Test Drive : ELECTRIC CONVERTED PORSCHE 911 Targa – Classic car retrofit to electric

Test Drive : ELECTRIC CONVERTED PORSCHE 911 Targa  – Classic car retrofit to electric

Hello, today we have a wonderful gift for you. We don’t have one, but two Porsches converted to electric. We’re here today to introduce you to the electric retrofit of these magnificent classics. We are fortunate to have two Porsches 911 Targa that have been converted to electric. We will give you our driving impressions, the budget behind the conversion and all the technical data. Welcome to our channel: Ev World Tour Ok now it’s time to drive these cars. So I know which one I want. I also know which one I want! Ok, let’s play it at rock, paper, scissors Ok rock,paper,scissors
I take the gray one !
So here we are aboard the 1977 gray Targa It’s a real pleasure to drive We have a handling which is as good as the ICE version The masses are even better distributed, due to the front batteries and rear engine, It’s a big joy to drive that, already quite simply for the leather design it’s superb you can really show off Just a small drawback, you have to get used to the brake pedal So we have a first part of the brake which is electrical regeneration And the second part goes into the mechanical brake, so it’s a little thing to take Otherwise we use it every day, it’s very pleasant, it makes it possible to make the journeys home work without problem It cost nothing to drive, it doesn’t make any noise, everyone turns around, it’s always fun And I’m glad we lent us this little Targa It hooks, it hooks! Conclusion I don’t want to give it back And we find ourselves in the black Porsche and as you can see by my very red face, it is very hot, we are lucky because the weather is very good. And we are on this magnificent little mountain road to test the two Porsches with you. You can’t praise the merits of these old cars better, they have already proven themselves. This one is over 30 years old and we know that it holds the pavement very well, but what is important is that there is no more noise, but it still sends! we’ve removed the roof, obviously they are Targas. And when I floor it, this is what happens. She’s really ferocious. Here we are in the big model
There are large conversion differences between these two Porsches The gray we call “the little one” has a 60 kW engine which makes about 90 horsepower and 150 km (90 mi) of real autonomy. And the black one called “the beast” is more powerful, it has an electric motor which was originally mounted in electric planes. And it has more than 300 km (185 mi)of autonomy and I can tell you that when you press it, in addition to this very nice little sound that you hear behind, well it pushes hard. And the difference between the gray Porsche and the black Porsche, is that this one, really, was made with much more attention to detail, it is more powerful, it has more range, we are talking here of 300 km (185 mi) of real range, we will say 250 km (155 mi) in winter. It is fitted with a 70 kW motor, which at first has been designed to rotate aircraft propellers. So that’s 70 kW, which therefore corresponds to about 110 horsepower. But we have 320 Nm (230 ft.lbs) of torque. So we may no longer have the original sound of the Targa, but I can tell you that under the hood, at the back, it is breathtaking. We have a really modern car, we even have air conditioning on board and all that in a really beautiful classic cocoon. Everyone turns around on our way and gives us thumbs up. It’s a treat to drive it, I’m really happy with how lucky we are today to be able to convert these old vehicles. HOP HOP HOP !!! I’m taking a mini-break in this great video, to talk to you for 30 seconds about electric retrofit. In France, as in other European countries, it is possible to certify vehicles converted into electric. In collaboration with Ev-Shop: We organize professional initiation sessions about electric retrofit. We offer you our know-how, our advice and all the components you will need, to make your conversion so that you too can give a new, cleaner life to our vehicles ! All the dates and information are available in the description below the video. Now back to these magnificent electric Porsches Welcome to the future of the low-carbon mobility industry! This is the end of this beautiful day As you can see we got a good tan, we hope you enjoyed it And that you will be a fan of electric retrofit If you are not, we are! and we would like to know in the comments if you see yourself going to work every day with this kind of electric Porsche? We are pretty convinced, I hope we showed you in this video that these cars were very powerful and fun. We don’t miss noise and giving new life to a classic vehicle to take it into the future is really our mission With Alexandra right now we’re building a solar electric van to go around the world And show everyone that it is possible to travel without fossil fuel So do not hesitate to go aboard, our project is Ev worldtour. See you soon and don’t forget we all have the right… to take our fingers out !

16 thoughts on “Test Drive : ELECTRIC CONVERTED PORSCHE 911 Targa – Classic car retrofit to electric

  1. Awesome Job. Can't Wait for more. I want to Be friends x3

  2. Way way way too expensive, but a good idea

  3. Bravo pour cette vidéo ! Très bien réalisée !! Savez vous si il a déjà été convertit des targa type 996 de 320 ch et pour quel coût ??? Bonne continuation dans votre projet . Cdlt Laurent

  4. Welcome back to youtube. We missed you guys.

  5. Je trouve au contraire que le son du moteur est important. Sans bruit, sa fait un peu l'impression 'd'un film muet'. Je suis persuadé que cela se développera dans l'avenir (ou cela existe déjà?) Mais rien qu'au niveau de la sécurité c'est important.
    Jolie reportage!

  6. Yes merci pour l’electro rétro 😵😀👍

  7. Bonsoir .
    Vous commencer quand votre tour du monde avec NANO ?

  8. French kristen stewart

  9. Votre van est en stand by ? Super interessant en tout cas, biensur que ca donne envie ! Pour ma part ca m'interesse plus que de la meca sur une thermique !

  10. How did you end up with two of these? Seems almost a bit greedy 🙂
    Nice conversions though. And a nicely done video. 30 to 50 grand is still going to be out of the range of most people. Is that including labour, or just kit? I reckon I can do my van for about 25K using tesla kit, but I've not priced it up carefully yet – I guess there end up being a lot of extra bits and bobs.

  11. Salut
    Au top cette musique d intro ! C est qui ?
    Bien-sûr que je mz verrai aller au boulot tous les jours avec une de ces Porsche mais 30Ke rien que pour la conversion sans compter l achat du vehicule, ca le parait économiquement injustifiable

  12. Je préfère quand même la 918, mais je n'ai pas encore réuni la totalité de la somme.
    A qui appartiennent ces 2 Porsche 911 ? A des amateurs ? ou à des préparateurs professionnels ? Pourquoi n'en parlez-vous pas ?
    Avez-vous une échéance pour le début de ce tour du monde ?
    Où en êtes vous de la conception de la remorque ? Envisagez-vous un tracker du soleil ?

  13. Well, I'm all in for most of the retrofits of old cars, be it la DS, be it T1/T2/T3 VW like Jehu Garcia does it, be it 2cv, Espace 11 or 63 or any Peugeot, even old Fiats, Mercers or Bimmers, Jags, Rovers, whatever for gods sake, electrify it ! …. but there's a certain red line not to be trespassed: Alfas, Porsches, Lancias, Lambos, Bizzarrinis, Ferraris…. they live by their sound, and they live by the effing performance coming from and with that bloody sound. Not to mention how 70 kw for lousy 160 km/h are an amputation, a castration even to that old boy. Wanna go fast in an electric Sportscar: go for a Tesla, they are really good at that, but don't reduce a classic 911 Porsche (not even a reimported Californian injected underperformer) to a boring electric tincanopener of 70 kw. Just don't. That will cost You more reputation under car people than You might hope gaining with it amongst Gretaists.

  14. J,aimerait oui aller au boulot en VE… felicidades pour votre ,enterprise,. Si vos avez besos d,un peu d,aide du coté logiciel embarqué n,hesitez pas. Salut!

  15. Combine la va couter l,homologación en FR? En Espagne 20k… crash test… une façon d,empecher que va arrive a se ,democratiser,.

  16. English text please.

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