Valmet M71 – How Does it Shoot in Full Auto?

Valmet M71 – How Does it Shoot in Full Auto?

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in to another video on Forgotten weapons comm I’m Ian McCollum And I am here today at the James Julia auction house up in Maine Where its a cold and windy wintry day And they figured what better to shoot in the cold and windy winter than a Valmet now This is kind of the oddball of the Valmet family This is a Valmet m71 now the military version was the 62 and the more common commercial version is the 76 Uh, If you’ve seen me shooting a Valmet in competition it’s been an M76 and the difference is that the 62 and the 76 both incorporated a number of improvements mostly the sites. They have sites back here on the receiver cover and on the gas block of the rifle and they’re aperture sights and they’re really quite excellent. What Valmet did in 1971 was decide to introduce an ‘AK’ for commercial sale And this was in fact the very first commercial, commercially available ‘A k’ in the western world, so Europe and the United States and in order to make it more compelling as oh you want to buy an ‘AK’ you should buy our rifle what they did is they re-, they moved the sights back to the standard ‘AK’ style and position now these are still a Little better than normal ‘Ak’ sights they’re windage adjustable. They have a nice big square post and knotch uh, but they’re in the original positions, and this was deliberately to replicate the look of a typical uh, Soviet block ‘AK’ and In addition they offered them in two calibers you could get them in 7.62×39 or you can get them in .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO and The rationale for the 5.56 was that at this time 7.62×39 simply wasn’t available in the West there were very few guns around that used it ammo was hard to get it was expensive and So today when we look at these guns we often think oh, it ought to be in 7.62×39 That’s the appropriate correct caliber however the vast majority of these were actually sold in 5.56 Because that was the gun that people could actually, the cartridge people could actually shoot, so this is an M71 in 5.56 these were made from 1971 until 1978 they did also in 78′ they introduced an RPK version of this with a longer barrel and a bipod but still these ‘AK’ style sights and uh, Well, I’m rather curious to see how this shoots In 5.56 so 7.62×39 ‘AK’s while the recoil isn’t harsh You know there’s not a lot of power in the cartridge They’re typically fairly over gassed guns And they bounce around quite a lot the 5.45 cartridge that was adopted later is a much smoother gun in full auto This is by the way a legit registered full auto Valmet and so I’m curious to see how the 5.56 compares to 5.45 and 7.62 There we go Let’s find out That bounces around more than I thought it would, uhm that that’s a There’s some experience to that. It’s not, I wouldn’t call it soft shooting so much uh let’s do a little more I suspect that like most other ‘AK’s. This is over-gassed uh, and putting a lot of recoil back into the shoulder. In fact you can feel it through the stock in your cheek. It’s It’s kind of like an ‘AK’ I guess, Valmet or not. They’re all, they all exhibit those, those characteristics. You know even in semi-auto this recoil is a little harder than I would expect from an ‘AR’ In fact it’s a little harder than I would expect from an, an Ak74 in 5.45 But of course we do know that 5.56 is a more powerful cartridge than the Soviet 5.45 Well, if you’re interested in adding this particular Valmet to your own collection make sure to check out the link in the description text below That will take you to the James Julia catalogue page for this guy Where you can check out its legal status their photos, description, everything else you would need to place a bid and make it your own. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Any chance you can improve your production values to the cool slow-motion montages you see in Larry Vickers' videos?

  2. Maybe I'm imagining it, but in the slow motion it looks like the end of the barrel is flexing slightly.

  3. I wonder what % premium is charged for a weapon that has been handled or fired by gun Jesus? I'm going to say at least a 10% markup

  4. Why does the spent casing at 4:50 seem to appear out of nowhere.

  5. These always turned up in 80s movies with 10 round mags. I’ve never seen the 7.62 one, try as I might.

  6. Did Valmet offer the better M62 for export?

  7. Col video. At 3:23 & 4:52 one can clearly see the barrel whipping around/distorting/bending. Surprised to see it to such a large degree. Thanks for the video.

  8. Marking an NRA ad irrelevant before a great forgotten weapons video makes for a great day

  9. I wonder if a heavy barrel and milled receiver would eliminate some of the flexing that can be seen in slow mo and help control the bounce?

  10. I hate my M71 but it’s still cool but not as cool as M62 or M76

  11. Just realised that he's a lefty.

  12. Great vid, thx!

  13. It would be nice if you could compare it to a Galil since it was derived from the Valmet. However, the stamped receiver on this Valmet makes it substantially different from the milled Galil.

