Stronger and Faster: V8 Solenoid Engine

Stronger and Faster: V8 Solenoid Engine

Short notice: this video is in Dutch and it is gonna be awesome! click here for subtitles and have fun! a few months ago I got made this v1 solenoid engine that was super cool then I wanted to take it a step further and I have made this v4 but we can make it even better! I am Emiel, The Practical Engineer and today I make a V8 Solenoid Engine. Let’s go! Besides it having twice as many spools this time I’m going to do more things differently this time. I’m going to switch with infrared instead of mechanical and I am going to make the crankshaft on my CNC cutter. Let’s start with that. [Music] Look its done. Super cool. These two have already left I think I can take it off like this. You should see this. Super cool! Of course I still have to clean it a bit they are all stuck to the paper but they are very cool.
00: 01: 20,240 –>00: 01: 23,060
I will first switch on the CNC program for the connecting rods, then it can do it’s thing while I clean these up. That was a bit.
Let’s try this again. Have we learned anything from it? Yes! Take it easy They are very small But they turned out really cool. Look at that I’m going to drill the holes by hand They are so small that it is
very hard to do on the CNC. I have the connecting rods, I have the base parts
for the crankshaft and all these pieces of axle to assemble it and just like the
last time I will glue it together. It is just a tedious job
but then it is pretty. I already have pieces of the crankshaft put together and now I have to put
two connecting rods on it and then glue the other part on it The problem I have with the V4 solenoid
that is the first and the last axis are not quite in line and are
a bit crooked too the moment it starts to turn, the entire shaft went
like this. It didn’t look like nice. So for now I have
a tool printed where I can clamp the whole axle and hopefully I can
get the first axis and the last one aligned and doesn’t not wiggle. While this dries I can explain why this video is in Dutch
I once chose English because english yes it is spoken a lot.
Many people speak english And so I can reach a lot of people
but what I noticed is my videos are slightly less spontaneous
then i would like. I have to think about what I’m going to say
And yes I was not completely satisfying to me so thought about giving it a try in Dutch I am quite satisfied with it myself. let
me know what you think about it in the comments In the meantime, I’m going to start with the front and back and just like with the V4 solenoid engine
I use transparent polycarbonate to make them.
They looked super nice so why not. This is only slightly thicker than last time
and now I’m going to make it on the CNC instead of the normal router.
if you want to know who how you do this with a normal router then take a look
at the video there. These come here with the crankshaft
in between. Then here comes an aluminum plate where the solenoids
all are mounted on. I drew them twice so I can cut them out
stick them on the aluminum and just make them by hand. You don’t have to mill everything Now that we have made these plates
I can use this to mark where they are going. I drilled and tapped all the holes and I can now place the bearings that I bought.
I’m leaving the foil in place so that it doesn’t get scratched.
I’ll remove this at the very end. And then I can put it together.
Let’s do that! My first idea was to make the spools all from brass:
like this. But I tried it and that was a bad
idea because then you have to remove all this material. Then I thought: I’ll make it like this and add a ring later That worked pretty well but then you are throwing away a lot of brass
because you always have to remove all this. Then I came across this piece of aluminum
in my workshop and I thought what if you make the tube from aluminum and then
only the rings from brass. It still looks nice, saves a lot of work and you are
not throwing away so much material. For this kind of work a lathe is very easy. if you don’t
have a lathe and you still want to do this project just buy one. Do you know the disadvantage of making eight coils? 7 And that: is number eight! The next step is to get the plungers to the
attach to the connecting rods and that is a real tedious job.
I have to put the plungers in here And then with the connecting rod in the right place
and without space actually put a screw in it. It works! haha nice! This is going to
become really cool! To make sure it keeps its momentum
between the strokes there’s a flywheel here. And it it also looks
just nice. Last time I had made of brass
this time I’m making it from aluminum. To control the solenoid engine
made two printed circuit boards. I didn’t film this because electronics are boring!
let’s try that again. because electronics is boring! That’s better!
That signal then goes to this pcb and there are four mosfets on this pcb
and some more junk. When this mosfet gets a signal it
switches those two coils so I have 4 so i have eight coils and four mosfets
So every time it switches it switches two coils. So this seems like a nice
moment to put on the wooden stand and to wire it up. It is not all in there but I want to
test it first. Shall we just do that? The flag is not mounted yet
so it is not going to run now but I can test to see whether the sensors work and whether smoke comes out Nothing happens at all.. this is what I mean by electronics And why is nothing happening? I just burned all the coils.
I don’t know what happened but suddenly there was a lot of smoke. A few components on the
PCB were broken and these coils are now all short circuited with each other
so it didn’t go quite right. I think there is only 1 thing on it
and that is remaking the coils Let’s just do that. Let’s just try again. this has potential Hey hey hey, it works!! very cool! If you liked this video then
we just continue there. I have a small playlist compiled with more
of this type of videos see you there!

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