Thomas the Train Trackmaster World’s Strongest Engine

are you ready for world’s strongest
engine here’s engine roll call Skarloey Percy Rheneas Thomas Stanley
caitlin green salty Molly Belle Donald salty whiff Victor
Conor Porter Dart Paxton Duncan
Ferdinand Rosie Stafford Emily Steven Hank fearless Freddy party Skarloey
diesel 10 iron Bert Dennis chocolate-covered Percy
– and Neville classic battle Steamies vs. diesels let’s get him ready to go on
your marks get set off they go here they come up the track they’re gonna meet one
of the quickest valves you’ve ever had Connor a fan favorite is eliminated by
the big old dirty diesel iron Bert porter vs. Rosie is rad let’s see how
those three haunts you for this camel on your marks get set go
here comes Rosie climbing up the hill looks like corners definitely have the
advantage on her over halfway meter and voiceover and oh look at this
water yeah a couple of thousand citing matches
out here on kids toys play to start a soft Porter eliminates Rosie you know
what let’s have a diesel battle as dharna the Dieselworks takes on ultra
rare green salty on your marks Get Set chugging up the hill but look like darn
it slightly ahead of them he says Oh what you need to say it’s up there talks
you off it looks like oh great battle here they’re fighting they’re dancing
they’re jumping around they’re doing with Diesel’s too fast don’t blow up
fifteen folks are they kissing Oh Oh time for seat pad sixteen green salty Oh
looks like a bit of a stalemate here looks like Sophie has a little bit
underneath as dark starts turning again and they both just stop all they started
on their own again. Og finally, Dart eliminates green salty it keeps on keeping on good
job salty great long battle by greed salty but ultimately darn shows my
diesel Rex is the best fruit hand to the logging locos versus victor comes to
Sodor of the Steamworks on your marks Get Set okay go here comes talking
victor top it up as he comes to Sodor brooding that knows the game to Sodor
from Misty Island it looks like they won’t meet about halfway
oh the wheels have stopped talking about fruit again they’ve all came to Sodor you call that a jaw I think that victor
zue 13 and over first let’s go to instant replay now after looking at the
instant replay it looks like Victor comes to Sodor has defeated the logging
locos that’s right here we go is the Sodor search and rescue center takes on
all state castle Bell versus Steven on your marks get set
here comes spell with rotors guns a-blazing Steven brownies out of the
hippies bigger than Otway with Bella gets very aggressive of just pushing on
Steven oh he is trying to fight but it is too much and look at not oh oh come
on his copper gob well she told over anyway she’s got him underneath it looks
like the company got caught that’s a disqualification on the furnace Steven
I’m just curious out of Belgium flippable I don’t think you can yeah
popper right in her face now that would hurt well we can’t push
it back anymore lift it up just a little bit you get it
over there at the eliminations automatically Paulino gauge engines
fearless Freddy and party time Skarloey on your marks get set go
Skarloey says I got streamers folks but throws Freddy has no problems going up
there’s already down the frogs going downhill if he’s never getting pushed
now oh look what’s happening here Oh lots of excitement here in the first
round on kids toys play world’s strongest engine party time Skarloey
takes out fearless Freddy Neville vs. Stanley black versus white versus yang
let’s see what happens on your marks get set go they go Stanley says this is the
great discovery No loud and proud coming up it looks like
Stanley is over the halfway point and it looks like a few spinal double T’s can
get the upper hand here back down me his wheels are having a tough time turning
that one’s got no problem see this needs a little bit of traction to get going
Oh what’s gonna happen here what’s happening Sammy’s pushing that one off
to the side this looks very exciting Neville holding on definitely getting
aggressive himself after eliminating Neville one another great battle Stanley
eliminates now Neville I don’t even know where Neville what story was Neville in
hmm big ol Hank one of the biggest and strongest engines he’s tender driven
against Duncan one of the meanest of the narrow gate engines on your marks get
set positions of looks like it is all Wow take a look at Hank his tender
landed right underneath him and he’s still attached we’ve had some big
winners in the narrow gauge Department Duncan goes on eliminating Hank big ol
Hank diesel Ted we just put a fresh battery in him and we’ve got Thomas the
Tank Engine the classic battle leader of the Steamies versus leader of the
diesels on your marks get set off they go here’s Thomas the Tank Engine the
number one engine versus diesel 10 and number 10 diesel I guess oh wow look at
this the aggression that he pushes on Thomas a gigantic those wheels are
turning stop but here comes diesel time with
