Vanessa Bryant Is Taking Legal Action Against Helicopter Company

Vanessa Bryant Is Taking Legal Action Against Helicopter Company

Shortly before Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s memorial
service on February 24, Vanessa Bryant filed a 72-page lawsuit against Island Express Helicopters. Island Express is the company that owned the
Sikorsky S-76B helicopter that crashed into a hillside in Calabasas, Calif., on Jan. 26
amid foggy conditions, killing Kobe, Gianna, and seven other people on board, including
pilot Ara George Zobayan. Vanessa hasn’t spoken out about Island Express
Helicopters or Zobayan, but she has publicly shared her grief with the world. At the “Celebration of Life” for Kobe and
Gianna, the mother of four delivered a heartfelt eulogy in their honor. “We love and miss you, Boo-Boo and Gigi. May you both rest in peace and have fun in
heaven.” Bryant’s suit names Island Express Helicopters
and “Doe 1,” a legal representative or successor for Zobayan, as defendants. It’s unclear who “Doe 1” is, but it’s common
for this term to be used when a name can’t be determined or is being withheld for legal
reasons. BuzzFeed News reports that the pilot has been
accused of failing to, quote, “properly monitor and assess the weather prior to takeoff,”
“obtain proper weather data,” and “abort the flight when he knew of the cloudy conditions.” He’s also accused of “improperly” flying the
helicopter in so-called instrument flight rules, or IFR conditions. TMZ reports that the suit also alleges that
Zobayan was “disciplined in 2015 for violating the visual flight rule minimums by flying
into an airspace of reduced visibility.” As for Island Express Helicopters, TMZ adds
that the suit argues the helicopter shouldn’t have been allowed to fly in the first place,
given the low visibility. The legal filing alleges the chopper, quote,
“was not safe.” The company’s helicopters were reportedly
only certified for visual flight rules, or VFR, not IFR conditions. “They do not do instrumentation flight. They have to do visual flight only. If it’s less than 2,000 feet visibility, they’re
just not taking off.” The lawsuit also admonishes the business for
not equipping its choppers with a terrain avoidance warning system. Island Express Helicopters responded in a
statement to TMZ, simply stating, “This was a tragic accident. We will have no comment on the pending lawsuit.” The company has spoken out about the incident
before, noting how it was “deeply saddened” by the tragedy. The company stated on its website shortly
after the crash, “Our top priority is providing assistance
to the families of the passengers and the pilot. We hope that you will respect their privacy
at this extremely difficult time.” Island Express Helicopters also made it a
point to commend Zobayan for working “over 10 years” with the company and clocking “over
8,000 flight hours.” As of Jan. 26, 2020, all of the company’s
helicopter services were suspended “until further notice.” Island Express explained the decision, saying, “The shock of the accident affected all staff,
and management decided that service would be suspended until such time as it was deemed
appropriate for staff and customers.” In light of the lawsuit, it’s unclear how
the company will fare going forward. The legal filing includes 28 complaints against
Island Express and Zobayan combined, and seeks punitive damages, as well as, quote, “damages
for loss of love, affection, care, society, service, comfort, support, right to support,
companionship, solace or moral support and expectations of future support and counseling.” Bryant is also seeking, quote, “money for
loss of financial support and for burial and funeral expenses.” Amid the lawsuit news, investigators are still
trying to piece together why Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed. Engine failure has been ruled out as a possible
cause, with the National Transportation Safety Board noting to CNN in early February 2020, “Viewable sections of the engines showed no
evidence of an uncontained or catastrophic internal failure.” CNN transportation expert and former managing
director of the NTSB Peter Goelz said of the findings, “It really just reinforces the tragic nature
of this crash. It was a perfectly good helicopter. It was well-equipped. And, unfortunately, it was flying in marginal
weather. […] Apparently the pilot got up into the
clouds, realized that he was in a more difficult situation than he had planned on, and tried
to escape. Or simply lost situational awareness.” Once the cause is determined, it could play
a role in the lawsuit. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge.

