This Changes Everything, New Device for Your Car

This Changes Everything, New Device for Your Car

today I’m going to show you how you can
kill germs in your car now cars are obviously closed small spaces good luck
getting inside here to clean you get germs in there especially small ones
like viruses they can probably stay in there for quite some time now this is an
ozone generator as scientists have said ozone is an excellent disinfectant with
the superior ability to kill viruses and biological contaminants and from past
studies ozone gas has been proven to kill the SARS coronavirus from what I’ve
researched there’s over 17 scientific studies that show that ozone gas can
kill the SARS coronavirus as for the new one the encode coronavirus it’s related
nobody’s finished any studies yet the Chinese are studying it but they’re both
coronaviruses since it’s been proven that ozone can kill the SARS coronavirus
by breaking down the envelope on the outside of the virus so that they can’t
stick to healthy cells and it ends up destroying their strands inside – yes
Scotty’s not a fool I was writing my PhD before I got married so I’m not just
some old mechanic guy I’ve got a few brain cells in here to know a few things
and water treatment plants have used ozone processes to get rid of virus and
bacteria and even to get rid of some of the metals that’s in the water the way
that it works that it binds with stuff so wouldn’t surprise me if a serious
ozone generator like this could kill the new corona virus since it’s been proven
to kill the old SARS coronavirus I can’t really see why it would be any different
it’s not gonna show you how you can kill germs in your car using one of these
things to begin what you can see it’s serious this isn’t a joke use an
unoccupied space only when an ozone generator does this in an enclosed space
like inside your car it creates ozone it takes the oxygen molecules turns them
into ozone molecules you can breathe oxygen yes you have to but you can’t
breathe ozone let’s say you put this inside a car roll up the windows sat on
sidewalks running well it would kill you to you
the oxygen to breathe it gets rid of the oxygen places it with ozone that’s the
serious warning use only an unoccupied spaces and since it’s a gas the tiny the
molecules are small it will get inside your dash it’s gonna go inside everywhere
this is a serious process like I said you got to do it in a non occupied area
but here’s how you’re doing first thing you want to do is go inside the car and
start her up you want to turn it on to heat the hotter the better
full blast recirculate say we want to have it on recirculate air so the air is
just recirculating inside the car nice protect you you tonight Hunter tent also
you just plug it in and all the scientific studies I’ve read said that
to really kill it you want 30 to 70 minutes so I’ll put it on 70 minutes 70
minutes and sticker I’m gonna place it in the middle here know what just close
the door and now it’s doing its thing it’s gonna turn all the oxygen inside
into ozone and that can finish off mold bacteria for sure it finishes off the
SARS coronavirus that’s for the new coronavirus like i say they’re studying
it they don’t know yet whether it does or doesn’t I’m assuming they have a
relatively similar structure and that the old don’t you kill that too now if
you watch the video I made a few weeks back about the guy in Dallas an
exterminator who spends a lot of time seven or eight cars every week getting
rid of bedbugs in uber cars people are finding that hey sometimes the bedbugs
they get in there guess what the ozone kills the bedbugs too and
since a car is relatively small inside there isn’t that much space running it
for 70 minutes is going to permeate absolutely everything and get rid of the
germs and the bugs that are inside your car but as far as I’m concerned you got
a small space like a car if you have any viruses in your car anybody sitting in
there is going to be pretty close to wherever it is cuz it’s a small space
and obviously the closer you get to a virus the more chance you have of
getting it you stick in and generator and you kill all the stuff
inside just sounds like a good idea to me hey if I were an uber driver going
back and forth to the airport all the time every night I put that thing in for
an hour just to be sure I mean why chance it and now you want to get rid of the ozone so roll down both windows leave the car running and put it
on fresh air now it’s on fresh and to really air it out open the doors and in
this case the hatch too now it’s wide open since the ozone is a gas the gas is all
gonna escape quickly I mean leave it this way for ten minutes it’s gonna suck
at all away now that the ozone gas is gone you have oxygen back in your car and you
can go back in and breathe and not worry this isn’t like using some kind of
chemicals pesticides really strong stuff that a lot of people are allergic to after you treat it with ozone it can’t do anything she gets in the car doesn’t affect her at
