The Mercedes-Benz classic transporter 1977

The Mercedes-Benz classic transporter 1977

These are the new Mercedes transporters: For any use, for any industry. The delivery van: Up to 9.6 cubic meters of usable space, low loading height, large cargo space doors. The platform truck: three wheelbases, as a high- or low-loader. Robust and flexible like the hard everyday life requires. Really comfortable: Entry behind the front axle. The combi: Manoeuvrable like a car, spacious like a minibus. And all new Mercedes transporters have a driver’s seat that brings comfort and relief. The Mercedes among the transporters. Change over. 168 variants are available for selection.

11 thoughts on “The Mercedes-Benz classic transporter 1977

  1. when merc vans were built properly

  2. Desde que conoci estas furgonetas mercedes benz me gustan mucho me gustaria comprar un vehiculo de esos pero el problema esque soy de Mexico city

  3. шешенамысыгеиндер

  4. Отличная машина! У меня 310d !

  5. Die "Bremer" laufen heute immer noch 👍
    – während die neuen Sprinter-Dieselmotoren (OM 651) oft keine 250 000 km mehr erreichen bevor sich deren Steuertrieb zerlegt. 👎

  6. Хочу купить ! Может в конце недели поеду встречаться с хозяином и смотреть 410- ый !

  7. I wishd id had black 230e and Green 230e and 190e red

  8. We Call it Force Traveller here in India. Force motors (Formerly Bajaj Tempo) has a license agreement to make these in India and they are still being produced to this day! With some design changes though.

  9. This is launched in India as force motors tempo traveller

  10. супер наши авто

  11. I to jest robota. Jak to powiedzieć po kolei 0 1 2 3

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