TriboTEX Nanoparticle Engine Oil Additive

TriboTEX Nanoparticle Engine Oil Additive

Waste. We engulfed by mass production accelerating consumption and rampant materialism. Products are designed to become obsolete then discarded for the next big thing. We depleting our natural resources at astonishing rates dumping toxic pollutants and trash into the environment. Developments in sustainability are promising but they’re not happening fast enough and the solutions are still too expensive and inaccessible. What if we can make machines last longer run more efficiently and self improve, rather than supporting the high turnover consumerism that we see today what if we had solution here and now? That’s our mission at TriboTEX. We’re tackling the problem of waste by creating the first-of-its-kind nanoparticles that actually REPAIR machines while increasing performance and efficiency harnessing the power of nanotechnology. We came over a small solution to this big problem. TriboTEX nanoparticles have two faces one that binds and one that slides. A Sticky side reinforces and strengthens, the slippery side reduces friction. Just like carbon turning into diamonds in the mantle of Earth TriboTEX self aligns to a diamond-like lattice structure under the heat and pressure of the engine unlike other protective coatings this process actually reverses engine wear particle by particle restores into a better than new condition. Our initial focus was to make lubricants safer. Among many materials we worked on, One unique outlier reduced friction dramatically! Down to superlubricity level! With the help of national labs and research agencies we understood the mechanism and developed proprietary production problems after years of research and rigorous testing, we’re proud to introduce CarBoss. Safe and green additive for your car by improve gas mileage boost horsepower and extend the life of your engine. CarBoss comes in a small recyclable applicator that you inject into the oil fill of your car as you drive TriboTEX nanoparticles are forged into a diamond like armor around engine components rejuvenating a daily driver to become more efficient than when it was new. A third of the gas that you put in your car is wasted on engine friction. With 612 million cars on the road that waste adds up! Running on CarBoss will use less fuel, reduce pollution and leave a smaller carbon footprint We’re ready to go to market and we need your help! Back our Kickstarter! And be the first to adopt a revolutionary technology! That will make our world more efficient more powerful and more sustainable! CarBoss by TriboTEX…

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  1. Can someone from TriboTex call me? Can I get a hold of someone that can discuss a business proposal that could result in hundreds of thousands of gallons of sales?

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