Tank Chats #96 | D3E1 Wheel-cum-Track Machine | The Tank Museum

Tank Chats #96 | D3E1 Wheel-cum-Track Machine | The Tank Museum

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come track machine now it’s quite unusual for some reason the experts have
it down as an armored car in all the old publications it’s referred to as an
armored car except in the tank museum’s own publication when it suddenly becomes
a tank take your pick it runs on wheels and
tracks at least that’s the theory but it’s unusual in that the tracks are the
things that go up and down the wheels stay where they are which is why the you
look at the front wheels here the bracket that holds them is sort of
riveted to the front of the vehicle there’s a big leaf spring running
transversely and there are the wheels their sole releases say they solid
rubber they’re actually fitted with a type of tire known as the natural air
pressure tire and those triangular bits in it are the pockets that track the air
the idea is as you’re going along they provide the cushion then you normally
get from a pneumatic tire what actually happens is half the time they fill with
mud by that time then of course it’s just a solid rubber tyre but there you are that’s like what they did they do we’re better than pneumatic spats and
they also give a very harsh ride and that’s what this one is now the rear
wheels you can’t see so easily they’re set in a sort of recess in the back of
the vehicle they’re the driven wheels they’re fitted with the same sort of
tires and they’re all hidden by them mechanism that makes the tracks go up
and down and they will do it about 25 miles now in its wheels and probably
about 10 13 miles an hour on tracks that was all now the tracks you’ll see are on
a framework fitted to the side of the vehicle they move up and down on Rails
on the side of the vehicle and when you go up close and have a look at them they
don’t appear to have any sprung suspension at all they do move each
wheels on a sort of some bracket arrangement and I think they work rather
like the American light tanks the early ones they adjust
to the ground and they adjust to one another but they’re not really sprung
not in the proper sense so they give an even harsher ride on the odd occasions
when you used them the tracks are powered they work on a swingarm basis to
go up and down driven by the motor vehicle is powered by a 90 horsepower v8
Armstrong Siddeley it’s the air-cooled engine the same engine you find in the
medium tanks and that’s located here in the front with the driver alongside it
it’s a most peculiar system because that engine not only governs the movement of
the tracks going up and down it’s also and you can select these and I’ll lever
it has two other options one of them is to drive the wheels which it does
through the differential at the back the other thing is to drive the tracks which
it does from the tracks are on the ground and you have to select which one
you want each time on tracks the vehicle has an incredibly short track base
actually almost within the wheel say wheel layout of the thing and therefore
it must walk quite heavily but they didn’t seem to worry about that at least
if they did they didn’t know it was going to do it till they built it well
three of these altogether two of them were built by vickers-armstrong this is
the in 1928 this is the first one and it’s fitted with two turrets as you can
see the main turrets up there has a space for two machine guns were fitted
in they never were mounted it was only ever an experimental vehicle and there’s
another rotating turret on a lower level at the back with one machine gunner or
at least it should have and that means the vehicles complicated anyway but they
built another one which was more or less the same to look at except it didn’t
have the superstructure at all behind the drivers position was just a
big open tray we don’t know what it was intended for but one was built and
tested in the scrapped this one as you see has survived the third one was very
odd it was built without tracks at all solds an armored car to the Hungarian
police what they wanted it for Lord alone knows and it ran on solid tires it
must have been a swine to drive in normal circumstances but there we are
that’s what happened to the third one of these vehicles and you do see old photos
of in and again in hungarian service which is quite an unusual arrangement
but that’s the basic vehicle for you it’s covered in arm what it’s not really
armoured at the moment it’s mild steel but it represents Armour eight
millimeters thick which is the same thickness as your find on a rolls-royce
armoured car so although it’s quite it’s bulletproof up to a point it’s not
really very substantial and is easily knocked out by a tank but whether it
really was a tank or an armored car nobody knows it’s just one of those
oddities but really the whole wheel and track concept is idiotic it means that
you have got to select what you the conditions you want to the ground you’re
going over and you can either have a wheeled vehicle running at reasonably
high speed or a tracked vehicle running very slowly that’s usual with these
things but horrible thing to drive and even worse to attract chopper 8 in any
sense very uncomfortable other thing if you
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    But the development of large, wide, low pressure pneumatic tyres, as seen on 1930's armoured cars, could handle soft terrain, and made this vehicle unnecessary.

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