death rate is lower than reported in the US has a corollary – if true then the infection must be a lot more widespread than reported. So he's saying "Don't panic – there are people all over the place who have the highly infectious coronavirus but don't even know it! Anyone you meet might have it without even realising it, but it's probably only 20% as deadly as reported!"

  13. #Trump2020!

  14. Update: Today he declares state of emergency over coronavirus.

  15. Ha, I saw a headline that said "With Warren out, where will her supporters go?" How about Hell?

  16. I live in the epicenter of the WA. State, outbreak. While in the store today, people had their coughing children all over. Please, if you have children who are coughing, stay the phuque home!!! I know YOU feel fine, but think about the people you could potentially KILL, not just old people who are sick, but of all ages, those who have compromised immune systems. PLEASE, Do your part to protect them and stay home! Thank you.

  17. Yang/Reich

  18. Mega-guillotine, I love you. Mega-guillotine, I'm voting for you. https://youtu.be/SLMYLO66uzc

  19. It seems like everyone is driving and texting nowadays, in my experience

  20. OMG the car accident was hilarious.

  21. Freaking Tulsi is a woman!!!! Helloooo

  22. There are actually 431 cases in the US

  23. She is in denial! She should look in the mirror and at her stupid policies and tragic track record. Her own state even said, no not her!….

  24. as a male, i just want to say that yes, obviously sexism factored into this campaign. when it comes to female candidates, people always focus on their "likability" and rarely on their ideas or solutions. #SamanthaBee

  25. Damm, Trump is actually right.

  26. You're always so funny

  27. And Major Tulsi Gabbard is smeared by all media because she was questioning their sacred cow of foreign policy hardcore. As soon as she pointed out that the US government is funding and arming terrorist they smeared the ever loving dog shit out of her. Plus incase you havent noticed the establishment isnt too friendly to veterans all the time (see: "bonus marches" and Smedley Butler 'War is a racket'). Semper Fi.

  28. I think Trump is on the autism spectrum, has OCD,, dyslexia and also dementia. I think it is disgusting that his family and the republicans have let him loose, knowing he will screw everything up, and distract the world while they profit behind the scenes. They should never have attempted to impeach before taking up the issue of his mental health. Here is someone, crying out for help in front of billions of people, and he is condemned. He actually needs help. He has learnt his way of being by imitation in order to impress initially his father, and now the world. He has imitated what was considered powerful and successful in the world. and has adopted those ways. He is a mirror, for Americans, and others. He could be viewed as a gift as he has presented the American people and the greater world, the opportunity for growth, shedding light on how urgent and imperative a paradigm shift is.

  29. Trump is a Murder To The American People. There is to much Truth Out there That Proves He Has Not done his Due Diligence For taking care Of The People Of Our Country. This Delay In This Will increase The United States Of America To Be the Biggest Infected .

  30. Big mistake. The democrats should have put Stormy Daniels as the candidate. At least Stormy knows how long is Trump's dick😄😈😎

  31. Warren shouldn't endorse anyone.

  32. Elections are rigged, how you think Trump became President after the Simpson's predicted over 10 years ago? It is definitely not by coincidence.

  33. Is Elizabeth Warren a woman or transsexual?

  34. Go burnie go 😃 pray for burnwie Sanders

  35. I rember when they first talked about swine flu they had out mass poster's evrry ware get your flu shot the school wanted to stick that crapt up my girl's 👃 i said u better not ther friends got sick mine didnt now a whaile bk they had the poster's out every ware get ur flu shot now here we are agian but ppl dien come on i belive it was that ship they talkin bout foreal thry go every ware snd ppl get on and off every ware so wat if ppl got off in mass diffrent places and they dnt know wate them.ppl are now so its spreading they will fix this to warch my friend said ther probley trying to freak ppl out to go buy mass shit i mean dam ppl cant save nothing wasten it in a bunch of crapt u dnt need right now but stores are greedy they want u to buy online snd buy mass stuff at the stores i mean think about it they pit stuff froom three months ahead lol just to stock.it bk up lol

  36. Same way with whi ever when's eather Burnie or Biden's gona when whonwill look out for handy cap or veteran's older and kids and teens huh who from the sycos dnt care or have a ❤

  37. Trump didn’t shove off Coronavirus. This is fake news.

  38. Bernie already told Warren that a woman can't win.
    What was she thinking ?

  39. i love communism, I even have a communist hat

  40. Trevor just got Shttt on again by Democrats 💩 sooo Funny 😂

  41. So sorry to lose Senator Elizabeth Warren as a candidate. News coverage by wealthy news sources don't want to be taxed?