91 thoughts on “Vanessa Bryant Is Taking Legal Action Against Helicopter Company

  1. That’s unnecessary

  2. She should do anything and everything to get answers, RIP to them all

  3. Jesus Murphy. Enough already. Everyone acting like just the Bryants were affected. A god damn month long funeral for a basketball player? Seriously? Get a life people

  4. She could wait them people love money bad

  5. Uh, didn't some report say that the pilot didn't want to fly and Kobe insisted?

  6. Glad to hear 💯

  7. She could wait them people love money bad

  8. Kobe was my hero he motivated me to work hard in sports.

  9. Get dat money!

  10. ((BEFORE YOU READ THIS ID LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVE KOBE AND I MISS HIM, THIS IS JUST PURELY MY OPINION))the pilot is dead already and if he was in trouble before they cant really use that against him because kobe allowed him to fly them. and god knowss what happened before the flight. we dont know if kobe was aware he couldve told the pilot to fly anyways because he needed to be somewhere not saying he did or anything and it would still be the pilots fault but the point is theyre all dead now so well never know whos fault it was anyway so the lawsuit wont do anything for justice. itll just ruin the company

  11. Already thinking about the $$$.

  12. Pass the buck, them families are suing his estate. She ain't trying to pay that tab. Besides it takes the fault off off her.

  13. Waste of time. She has gobs of money and Kobe sometimes requested that that the pilot do daredevil moves. Those involved should have had more fear.


  15. Was so foggy & shouldn’t have been Allowed flying that day

  16. Now That Her Black Meal Ticket Is
    Gone Shes Looking For Lawsuits..

  17. Why alone ? The other's victim's parents are not with her on this ?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  18. Would the terrain equip helped if this person ignored other rules and regulations? How was this company allowed to exist with all the violations it had, it sounds like they were constantly putting people in harms way?

  19. Serious question… did NO ONE look up into the sky and thought "Hey I can't see shit, why don't we all skip the helicopter ride and take an uber instead" 🤔

  20. As they should, they should be held liable

  21. Shut up

  22. Cuz, you know, Kobe totally would've accepted not flying…..

  23. Yeah.. gotta make money somehow, eventhough the poor pilot died too… And I'm pretty damn sure that he wouldn't take any chances considering who he was carrying. If they did fly under poor conditions, I'm pretty sure that it was the passengers who were pushing it..
    Shameless greedy bitch..

  24. Kobe family needs money, kobe is a loser, they always begging for money ,kobe faked death ran off with money

  25. Kobe family suck s ,I knew it wad a scam ,it been nonstop circus of money, everyday

  26. Kobe faked death ,ran off with money

  27. Poor family, no money

  28. Watch kobe fam put up go fund me ,losers

  29. $225 for tickets to the memorial speaks volumes!
    Kobe had a role in the choice to fly that day..this is ridiculous!!!

  30. "Have fun in Heaven"
    How could she fathom saying something like this??

  31. Good for her. I knew the pilot had made a deliberate, arrogant, and ghastly decision.

  32. RIP Gianna Bryant, Alyssa Altobelli, Payton Chester, Keri Altobelli, John Altobelli, Sarah Chester, Christina Mauser, Ara Zobayan, and Kobe Bryant.

  33. Sorry Kobe you wanted to beat the traffic, it ubfortunate death was the price

  34. Cocky pilot killed a legend.

  35. Y’all are something else: KOBE WOULD HAVE NEVER TAKEN A RISK W/GG’S OR THE OTHER KIDS LIVES🤬. His previous pilot stated that Kobe NEVER forced him to fly if he said it was not safe to fly. Kobe might’ve requested crazy aerial maneuvers From time to time, but never while his family or any other child was on board.
    Everybody’s death is deeply saddening. The pilot had numerous complaints and write ups against him on top of having had issues before for flying under dangerous conditions.

    The Bryant’s were not the only high rollers this company catered to. By the nature of The lawsuit, it’s clear Several issues aside from the crash itself are being debated.

    Why shouldn’t Vanessa demand retribution for her husband, daughter and everyone on board deaths if anything that company did caused said deaths. What does her having billions have anything to do w/wanting retribution.

    None of us know anything regarding Kobe’s estate compensating or helping the families of the others that were killed. We don’t know yet if the other families are going to sue and who they will sue. There are plenty of reasons for the other family members to not be include on the lawsuit.

    Let’s wait a bit longer to see what happened before passing judgment. A bunch of people of bitching about the other victims not being named by countless celebrities and media outlets. In the end it turned out they asked the Bryant estate to help keep their names of the media because they didn’t want that circus to affect their grieving.