  14. This actually was a military project. They started to reconsider some choices in the M/62 and decided to make a different version but then decided to stick with the M/62 with night sights added.

  15. Quickly Ian , replace the stock with the one on your valmet

  16. Man, the extra shock from the bolt coming back is really noticeable in high speed footage. Jeeze.

  17. you said you had a windage adjustment, but you never turned the wind down it sure was making a lot of noise .

  18. Is it an optical illusion/camera induced barrel flexing when firing?
    In the slow motion shots the barrel will flex quite a bit prior to the buffer spring being fully collapsed. I have never seen this befor.
    What's up?

  19. with the straighter mag you can really see the STG heritage

  20. As with nearly all AKs you can see the recoil impulse followed by the reaction forces from the massive bolt accelerations. Stoner was no one's fool when he focused his design intent on the reduction of reciprocating mass and the force vectors of firing. The 74 is a triumph in compensator design. If I was a high school teacher teaching vector arithmetic, I would use the 74s compensator as an example. And then be arrested for talking about guns in a school. But the 74 is turd polishing. The AR is fundamentally good mechanical design. Thats my opinion for what it's worth.

  21. "Thanks for tuning in to another video on I am Ian McCollum and if you can hear me through the hazmat suit, we are here today at the former Soviet Strategic Missile Force's base of Kamchatka to take a look at the RDS-37 hydrogen bomb. Now, before the GRU operatives find me, lets take a closer look to it…"

  22. seeing the barrel woble from the tip to the gaspipe, wouldnt it be more precise in fullauto, if the barrel were supported to the the tip with the upper gaspipe? .. there must be a reason, since so many automatic assault rifles have the same build feature all those years ..

  23. I would like to know if there is any way to get machinist drawings of those old weapons in order to fabricate them in home workshop
    thank you jeovanny

  24. Saw one of the RPK style Valmets at the gunshop today. Only $9000. Came with seven magazines.

  25. There's a pretty good discussion below, but it's still a bit creepy watching the rifle wiggling around in slo-mo.

  26. Ian back up all your videos if you haven't already. They have been restricting gun channels.

  27. did anyoneelse notice how much that barrel flexed with each shot in slow motion?

  28. Balmed em sebendy-one – How dos id shood im ful audo?? :DDDDDDD

  29. Is that a modified HK33 40rd magazine?

  30. Are they proprietary magazines?

  31. Love your videos Ian. All the best to you bruh

  32. Overgassed. You bet. KNS adjustable gas piston might be the ticket.

  33. To me it looks like a STG 44 in 556

  34. The ejection patterns during the slow-mo is kind of odd. The first 2 rounds went over the top with the first one actually being struck by the bolt handle on the forward stroke and knocked upwards.

  35. thats gunna cost a bazillian dollars

  36. Your slow motion footage is awesome. You can really see how much a gun flexes during firing.

  37. Is the gun flexing/warping in the slowmo footage or am I noticing the compression wave from the muzzle break?

  38. The last slow-mo shows how the bolt lingers after everyone shot. Perfect for conscript.

  39. I’m not a fan of that STG-style mag

  40. I ALWAYS learn something when Ian makes a video, and I stopped called a magazine a clip 15 years ago lol. For real though, Ian and his channel are brilliant.

  41. Over gassed as HECK!!! You can see that the recoil from the cartridge firing is NOTHING compared to the bolt carrier SLAMMING back into the back of the receiver!
    There has to be a modification to slow that jelly roll!

  42. I'm surprised to see how much the barrel flexes when firing.

  43. My vepr in 556 is very smooth and low recoil but I think it partially do the the weight of the gun.

  44. I've fired the Ak-74 full auto and it was surprisingly controllable. I could squeeze off 2-3 shot bursts and keep them on target.

  45. It is amazing watching the barrel flex when firing. How can this rifle be accurate?

  46. Gorgeous rifle!

  47. Do all AKs bend their barrels like that when they operate? It’s pretty dramatic.
    ETA: I see what you mean about the overgassing, the bolt carrier hits the buffers at full speed. Stronger springs?

  48. I noticed that you can see the shockwave traveling from the point of the gun to the stock, and back again. that's cool.

  49. what is that coverall camo?

  50. In slow motion, I could really see the barrel and receiver oscillating. Interesting video!

  51. moleman

  52. its so wild to watch the gun flexing under recoil in the slo-mo


  54. Excellent clothing taste!

  55. Anyone else feel that this thing has a bit of an STG-44 aesthetic?

  56. I love bullet slowmo's ,but hate gun slowmo's only because I see all the flexing and shifting going on when firing a firearm. It just kills my perceived idea that it's all a smooth operation…even though I know it's not 🙂 thumbs up, wish I'd nabbed a val back in the day.

