Spies In Disguise | Sneak Peek “Car Chase” | 20th Century Studios

Spies In Disguise | Sneak Peek “Car Chase” | 20th Century Studios

I’ll just ride out here. Don’t worry. Oh, right. My bad. Hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut. Go go go, moving through. I want that tree gone. Now! Agent Sterling, exit the premises, now! What are you doing? Get in the car! Get in position! Holy shh… – Walter, let’s go! – Clear the exits! Let’s go, go, go! Activate auto drive. Auto drive, engaged. Sterling private jet hangar. See that, Walter? You can bird me. But you can’t stop me. He was behind us. Ugh! Buckle up. And get me everything we can on that Beckett kid. You think they’re working together? Sterling works alone. He’s using him for something. You brought the lady bird? She’s my emotional support animal. You gonna need a life support animal if that bird poop in my – Ugh, we got company. We’ve got units blocking every street, overpass and exit within a 5 mile radius. Perfect, time for a cattle drive. Saddle up! Evasive maneuvers activated. I don’t have time for this. Activate weapons! What? Activating weapons. Relax, I’m just gonna take out her tires. Oh, that’s really bad. Oh I dare you. Deactivating weapons. No, we’re the good guys. We can’t shoot the other good guys. Yeah, you’re right Walter. Let’s just pull over and talk it out. Exactly! Can we? Activate weapons! Activating weapons. Deactivate weapons. Deactivating weapons. How about something non-lethal like, oil slick! – Activate weapons.
– Activating weapons. – Deactivate weapons.
– Deactivating weapons. – Don’t listen to Walter. Activate weapons.
– Activating weapons. Oil slick! – Activate weapons.
– Activating weapons. Oil slick! – Oil slick. Oil slick. Oil slick. Oil slick!
– Activate. Activate. Activate. This man trippin. – Oil slick. Oil slick. Oil slick. Oil slick!
– Activate. Activate. Activate. Deactivate. System shut down. Goodbye Ahh! What did you do?! Ahh!! He’s like a God of the asphalt. We’ll see about that. Alright, I got this. I got this. I got this. I got this. We’re gonna die. Watch out! We should be coming up on him any second. Ahhh! This ends now. Is everyone in position? Affirmative. In position. Walter, get that computer back online. Systems coming back online. Defensive applications online. Oil slick? Fine. Whatever. Just press it. Wait! We’re driving backwards. That was tight. Yeah, it’s official. I’m a fan. Did anyone else see a pigeon in that car?

79 thoughts on “Spies In Disguise | Sneak Peek “Car Chase” | 20th Century Studios

  1. 0:42 hol up is that the baby sitter from incredibles 1

  2. 420 views

  3. Did this movie even come out??

  4. Wait I didn't get to see this film because MY THEATERS DIDNT HAVE THE F I L M

  5. t h e b i r d s w o r k f o r t h e b-

  6. The fact that they cut down the tree makes me cry

  7. 2:59 3:00 Wait, We’re driving Backwards…

  8. 3:01 3:02 3:03 Me: Oh boy

  9. Walter: holy shiiiii-

  10. It comes out on my birthday

  11. 3:12 It's time for slow motion.

  12. 3:19 LOL!!

  13. It’s too bad I would love to have seen the weapons come out of those car but Walters right no killing the other good guysEven if said good guys are trying to punch you back!

  14. Cant wait

  15. Someone just said holy sh*t

  16. It’s perfect and beautiful. No CAM, No SD, No commentary, No Reaction, And No cutscenes. And I love it too much in the world!

  17. Please don’t remove the video

  18. Wait audi sponcered this movie?

  19. Spies in disguise (2019) on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital march 10th 2020.

  20. 1:54 1:55 Me: Guys! Stop! can’t we compromise?

  21. 2:04 Me: Oh, nice job guys really nice job

  22. R6 players be like 0:15

  23. Da grew good l chi h Vvv un nb un Bi un Ni jbb Ho BBB hi in b I m hv fff Fry Th hu HBC ft ugh b h I hv vy un b OK nb g Gv fi ugh vy tv vy tvnjy hv


  25. Finally something special happening on my birthday my favorite movie comes out digitally on my birthday

  26. I've been wanting to see this movie

  27. This movie is long overdue…

  28. I remember seeing this in theaters and really liking it. accept for the fact that they cut down there innocent tree.

  29. 1:48 Active Weapons

  30. 3:37 Me when I step on a Lego…

  31. Bruhhhh. Finally, for the first time in forever a not over the top cringy kids movie. This actually looks pretty decent.

  32. I’m sorry….this is sooooooooo generic….

  33. 2:17 bruh that is an AUTOMATIC she doesnt even have to do anything

  34. I am literally counting down the days to the 10th. I NEED TO WATCH THIS AGAIN.

  35. Lance calls him "Wilfred." I can't even.

  36. Can you just STOP OVERUSING these actors!!

  37. 😂

  38. Can Blue Sky Studios have one movie without any animals besides Robots?

  39. Where’s the 20th Century Studios logo?

  40. 🔥
    1:23 💚💙🔥
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💛

  41. 🔥
    1:13 💖🖤
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💛

  42. lol =)

  43. <3

  44. Lol what a comment section

  45. I forgot about this, I wanna see it!

    Also might wanna see LeMans 66 and Call of the Wild

  46. 0:22 Did he just said “Holy sh*t”? :O

  47. First view
    Like my comment without asking

  48. Cool

  49. so cool😎😎

  50. Walter: HOLY…
    Old Steve Rogers: LANGUAGE!

  51. 3:37 Help

  52. This movie deserves a Sequel and this time Marcy Kappel turns into a Pigeon

  53. I wanted to go to the theatre for this, but unfortunately I couldn't. But now I'm gonna get it on Blu-ray. One of the only decent movies of 2019!

  54. Here a little Easter egg at 3:21 this is a little clip from deadpool when it first came out

  55. I saw this in theaters when it first came out and i liked it
    3:37 When you upvote a meme but it gets no likes

  56. Lance car is awesome

  57. Nice

  58. Javis

  59. Ima wait till it comes On Disney+

  60. In reality I just want ICE AGE 6. But Ok.

  61. Ugh

  62. this movie already came out

  63. What's the song called? 3:12

  64. 0:23 I'm not the only one who heard a swear word, right?

  65. Suicide

  66. cool

  67. 0:09 – I'll just ride out here, don't worry.
    1:14 – Settle up!
    1:25 – I don't have time for this. Activate weapon!
    1:34 – Deactivating weapons.
    1:42 – Activate weapon!
    1:47 – Oil Slick. Activate weapon. Deactivate weapon.
    2:04 – Oh, What did you do?
    2:31 – Stairs!
    2:59 – Wait, we're driving backwards!
    3:12 – Hoh ckwap!
    3:52 – Spies in Disguise

  68. The Birds Work For the Bourgeoisie:
    The movie

  69. 3:21 SpiderMan Far From Home reference 😂

  70. 3:18 that song was from the angry birds movie (the first one).

  71. Still waiting for the bob's burgers movie trailer.

  72. Animations cartoon movies r so so cute and funny lol, can’t stop laughing. 2 cute Animations cartoon movies r, ☺️ 😊 😂 🤣

  73. The car has its own brain

  74. 100th comment

  75. 3:36

  76. 3:36 more like pornhub

  77. This what I do when I have to hide from my mom turn into a bird

  78. At the end the villain makes sevearal drones and there was a giant battle

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