that big pinchy face to bumper and he has a lemonade oh look at this Wow
diesel pan just ruthless aggression takes out Thomas the Tank Engine it goes
on to the next round narrow gauge versus weird electric train Stafford on your
marks get set for the electric I’ve been coming on up
but here comes Rooney and his new coat of paint and then meets that name my
little children names is underneath stop burning is pushing for a big stop record
all that going on because whoa well it all happened so quickly folks
but it looks like Rheneas hit first being Stafford goes on to the next round
Skarloey looking bright and red chocolate-covered Percy looking actually
rather delicious on your marks chocolate-covered Percy pushing hard on
Skarloey and it will be enough to get him little bit off chocolate-covered
Percy wow he paid his bed for a second before he started pushing Skarloey right
off the end diesel battle as Paxton takes on Dennis
on your marks get set oh yeah coming up
and Dennis looks like there’s lots of diesel on board here as they leave on
halfway but Keith oh wow Dennis goes underneath Paxton he has a my underneath
they’re getting right in there right in close both wheels turning got so much
diesel ennum that was a great battle look like Dennis was going that way but
in the end it was Paxton that through Dennis over and went on to the next
round looks like she’s got wet paint
splattered excellent Emily and regular salty let’s see what happens here on
your marks get set on the dockside enjoyed excellent Emily
I don’t need to be your own halfway we’ve had some great matches here today
on kids toys playing looks like salty was gonna win by lifting up Emily but
ultimately she flipped the dockside diesel on is back and goes on Molly the
last of the tender driven engine’s going up against the big dumpster wave with
his glasses on your marks get set oh they go and when it looks like a
garbage scow that he is picked up slowly she’s tender drab and getting crushed
her out and there’s Matt it looks like balling is having a tough time she’s
almost off all together that Tigers push yarder one way we’re just pushing on the
other way but she’s gotten under whiff now she’s gotten under we’re four wheels
are back on way it looks like he is up and above looks like her face is right
and whips bumpers Wow what happened there well these bills
aren’t even turning oh they are turning you can’t hear them yeah if you listen
really closely you can hear them oh look at that
you’ve got whip right off the ground this is kind of a deadlock here we’re
just going to take a tender and oh I think I was enough you think Molly won
that one we’ll very close match we need a little bit of intervention there to
keep Molly on track and on time but I guess she was the one that I ended up
eliminating whiff that was a very close battle you know what if you’re gonna go
with one twin I’m gonna go with another twin so let’s have gosh versus Donald in
a bottle of the twins on your marks get set you’re gonna meet up it looks like whoa
I thought I was that goes underneath – because much matters – its careful
dominating this competition is fierce fighting and bruising on Donald’s and
won’t be enough anything with the fast wheels on the ground it looks like he is
eliminated folks I’m hoping for a little bit better of a put it well let’s uh
squish them ah Ferdinand was eliminated earlier but it
looks like – avenged this the loss and the final battle of the first round has
Percy and the steam team versus Katelyn of the mainland on your marks get set go
here’s Bertie looks like he’s on it smell right Taylor definitely the Fox in
a few already past halfway mark and she gets up underneath Brucie
oh my Percy has eliminated Katelyn Wow it’s he goggles on the edge of the river
katelin haast it eliminated great word of Percy I thought Caitlin had that one
in the bag but Percy Mukherjee shows why the steam team is always the best
welcome to the second round of action here on kids toys play world’s strongest
engine let’s do a roll call Percy Skarloey bell Molly excellent
Emily dart Porter victor comes to Sodor Paxton Stafford – Duncan
chocolate-covered Percy Stanley iron Bert and diesel tents telling the
competition Duncan to the now gage versus stop with
the electric on your marks get set go come stop it up the line Duncan will be
him about halfway I don’t like stuff it’s ugly darling the competition here
he is pushing back on Duncan Wow look at that since Duncan is already off the
rails this happens a lot of stop this lifter kebap die for getting quite the
reputation he is on to the next round Molly an attender driven steamy and
Paxton the meanest diesel there ever was on your marks get set
here comes toxin up the hill Molly with getting pushed by her tender we meet
about halfway Molly says boy he’s caught underneath boxes already doc tenders
pushing on blowing boy boy just passed these talks – we’ll go on Molly a very
tough competitor but not top it off congratulations Paxton Porter vs.