  57. I would like to see how it handel older/lighter load, is the recoil softer or just use .223 Rem.

  58. Funny to watch the recoil wave flow back thru the whole rifle.

  59. Ok, I'm confused, are you saying that Remington .223 and NATO .556x45mm are interchangeable? I thought due to differences in charge it was advised not to use .223 in a weapon rated for .556 and vice versa.

  60. You should review and shoot an aek

  61. That's interesting. Your wood stock is like the one on my M76, both the plastic and wood M71 buttstocks I have are in a different style. (BTW, if it's helplful, mine is a former Stembredge Gun Rentals one used in Red Dawn, and the wood buttstock (acquired separately) is the same as the Red Dawn variety (different from that one's).

  62. The barrel was visibly flexing when each round went off.

  63. Sounds like the auto delete on my old electric typewriter!

  64. interesting how the bolt slamming into the back of the receiver looks like it causes more recoil than the actual round going off.

  65. In the slow motion footage you could see the barrel flexing & the receiver shaking with the motion of the bolt.

  66. Cool Winter air (and some snow) help show the 'gassing' not always caught on camera(s). Thanks Ian 🙂 hope its was not too cold there.

  67. Do Galil next!

  68. So… we basically built a shittier version of our own rifles, reverting all the improvements made in order to give the export market an "authentic" AK with all its flaws. Bad sights, high recoil and bending like a banana when fired.


  69. It's kinda neat to watch the whole gun flex and heave in the slow-mo footage.

  70. Freaking brilliant slow motion footage showing barrel whip.

  71. Thanks for the memories.
    I bought one of the last M-71 Valmets made (.223 cal). I had the rifle for years … but it got stolen (along with several other nice weapons). I can only imagine how it shoots on full auto; mine was semi-auto and only the first 3 rounds were on target in rapid fire mode.

  72. GREAT channel, my brother just told me about your work here – excellent job!

  73. I have basically the exact rifle reviewed, full-auto and all. It’s a quality-feeling AK, and actually has very little kick at all.
    Big issue is mags are unobtanium, though Galil magazines CAN be safely made to run in a Valmet, despite the internet saying otherwise.

    Frankly, I’m just impressed it has an original mag.

  74. TORILLE!

  75. You can really see why this is not an accurate rifle too with the way it flexes at every joint. The high speed footage is really revealing.

  76. 3:27 – 3:51 It's weird how visibly that thing is bent by each shot.

  77. You need a new recoil spring.

  78. Valmet made 5.56mm rifles just look weird. They said in the service that 7.62×39 is better in the woods, but I don't buy it.

  79. " Sold for $17,250" Damn! That's much better than Valmet got in 1971. By the way, these rifles are hard for brass. Got to consider this if you reload your ammo. I remember there was a factory made rubber buffer you could buy and install clipping it in the back of the ejection port to save your cartridge cases from beating.

  80. Please show us( and fire them also) the Sako rk 95 and a valmet rk 76 full auto for both.

  81. That is weapon to shoot to kill.
    That is not an toy gun.
    and rk62, 95 … wow…

  82. It was touched by Gun Jesus, of course it sold for over 17k.

  83. Does the gun recoil twice per shot?

  84. I just now realized that you are shooting from the wrong side 😀

  85. Hail gun Jesus

  86. That barrel flexes quite a bit.

  87. 0:13 Ei ole vaatteet särmästi, ai ai.

  88. I didn't see any ejecting shells

  89. The sound is nice tough.

  90. I keep forgetting gun jesus is left-handed shooter.


  92. bolt is super loose like all ak variants. lmao look at it bounce around in the last slo mo. still a lovely design for its time but not very efficient at all in todays battlefield.


  94. WHAT??? NO MAG DUMP???
    Just kidding 😁

  95. some serious flex in the barrel

  96. That means u cant just spray, like the american military…

  97. In the slow motion series, it is interesting to see how much the barrel does flex when fired.

  98. "Sold for $17,250 (transferrable)" What does transferrable mean in this context?

  99. Ian's statement about 5.56 being a more powerful round than 5.45 is only partially valid. The 5.45 military surplus round is way more lethal. Better penetration, fragmentation hitting flesh and more yawing. Reason 1. Hollow Cone Nose 2. Steel 3. Boat Tail. The Afghan called the 5.45X39 the poison bullet. Very few Afghans survived it.

  100. Overgassed = "works when full of powder residue and crud???"

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