all cuz the ozone gas is gone it doesn’t linger it’s a gas and since it’s not
some kind of spray with chemicals in it the chemicals aren’t stuck on anything
it’s just a gas that binds and kills everything inside the car 17 studies say
that ozone kills the old SARS coronavirus to me it’s only logical that
probably kill the new coronavirus too like you say they’re starting it now
they haven’t come to any conclusions yet cuz they don’t even know that much don’t
even know how long the thing lasts but I know is this ozone stuff does a great
job at killing mold bacteria the old virus so it certainly can’t harm
anything as long as you remain outside of the enclosed area while it’s doing
its job and here’s some bonus questions and answers mountain dew it says Scotty
do you think buying old police cars are any good can it be a saint by I’ve been
thinking of getting a fod taurus police interceptor as a daily driver which
my court kicks the bucket hey they generally have the Hat beat out
of them and that’s why the police get rid of them and are all worn out as a
daily driver no not such a smart move if you want a project car that you’re
willing to put transmission engine work into it and bodywork and you want a toy
cuz you can get up dirt cheap go ahead but as a daily driver not so
much not so much it’s I’ve had customers do
it and then they later kicked themselves and sudden you got pretty much money in
this thing and then they just sell it at a loss and go on to another car they’re
fun toys if you like messing with cars but not as an everyday driver c60 wants
to Scottie would you buy a car too salvaged title from a youtuber that
videos the whole rebuild process no you can fake things in video so you don’t
even know if it’s real enough but cars are Salvage is because they’re destroyed
in an insurance company says hey the damage is annoying the cars worth here’s
your jacket and some of these sleazy guys will go out and buy them and then
fix them as cheap as they can and try to sell them to people it doesn’t matter if
it’s a salvage recondition reconditioned doesn’t mean it was actually
reconditioned correctly you know it’s best to stay away from those kinds of
cars the only ones are those that I’ve had customers that were happy enough for the cars we’re ones that bought ones that around here came from like Dallas
cuz a lot of hail up there and if your car gets whacked by hell it’s got a
million dimples on it it would cost a fortune to get rid of them right so then
they sell them well if you don’t mind having a car that’s full of dimples that
doesn’t affect the driving or anything I’ll bet it’s just the car that looks
great because it’s got a million dancing that’s okay if you don’t mind the dance
but otherwise wreck flooded stolen now you don’t want to mess with the salvage
title Honda John so Scotty my friend has a 2007 Chevy Impala with two hundred thousand miles on the original engine and transmission shocking I know the
transmission slips sometimes she is know she should fix it or solid or what well
if it slips sometimes keep driving it tel her to have a quart of fluid sucked out of the transmission and put a quart of the
Lucas anti-slip additive in and just see what happens
because it’s got two hundred thousand miles it’s a 13-year old pal it’s worth
nothing you try to sell they’re trading in you’ll get practically nothing maybe
$600 for it or something now what the heck she tries that Lucas don’t stop slipping maybe the last a while cuz when it goes
were nothing now so then you just jump the car and get something else she’s
living on made money now on the bank’s money with 200,000 miles I just said try
the Lucas driving around see how long it lasts and when it finally doesn’t go at
all just spins junk the stupid thing it’s not worth putting a bunch of your money and doing if she saw that you’ll get nothing why not just keep driving it and see
John’s long gone says senior Scotty I’m looking at a 98 go us 1950 1k 1,500
bucks other if you say it’s one of the best of last rear drive Volvo sedans
learn about your take on it yeah you know they were good cars whenever knew it but that thing is one I mean it’s 22 years old 151 thousand miles at that age
Volvo’s generally start to have transmission problems and air
conditioning problems and electronic problems yeah that’s why it’s gone for
$1,500 when it was new it cost a whole bunch more than that if you want
something to toy around and a weekend they’re nice-looking cars they ride nice
it may be not a bad toy but as an everyday driver I don’t think I’d touch
that thing too many miles Volvo parts are too expensive and let’s say if the
transmission did go on it then you just eat to $1,500 because to rebuild one of
those transmissions last time I had a customer done one of those it was
like $4,500 you’re gambling with dynamite there, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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