UK Launch Of Ford Mustang Electric Mach-E

UK Launch Of Ford Mustang Electric Mach-E

welcome to today’s video today’s video
i’m looking at the new ford Mach-E i’m going to give you all the details that
you need to know about it this is the new fully electric car
from ford so ford going to be selling this in two
variants they’re going to be doing an all-wheel drive version and a rear-wheel
drive version it’s going to be available with
two battery specs the batteries available are going to be
70 kilowatt hours and 90 kilowatt hours but the actual total size of the battery
is 75 and 99 if you go for the smaller 75 battery the
ccs charging port on here at the bottom will only charge 115
but if you go for the larger battery it’ll be capable of up to 150 kilowatts
ford have partnered with ionity they’re an ionity partner network and you’ll get
one year’s free membership into the ford pass
system for charging on ionity network a little bit cheaper the smaller battery will be able to do
280 mile range and the larger battery is gonna be capable of 370 mile range so
that is some real large range tesla the beating
territory from ford ford Mach-E is going to start at 40 000
pounds the first edition version of this is
already completely sold out this has been really popular car from ford
now you might ask why they’ve called it the mustang and
i myself was wondering why an suv from ford
is called mustang and the reason is A they wanted to show that
ford are probably going electric by putting one of their premium brand names
on the car but they’ve also made it sporty by
having a much lower roof like a traditional mustang roof so it’s got a
much lower roof it supposedly drives fantastic now i’m
really looking forward to when ford might let me have a go on this car
and actually see what it’s like the boot on this is fairly large it’s a
402 liter capacity boot with the seats up
and with the seats down it’s got a total capacity of 1420 liters
so it’s a really large impressive boot it’s a huge really big boot space
ford have done very similar to tesla they put a large screen in here
but rather than the model 3 where you’ve got a landscape
you’ve got a large portrait screen here that screen here
is an impressive 15.5 inches they’ve also got a second screen in
front of the driver which is measuring a 10.2 inch screen
in a landscape view one thing that ford have noticed is there’s a bit of
a gap in the suv market for electric cars there’s not much affordable in
the most affordable one is the mg but it’s not got the luxury of ford
and it’s not got the precedent of a ford and especially not have a mustang
ford have also made this capable of towing it can tow 750 kilograms
which is a pretty decent impressive towing rate from something this size and
this weight it’s also capable of one pedal regen
driving which pretty much everyone wants but you
can also change it to just a standard automatic
so you’re using both pedals but if you want to use one pedal driving
ford have also included this what i really like about what ford have done
with this design is this lovely bonnet you’ve got a
crease down and another crease up and another crease
down it’s rather than just a simple plain bonnet flat design
you’ve got lots of curvatures in it that really adds sort of the texture and
technique of the car it’s just makes the car just look a little
bit more stylish and even these little cutouts in the light just make a more
interesting design now check with ford this front boot is
waterproof there’s obviously a water seal here
now when Robert Llewellyn recorded a video on this on fully charged he
mentioned that there was drain holes at the bottom it is water proof but the idea of the drain hose is so you could wash your dog in it
you could clean your boots in it or you could put bags of ice in this one with
beer the other big one off ford is what
everyone wants to know have they done the big big big one have
they enabled over-the-air updates and i’m happy to
tell you ford have pre-thought this and there is
over-the-air updates on this car i’d like to thank you very very much for
watching this week’s video don’t forget to go and give it a like don’t forget to
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thank you very much and i’ll see you again next week goodbye

16 thoughts on “UK Launch Of Ford Mustang Electric Mach-E

  1. awesome video

  2. The age old problem is it’s simply not as good as a Tesla. Oh, and it’s a Ford too. The deal breaker…..Ionity!

  3. Commentators who think they, rather than Ford, own the name "Mustang" coming up in 3 .. 2 … 1 …

  4. Nice video mate !

  5. Wish I could afford one.

  6. ❤️ Martini logo on your jacket! So much motoring greatness – hope it continues with EVs now

  7. Nice video Nick but it's not pronounced 'March' …it's pronounced 'Mack'….as in Mach Number ….the speed of sound…..would love one…just sold my Focus ST3 to get a new MG ZS EV …loved it (as I do the MG) and would have another Ford in heartbeat 🙂

  8. Mustang Mach-E should convert lots of petrol heads to drive electric cars I think Ford have really thought hard about the design of the Mach-E.  Fact they sold out of the First Edition says its going to be a very popular SUV

  9. Typical Ford it’s got a light out 🤣

  10. Is the usable capacities of the batteries of 70 kWh and 90 kWh are official information from Ford? It's the first time I see that information disclosed

  11. Nice video Nick. Impressive car. Can’t wait to see one in the wild. Hope theirs one at FCL

  12. march or mach? its the mach e

  13. I was there

  14. Do you know the capacity of the frunk/froot?

  15. For the range and spec, I think the price is almost there. But Tesla M3 does offer much more safety for marginal price difference? That being said, this is by no means an entry level EV and I won't be able to afford it new. So far VAG, with their e-UP, Mii electric, Citigo iv is the only manufacturer, who produce an EV for the larger masses. I really hope others will also do that soon.

  16. Any idea how much cheaper the Ionity charging is with the Ford pass?

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