  36. This is outrageous!! If the pilot was lucky enough to survive, sure but he's gone! News flash, his life is just as valuable as everyone else who lost their life that day ! But lets tack on extra grief and more problems, no amount of money will bring them back ! I lost any respect I had for her, who the hell does this?

  37. I'm going to step out of the normal and say I'm torn about Kobe's wife sueing. The pilot died also and his family is suffering his loss, now they will probably listen to the blame put on the pilot (it's not really the company, he decided to fly that day. ) I feel sorry for all deceased and their family.

  38. I am so tired of hearing poor Bryant family! Ya all know other people died that day too, right?

  39. I did hear how many million $ they had in life insurance. She will still have lots from his ventures, buisnesses, etc etc. You can't replace a life no matter what you sue for.

  40. As she should

  41. You cannot compensate for a person you lost. I don't know how a person can put themself through that.

  42. I thought it was the pilot that chose to fly in that fog using guidance from the ground. Plus they chose to get on the helicopter. It wasn’t obligatory and there is always risk when flying especially when it’s fog and you can’t see shit. That’d be like my tip off. But it was the company that’s to blame. Okkkkkkkk

  43. Good, was going to be surprised if she didn’t sue the company for the lack of equipment for that helicopter,
    Pure negligence on the pilots fault

  44. Which should come as a shock to absolutely no one on the planet.

  45. $$$$

  46. Believe it or not but when you invoke evil jinns ( Demons) to elevate you to success an be a legend, then it doesn’t matter where or what vehicle you travel in, you will loose your life an your closest one too, because that’s how MAGIC works, just like playing in a casino, the house always wins!!! 😎🦋🐝

  47. She needs more money. I hope she doesn't get a penny. That's not gonna bring those people back.

  48. I will never forget seeing that breaking news headline my heart just dropped and I lost it it’s just sad man

  49. Waiting for the family sue the company of plane no cash will bring anything back

  50. Don't feel sorry, we only know Bryan family from outside ?

  51. People are angry at Vanessa Bryant for suing…dont be angry at her. Her CHILD was killed in this crash…her husband was killed in this crash….the pilot was negligent if he chose to fly in poor visibility…he cut corners and it cost him not only his life, but the life of innocent kids and parents. I support her decision and I would do the same. Her and the other victims families have been DESTROYED. She has every right to do what shes doing.

  52. Kobe did not own the Helicopter, the company being sued owned the chopper. The company, and the pilot had no buisness flying that day in such bad weather and not having the right terrain surveillance equipment installed in the helicopter. Whether the Bryants are wealthy or not, the company is liable to what happened to all 9 lives lost that day. As far as I am concerned, the Bryant’s as well as the rest of the families of the lives lost should also file suit against this company because of their recklessness caused all of their deaths.

  53. Yup her mo way ticket is gone she has to find a new way now.

  54. What a dirty bitch. She's sewing a dead man. Why are blacks so she happy?

  55. Really people — she has every right to sue if not for money but for better regulations and to force the company to admonish their pilots to become better pilots and to follow the rules no matter the notable rich people they cater to and also to make sure their helicopters are up to par … she isn’t doing this for the money — many lives were lost, so I tip my hate off to her because this could happen again to more people ..

  56. i don't like her

  57. It was an accident. Apparently the pilot suffered spatial disorientation. Families that lose loved ones grieve and then go through anger and blame. They blame doctors, hospitals, any one they can. It wasn't the helicopter company's fault. Yes, equipment to warn of terrain closeness should be mandatory on helicopters and all aircraft but it isn't. Maybe this tragedy will change things. Hopefully the lawsuit will be dropped.

  58. Yup armenians are arrogant and stubborn…i used to live in glendale i should know

  59. She has to do it, it is a part of her mourning. R.I.P. precious angels

  60. Maybe they will settle out of court for 2.5 million!

  61. Honestly even if the pilot said he wouldnt fly he probably would have found another pilot that would.. just saying. Also the company is doing damage control but might have turned a blind eye to flying when it wasnt ideal conditions before.

  62. Suspended service? There’s a new 5star review on google from like 21hours ago, since they’ve said they wouldn’t be flying. The review Seems legit too. There is two new reviews about Kobe, I expected people to spam this place, but they haven’t.