Stanley let’s get them going on your marks get set hey Porter can you tell me the time it’s
time to get rid of Stanley Sodor search and rescue center versus Sodor
Steamworks Bell versus Victor on your marks get set we mark a new sector is lift off
underneath look at this you got him underneath I’m crushing Victor’s off
keister he might fall really does but he has eliminated valve the Sodor search
and rescue center wow great upset Bill Gates rain and
Victor’s face but Victor ended up throwing her over
monalee DS – vs. diesel 10 let’s see who’ll win this battle on your marks get
set I’ll think oh here comes diesel 10 he is
working his way up the hill – these have to be two of the quietest engines we
have right now – and now they’re making some noise he is going back where it
goes will to turn it backwards that diesel 10 is pushing on – pink is
getting ready to pounce and take out – here the logging locos
yeah it looks like he got caught there but it’s not too much in here is diesel
10 he’s already eliminated up hard-fought battle diesel 10 is dirty as
he has has eliminated the last of the logging locos Emily the tender pusher
going on against iron Bert on your marks get set
oh they go here comes the soda line where it’s going as fast count is
excellent nine we spilled the pink to here’s a halfway point
oh it’s like every zone you have the problems that he does Wow either Bert
and Emily Wow she got eliminated quickly she’s still attached to a tender but man
look at her I am burned has eliminated Emily dad the diesels all over again
as the Vicarstown diesel dog takes on Percy on your marks get set dart going off just like a TARDIS beats
up the halfway point in his push it on Percy now yes getting extremely
aggressive pushes on first you try to first he is well best of luck to you in
the future Percy but until then dart has eliminated you and the final battle of
the second round has chocolate-covered Percy versus party times for Louise on
your marks get set chloe going up against Chuck this is a
big party we got streamers and chocolate all over the place I’d like to go to
this party Skarloey now with the upper hand is what
front wheels are off but he is pushing on Percy’s face and it will be enough to
get verses right over another victory for another narrow gauge engine part
each time Skarloey chocolate-covered Percy is gone third round action eight
engines remain let’s list them off Victor comes to Sodor Paxton party time
Skarloey iron Bert Dart diesel 10 Stafford and Porter you know
what I just noticed we are four diesels and four Steamies dart representing the
diesels and Porter representing Brendam docks on your marks get set
and here’s Porter all three others domes coming over
oh you’re the eye they’re fighting it looks like dart is underneath them and
he is pushing on murder Porter is lifting him up looks like
corners wheels are right completely off oh I’m not got the option going again
here a start getting him down and he has pushing on Porter and they got stuck
again Porter’s creative just holding the line there and getting it stuck oh is
the coupling in there hostage disqualification of it part of porter
let’s see if you can, just lift that up and let him go
porter hospital lemonade you got disqualified anyways good job dark stop
at the electric engine has been doing really good for a guy that just takes
batteries versus the ironworks Burt on your marks get set
I think oh here comes the ironworks up the hill stop and go me about halfway
stop it has a little bit of in the battery’s low no I have burners now
pushing my stoppers for which one I think one of these will fall over those
wheels are still turning folks for they got stock Liam what do we do oh I’m
going again bad guy looks like there are knows to know it’s fighting it off and
back and forth golfers pushing on iron bird now this is
getting very aggressive iron freighters trying to fight back but Stafford
overall like a big ol sumo match is this pushing way too hard if you get in
concert guy yes but then that’s enough Stanford has eliminated bird officially
Stafford continues his streak eliminates and other diesel Wow another diesel
versus steamiest pots in the mean guy goes again it’s really nice guy Victor
on your marks get set I’ll take oh here comes Victor that’s it
on his way Victors wheels are really off the truck
constantly on the tractor can’t even tell me man we know what to do here Paxton Victor my friend what has happened
diesels are dominating this again Paxton wild and the final race has party time
Skarloey in the devious diesel 10 in the final let’s go on your marks get set
and here comes diesel he’s having a tough time staying on track getting
rather slow Party Time photo he goes over but it looks like he’s ok there’s
actually pushing on him wow this is a really tight race they’re getting very
close together first right there – cellmate Liam you know what to do let’s
go underneath and it looks like diesel tennis wand and it’s Dave the diesels
all over again as diesel 10 eliminates party time Skarloey and here we are with
the final four we’ve got one electric engine two three Diesel’s all the
Steamies have been eliminated Paxton versus kafir to see who goes on
to the final on your marks get set Safford off to a great start but here
goes fats and pouches being really mean and eliminated everybody and it’s a
replay show that Stafford has finally eliminated Paxton thank goodness someone
did and in the other semifinal matchup it’s a Vicarstown battle as dark takes
our diesel Ted on your marks get set and here comes diesel dad slowly up the
he’ll start on the other side won’t be going over faster reaches the halfway
point daddy but believe a third eliminates his
boss diesel care in Gaza somersault because he’s so happy
darn unbelievable has eliminated diesel ten it goes on to the final and speaking
of finals here we are folks the brawl to settle it all
Stafford versus dart on your marks get set
Stafford climbing up that hill getting ready go here comes start slowly would
certainly look like stop it goes over that way points first wins
unbelievable against all odds David Diesel’s dart of the Vicarstown
Dieselworks finally gets his day Sir Topham Hatt giving him the trophy and
the title of world’s strongest engine

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