  42. I'm usually a fan Trevor, but we'll do you have to say swipe Right or Far Left? It's like you're saying that Bernie is crazy or something. As if it's radical to even be on the Left as a Dem. Joe Biden & every other establishment Dem is actually Right of Center. Every Democrat by principal should be Left of Center. Some more than others. But Biden is for staying in the same place as in the status quo. Where as Bernie is actually for moving forward. You know, Progressing. God, Americans are too stupid to change our country for the better.🤦🏻‍♂️

  43. Trevor Noah had developed a habit of making everything about race and gender. well if you think everything in life comes down to nothing but race and gender, you are the very same thing you claim to hate

  44. the only reason sexism played any part in this campaign was bc of warren, she lied about Bernie saying a woman couldn't be prez, and he's the one who tried together to run against Hillary she wouldn't so he did. and she is also to blame for not getting enough votes bc she backtracked on everything she told us she wanted, she took PAC money, lied said she did bc Bernie and everyone else did, well yeah except Bernie didn't and the others doing so is not a good defense. sounds just like Hillary blaming everyone else except themselves, glad we saw her true colors b4 it was too late.

  45. People voted for those 2 white old man… so the people are sexist and racist…? Yes yes they are. Everyone that voted for Biden or Sanders are just horrible. And there were alot of ppl voting for them.

  46. Too late Pocahontas

  47. Trump himself is a virus who is spreading stupidity all over the country. You know that when someone is not talking about him or he is not the main point of attention he is going to say, or do stupid things.

  48. I've been waiting for Princess Spreading Bull to drop out. We don't need a blond haired blue eyed "woman of color" running the country, even if she IS a "gifted storyteller".

  49. Why didn’t he just stop? These sorts of accidents happen where I live all the time because it’s not people’s habit to just stop, but rather to find a way to get around an obstacle as quickly as possible.

  50. 🤣

  51. If trump thinks the coronavirus is not bad, watch how fast he runs from the room when someone coughs. Best way to stop him going to his personal pep rallies, just stand in that crowd of sheeple behind him and start coughing and sneezing. he'll have marine one come through the room and pull him out of there.

  52. The Ironic Car Accident is the best bit ever!

  53. She is a real see you next tuesday kind of girl.

  54. If I said "what the fuck is that?" In relation to anything Cyril Ramaphosa did on South African TV best believe I'd be kicked out of the country. America is great

  55. You know where i experience alot of sexism? At the construction site where they will never hire a woman and i have never seen them protesting about that. Now, this is the type of job i need to see women fight really hard for equality! These cricket need to be quiet

  56. radical leftist

  57. bernie was literally harassed by nazis and white supremacists at his last rally bc of his jewish identity. i rlly wouldn’t consider him white next to biden

  58. “Extreme” “Radical”?
    Is not voting for the Iraq War “radical?”
    Is giving everyone healthcare just like almost every other major countries in the world “extreme?”
    I think not. If anything, Bernie is the populist.
    Biden is the one who constantly proposed medicare cut and voted for the Iraq War, and you call him “moderate” You all are funny af.
    About electability, one campaign now is powered by 60 billionaires and one is powered by people only, (no super pack).
    If a campaign is powered by hardworking people only is not electable, then we might have to redefine of the meaning of the word “electability”

  59. Lol Warren's claiming sexism? More like no one voted for her. It's not hard to figure out what happened.

  60. Yes so it came out today that Trump was right and the death rate was way lower than 3%

  61. Really interested in Trevor's take on what's happening in Malaysian politics right now. Truly a circus show

  62. Elizabeth Warren could endorse a woman, Tulsi Gabbard, if she wants to.


  64. Is she going to swipe right or REALLY FAR left? Are you serious daily show? I think you have no idea what really far left looks like. BERNIE IS THE MODERATE HERE. STOP FOOLING PEOPLE

  65. #TheDailyShow you have got to be kidding. Those same voters elected Hillary for President. How can they be sexists.
    #TheDailyShow why are you conspiring with
    saying the voters that elected Hillary for President, with the most votes, are sexists?
    This is a conspiracy
    noun: conspiracies
    a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

  66. Trump's trying to influence the stock market

  67. Warren lost support because she backed away from Medicare for All, the litmus test for most progressives. Not to mention the shallow attacks against Sanders. She's constantly using the "woman" and "sexism" cards because she doesn't want to take responsibility for her own failings. Hillary Clinton has been whining about the same things since 2016.

  68. why is warren complaining about sexism? she didnt get any votes because she didnt have anything new to offer compared to bernie. i mean, maybe she was hoping to get the endorsement of the establishment dems instead of biden, but i guess she was too "left-wing" for that, lol^^

  69. I’d normally never wish someone ill- but how satisfying would it be if he,and his entire family could experience what the other families had.

  70. Elizabeth Warren, she'll endorse neither cause she only thinks of herself! Instead of selflessly encouraging voters towards the progressive candidate like Bernie who has impacting policy initiatives one such as a reproductive health care and justice for all plan, which expands Planned Parenthood federal funding.