  63. I have sympathize with Mrs.Kobe and the rest of the families who lost their precious love ones. I think suing and blaming other people is a form of grieving and releasing anger. But thinking about money is not the time. These people need a good old fashion grieving period with no Xanax or Ativan or any antidepressants. Just cry and grieve and surround yourself with your love ones. Believe time will heal and lessen some of the hurt. But seeking is just just going to keep you fueled with anger.

  64. If helicopters wouldn't fly in cloudy weather i'll never see them daily here in UK.

  65. I’m very saddened for the loss of all the people on that helicopter. But seriously while she’s crying over the loss how can she even think about suing?? Greedy much? Also that cannot replace the lives lost! Shame on her. Maybe there was negligence or what have you, but suing will not bring peace and confort. Also has anyone thought that maybe the pilot suffered some medical emergency that could of led to the accident?? Or is it just me that has thought of this? In any case to those that lost their lives Rest In Peace and May the families find comfort and peace to move on.

  66. Is she not getting any money for some reason, what's the point? Did Kobe not leave any money to his family and she needs some? So disgusting.

  67. When it's your time to go, NOTHING will keep that from happening. It was his, and all those aboard, time to depart this world. They all had an appointment.
    Hebrews 9:27 – And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

  68. This is just about money wtf

  69. 🏀🏀🏀🏀 TMZ had reports today that the Helicopter Company only has a limited insurance of about 50 million. And also there are reports that the other victim's families have gotten lawyers. So their saying that if all families sue their may not be enough money to go around. How something like this is resolved in court i don't know. What is your opinion's everyone on Vanessa suing?? Do you think she is being greedy?

  70. I think we all knew this was coming !!
    Gotta make that money some how ! Might as well be off a dead husband !!

  71. What she doesn’t have enough money? Typical American. Gold digger

  72. I almost threw up in my mouth at the vision or oprah, gayle and weinstein in a 3some. EWwwwwwww….

  73. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

  74. All the Families are grieving……The Company should have had the Safety Equipment on that Helicopter..They should ground all services…Shame on them for that.

  75. Kobe set this Messkin lady up for good.

  76. Sue the weather 🤦‍♀️ money hungry

  77. its her right. meadow walker just did it before… so why hate vanessa?

  78. Like most Middle Easterners/Arabs. Arrogant, aggressive idiots.They are always right (sarcasm). Stupid pilot! Risked everyones' lives.
    Improper equipment, driving fast in low altitude into clouds surrounded by mountains, with spatial disorientation? Experienced pilot, overconfident. Gimme a fukin break. What an ahole. Land in somebody's backyard or turn around. This tragedy should have never happened.
    So sad.

    RIP to all that have died.

  79. No wonder the media has been pushing that the story of how the helicopter company and the pilot so they can sue.  Bryant doesn't want the truth she just wants $$$.

  80. Wow really that greedy! Karma is a Bitch! Hang onto those other 3 baby girls tight

  81. Sueing isn’t always about money ppl lawd

  82. It's all about money!! The pilot is also dead, so why sueing? And to be honest, everybody in the helicopter could have said something. RIP

  83. It's crazy because when I first heard of the accident the first thing I said was I believe the pilot drove the helicopter down and for him to get completely lost in direction and do exactly that smh that's sad May God be with the families 🙏💔😢

  84. Believe in God people please, we all going to die one day and no one knows how we are going too?God make that decision the day we're born 🙏


  86. It is an awful situation….Why not focus on how you and your family are coping and how you will live your life after such a traumatic experience instead of suing at a time like this….I’m sure her next worth is well into the millions looks like a shameless attempt to money grab what a shame

  87. TMZ reports that TMZ are illuminati puppet cocksuckers 🖕

  88. Doesn’t she have enough money already? The word “forgiveness”. Does it resonate with you?

  89. Its wont bring back kobe; Gigi and the seven others

  90. Shes not after the damn money people. She wants justice for her family and the families who lost their lives. It was the companies fault for allowing them go fly. They CAN SAY NO but they are the ones who just wanted KOBE'S MONEY. Good for her for suing those bastsrds. They shouldnt have a dangerous operation opened. Time for a shut down. Also. The most is going for the families and she wont take any of it, she will donate it in her Husband and Gigi honour. 100%

  91. People had to pay to go to the funeral, so how is that part of the law suit? Hmmm

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