Vi presento LA MIA NUOVA MOTO da corsa 2020! – BMW S1000RR 2020

Vi presento LA MIA NUOVA MOTO da corsa 2020! – BMW S1000RR 2020

There have been some very important updates, the forks are much more unthreaded than what you used to see, behind you see another novelty Hi guys welcome to this new video. first day here in alcarras since the almighty has decided that today we must not race because it’s pouring out there day off, it seems to me the best opportunity to present the 2020 bike that you see behind me not well, in fact now we will analyze it in more detail hear the intrepid who are entering with the universal flood. 3 degrees. it looks the same as last year but it is not, however to start I will show it to you in its maximum splendor Well next year’s bike as you have seen is the s1000rr 2020 what changes compared to 2019? very few things change on the series mode. itl has only been updated for anti-pollution standards it pollutes a little less and for the rest technically nothing has changed for what interests us instead from what I used for the last few races or rather the last half race I did last year, it has changed a lot and I tell you already, for those who are passionate, for those who race and are watching this video some pieces that we have on this bike we have them because we are supported by bmw and it is not that you can go buy them from the aftermarket the next day, so don’t be asking where you bought that one where you did that because 90 percent of what you will see you can’t buy it. I would say to start from the front as you can see compared to the original models we have changed the calipers we have brembo m4 that are not bad, absolutely because we already tried them last year and they increase the power a lot They don’t have that ugly sense of sponginess that at some point came with those of original equipment as pumps, we have a brembo made from solid 19 x 18, very nice, obviously braided hoses, needless to say here you don’t see them yet but we will have brembo t-drive making tests that having a lot of tires to try we have a lot of rims so we have not yet mounted them, that match perfectly with this type of caliber but now let’s go up to see a little bit of this goddess , here we have made some changes and we will do more of them because as you can see the forks are much more unthreaded than what you used to see, because of these plates change which give a lot of possibilities in adjustments, opening of the steerer, closing of the steerer and so on, and this is very important to meet all needs according to the various tracks so as you know Imola is completely different than Misano and having all these possibilities of adjustments makes you be able to adapt at best. as you can see the rear brake I wanted to keep it on the handlebar this time it will be thumb but i want to try to implement it with a brake very similar to the front one so I’m going to brake, to understand each other, with the index like on scooters long story short, and be able to have a little more sensitivity because having the thumb brake, when slowing down you can’t do it even when braking because you don’t have not enough power So in my opinion with this shift we can still polish something and increase the feeling and help the bike to enter corners. all the buttons you see they are always the same to change the maps to change the tc the motor brake etc what changes electronics? there are changes that i will not go to specify in detail ’cause from behind they are doing signals — there have been some very important updates which they also allow us to take a big step forward with electronic controls and the accuracy of the latter now let’s talk about the beating heart of the bike, that is the engine. as you know last year we started the development of this bike here with the original one in fact compared to the hp 4 race there is a big difference. at the end of the straight at Mugello we had about 25 km an hour difference This year we will start the first tests with the standard engine and from the next test that you will see in Valencia instead we will have an evo engine in which we will already begin to understand a bit the values on the field and if we will reach the horses of the last year with precisely the hp 4 and this is very important because as you know at Mugello you really feel the horsepower and to keep all this at bay you need traction ’cause we went to look for it by making changes in the rear here as you can see there is a bit of scotch because we don’t want to reveal everything anyway, just know that with these changes, that’s not just this area anymore but it’s just a general job that led to a big increase of motor skills – it’s very difficult to make this video because I don’t know what I can say and what I can’t say – however you just need to know that it was really a big step forward and as you can also see from superbike races it’s a bit of a problem that Sykes e Laverty have in the official team where after 10 laps they start to drop a lot because of this problem, those behind you see other novelty that is the exhaust last year we had akrapovic which was the official bmw, we switched to sparkwhich I think will allow us to bring out some more HPs from there. as you see the mono we have like last year ohlins ttx… is not exactly the same from last year’s, we made big improvements here too that cannot be said, however, that will also give us a great hand, at the front fork FKR always ohlins so now I have always driven in this suspension I have always like it very well and above all going forward using the same product you can just sew the bike on the pilot so great, I’m curious of try this upgrade because it’s really very important. as you could see it’s not a real superbike but with all these tricks with all these special pieces we managed to get very close without an exaggerated expense so to see this beautiful girl in action subscribe to the channel because the next videos will be awesome, you’ll see all that happened here in Alcarras for the pirelli test and above all we will begin to see the times compared to previous years and to understand if we are fucked or if we can look to the new season in a positive way as usual gas and see you next video if you see me doing a high side, you’ll know why come on! wtf– but above all

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