  71. The DNC and most of the MSM seem to have forgotten about Tulsi Gabbard. She's still in the running..

  72. Where’s Andrew yang?

  73. You can tell Trump lives in a bubble where he's always right even if facts tell him something completely opposite of what his dumb ass brain comes up with and if you know better and still dont agree with him, ur fired and he sticks all of his idiot racist cult followers on you with a Tweet.

  74. You are not mentioning Tulsi Gabbard

  75. 😂🤣👍

  76. Now Warren is out because she is a willful liar.
    The person who passed that guy and gave him a license needs to be flogged, then burned to death with basket of kittens below him.
    Anyone know the movie line from Kitten idea

  77. Bugs Bunny, after realizing he accidentally voted for Trump when he meant to vote for Sanders, "I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque."

  78. COULD IT BE TRUE…….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr9J-Fn5GYk&lc=z235chrg5tmyznp3eacdp43bbfymoxik1xnb4nw5a25w03c010c.1583667573836820
    People are saying Donnie shook hands of a infected person at the CPAC convention……

  79. She sould own up on her own lies before she blames her gender.

  80. The vote for me I'm a woman, wont work. Also when she denied shaking Bernie hand, we dont need an emotional lady running the country. This was predictable from the start lol

  81. Nobody blames Trump for the virus, but since he thinks everything is about ME, ME, ME, he feels he has to defend himself against bad news.

  82. Fuck apple. They use slave labor to manufacturer iPhones yet no one cares.

  83. How is Sanders “far left”? He wants to introduce some of the most basic rights to the people. That’s it.

  84. HAAAA lol

  85. Trump has a hunch that the Coronavirus hasn't killed almost anyone.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the world, I give you the president of the United States; hunch master extraordinaire.

  86. 🐍Slitherbeth Warren: Im a native american republican that like totally got fired for being a pregnant waman (even though not really *tihihi*)!
    *couple years later*
    Elizabeth Warren: Oops… i guess i shouldnt have lied about being a native… woopsie daisy…
    *couple oopsies later*
    Elizabeth Warren: Im not taking money from millionaires and billionaires!! I only take small donations like Bernie!!
    Elizabeth Warren: Bernie is a friend!
    *couple days later*
    🐍Slitherbeth Warren: OMG! Bernie is a secret sexist, he told me a waman can not be president!! (even though he wanted to endorse her if she had ran instead of him in 2016 and also he has publically stated that everyone, black, female, etc can become president decades ago) lol !!
    *couple days later*
    🐍Slitherbeth Warren: OMG! How can my friend Bernie deny hes a sexist on national television! He makes me look like a liar(i am a proven liar though, *tihihi*)!!
    Elizabeth Warren: OMG! …Theres like literally a billionaire on this stage maan, wth?! Billionaires suck, dude!
    *couple days later*
    🐍Slitherbeth Warren: Yes i take super rich peoples money now, so what!? Literally everyone else does it (except bernie doesnt though)!! Yall are just mad at me cause im a waman!!! A bazillion waman agree!!!

  87. Warren was calling sexism throughout the entire race. She would call Bernie sexist over a comment we never heard him make. We didn’t want someone like that against Trump. Her arguments would be like pissing in the wind. She made a good run for a first attempt though.

  88. Sexism had nothing to do with Peggy hill dropping out. Just her being herself and a shit person had everything to do with it.

  89. Bernie: Got arrested for fighting against segregation
    Biden: Says he that integration will create a racial jungle

    I think I’m for Bernie all the way and Biden can go fuck himself for all I care

  90. I like how the majority of comments are about Bernie.
    And Elizabeth Warren. Probably shows her level of popularity.

  91. The neighbor and guy who drove him to the hospital are the same.

  92. Bernie is the true centrist he is smack dap in the middle of what American want. His policies are popular Bidden is to the right of most americans

  93. Policy policy policy. No more identity politics.

  94. Noah is GARBAGE

  95. Well if Warren wanted to see any progressive changes like what she was pushing for she'd support Bernie.

  96. Sexism exists… but not in the West.

  97. Hey Trevor Noah I know you didn't notice the other personal color in the building but there is a female president candidate that is still in the race name is Tulsi gabbard say it you can even say it three times and she won't come for you

  98. I hate Trump just as much as you do but he is right about the death toll. Most cases of the virus go unnoticed because the people think they have the seasonal flu. So they don't go to the doc and get tested. They also don't count in the mathematics of the death toll (killed by corona devided by [confirmed] infected people). This actually drastically lowers the death rate. Nevertheless a lot of people have died already. So we should be looking at the total number instead.

  99. Ffs, Bernie isn't "wide left". His position is common sense. He is a socialdemocrat like many European politicians.

  100. Let's ignore the sexism that Tulsi Gabbard face


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