Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Train Crashes with Hot Wheels

Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Train Crashes with Hot Wheels

Thomas & friends motorized railway! we’re
gonna have fun today aren’t we buddy? which engine do you want to have go
first? Rosie! there comes Rosie pulling the kids toys
play tanker cars and what are we gonna do to these guys? well yeah you got lots
of hot wheels which color are we gonna use first red okay kids let’s each pick
a red Hot Wheels car nice do you ink once Rosie comes along what’s gonna
happen Rosie is red are we gonna knock her off Oh Rosie has been knocked off but we
still had the kids to his play tankers up here you guys can’t knock these off
tanki picking red oh and they’re knocked off immediately next up is lady of the
rails points of Troublesome Trucks wonder how we’re gonna take her out
folks whoo Green which green ones you guys gonna pick oh there we go nice ones
Hot Wheels cars are ready here comes lady maybe she’ll do a little bit better
than old Rosie dead I wonder Oh knock the load off when we knock lady off but
the Troublesome Trucks are still on are you guys ready to reload I think these
Troublesome Trucks will survive we’re changing you guys wanted Anna to try and
shoot down next Percy in the booster car let’s try this one
here’s Percy he’s pulling the booster car maybe the Steam booster cars
pushing Percy it’s hard to tell at this point twice as fast this is a quick guy
we’ll see if this one gets knocked down as easy Cole are we gonna use
yellow what y’all wonder you guys gonna pick whoa that was aggressive Percy no
that’s team booster car this is gonna be a lot of fun I think that Percy is going
to survive this when you guys are never gonna head them Oh double miss Percy
survives time to reload with more yo guys come on nice person to see booster
car round two Percy and the booster car got taken out by a couple of yellow
Ferraris it looks like wow who’s gonna be next guys which other engines do you
want to have up on here oh you’re picking Thomas Thomas with
Annie and Clarabel nobody ever shoots down Thomas we’re
very lucky to have him here there’s our White Hot Wheels cars guys
which ones do you think you’re gonna pick oh we got a couple Star Wars it
looks like the Millennium Falcon versus a tight band a TIE fighter yeah that’s
gonna be good shootin Thomas coming down the line with Annie and Clarabel he’s
gonna make a clean pass here I think all you guys are just turning those around
what’s going on Oh Clarabel gets topped off but Adam is
still on and Thomas keeps on keeping on and it’s another pass for Thomas with
Annie by his side second pass for Thomas the Tank Engine oh wow yeah that guy
goes really good Thomas now with Annie making the rounds here going over the
bridge of doom nothing bad ever happens on this bridge oh right over Thomas and
it’s a misfire and Thomas makes it to the third round well we have enough for
another round it’s another couple of Ferraris we had
good luck with these guys last time let’s see how they do this time
Thomas goes by sizes up the competition Thomas coming up with that bridge of
doom oh it’s a deflection unbelievable Thomas and Annie survived the last white
contestant is a Lamborghini hopefully he can have some lucky Thomas laughing at
shooters I see goes pass what’ll happen shot and it’s a great victory over Tom
is for the Lamborghini and Team white next engine going up here guys which
ones do you want Oh Victor I think that’s what Victor Victor and all he’s
pulling is the Steamworks car with the lights going on aptly-named we love
Victor here on this channel we love the Steamworks look at this and everything
still working on there no wonder he’s taking her to the steamers blue Hot
Wheels team blue guys I don’t know what my kids want to team blue I wonder which
ones they’ll choose well we’re gonna let them make up their minds for a bit oh
and toasty feet if he gets one Victor on his way to the Steamworks I’m pretty
sure that he’ll have no problem passing by the bridge to doom nothing bad ever
happens on this bridge folks these guys are terrible shot Oh his trailer goes
away but Victor keeps on keepin on whereas dears my friends you cannot
shoot me I am Victor we could fire again with team blue I wonder which ones you
guys want or another Ferrari or in that race car and toes he picks that one
again Victor making the rounds in victory lane here if you will
he has absolutely no fear whatsoever of all those cars he’s a known mechanic
himself known to work on steam engines and he’ll do fine
oh the first shot goes off at the second shot doesn’t even go up oh wow he made a
pass round two unbelievable for Victor let’s shoot out round again we had a
broken elastic so we’re gonna try this one again Victor going by himself coming
up on that big bridge of doom let’s see what happens here and it’s a double miss
as Victor keeps on keeping on team blue not having any luck with the narrow
gauge engine and her loss of the blue engines it’s the last chance for blue
these engines are ready to go Victor might be the first entry to pass the
test and he does blue has been eliminated Victor will go on
unreal folks good news for Victor bad news for the
the engines Victor the only engine of Victory Lane having eliminated the
entire color of blue we’re changing as next we gotta breathe all a couple of
line ELLs and who’s this guy Bertie boss Bertie Botts the newest engine here on
Kickstarter pull how long oh it looks like a bubble
some truck having a lot of fun we finally a birdie I’m really happy about
that we might have to clean this guy’s head you know get some more ChaCha on
those girls oh and he leaves up bubbles of truck behind purple t purple from the
hot wheels guys which one’s the Oh Veronica got hers we’re loaded up and
ready to go here comes pretty boss and he’s leaving this wholesome for bubble
some truck behind won’t even make it to the bridge us and that’s big question oh
the bubbles of truck gets knocked off immediately but no surprise there round
two which purple ones do you guys want oh yeah birdie coming around the bus
stop when he comes and the first shotgun I’m unbelievable shot birdie so hard
that he actually stopped it was the little purple Corvette that did it Wow
and it’s all over for birdie well all we have left are these two Lionel’s and
abrió guys any decisions on who the next engine should be these alter these have
lights that’s interesting oh is that Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Stars you know
this is light on pulling old slowcoach at twice the speed with the solar light
to Bruce this is gonna be hard to shoot out I say read user selection right oh
wow quick Pickens hear very loud engine
we’ve got a couple of real racers here Oh how’s the latest repeater it jumped
it all right off the back gets taken I’m not real I tell you was the Camaro that
knocked the torpedo right off and resulted in the whole engine going down
two more engines remain the day lighter and dubrio freight train guys which one
do you want next oh wow nice on this very loud
writers come around pulling the narrow-gauge passenger car as well as
the yellow Sodor caboose Green we mean and fightin green
oh wow you got a fire truck and a Mustang this is gonna be kind of
interesting big Wow a liner comes around pulling a
cargo here we are oh wow right off the bow but the cars
are still up there I think there are frames I don’t think these guys can
shoot this this is the last green vehicle we have we’re gonna try and
shoot right between and knock them both off oh wow the passenger car stays on
however we’re gonna have to keep this guy on track
and here’s the Brio remote control freight train with those three big
lights boiling the kids toys play passenger car and the oil tanker the
ugliest cars that we have in our entire fleet yellow 300 vehicles remain guys
get ready to choose and that was a good decision real train is really going as
fast as a cab making its way around here really possible and that didn’t take
long at all Veronica you didn’t even get a shot off Veronica I didn’t even get to
shoot her vehicle off so we’re going to bring the winner Victor back pulling
that narrow gauge pass her car ironically he was our only narrow gauge
engine anyways loaded off that Ferrari and hugging fry and even good luck for
us today oh she takes out Victor the passenger
car remains the only vehicle left do you think this guy is the actual big winner
yeah and here he is in all his glory and there he’ll stay

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