The BMW Concept i4: New Electric Car | BMW USA

The BMW Concept i4: New Electric Car | BMW USA

The ocean breeze leads thoughts astray to memories of older days. Paths undiscovered, still a blur, but soon in color. Illuminating dreams. Mystic landscapes passing by endless vivid echoes, that refuse to dry. Awaiting what’s beyond confide upon this beautiful bond. Ready to pursue. And as the all increasing pace is about to end its chase. We reunite in the solemn moment, that us led. Look up – inhale what lays ahead!

17 thoughts on “The BMW Concept i4: New Electric Car | BMW USA

  1. Soo good

  2. Bmw , I want some information on a BMW model – 525i

  3. Always BMW👏👏👏

  4. Brilliant work! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  5. Looks astonishing, pretty sure production model will look almost exactly like this concept! Interior, rims and headlights look gorgeous

  6. I was more in tune with the story. Caught a glimpse of the car… the 3 series should have been a four door…

  7. The roof can't be shaded/blacked out?


  9. Just build it. Can't buy what doesn't exist. I would rather have a BMW than a tesla

  10. Absolutely stunning awesome looking car BMW have smashed it just hope the production car looks that good would definitely buy one ☝️

  11. WOW, that looks Amazing ❣

  12. About time BMW 👏🏻! I think this i4 electric 🔋 car will sell extremely well if not overpriced. Really like the curved high definition dashboard 🖥 screen! Everything looks really ergonomic, nice and sleek. The negatives are the tacky Lexus ✨ gold color, the supersized kidney grills which are not even necessary anymore, the two hockey sticks 🏒 exterior design elements, and the funky ugly rims. Personally don’t want a solid glass roof, I prefer a metal or carbon fiber over my head in case of a rollover.


  14. Wow! Great job BMW!

  15. Now they did it!! 😈 7 years bad luck 😈

  16. What a lovely story told.

  17. Very interesting.

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