Sleeping in an SUV in Subfreezing Weather – Bryce National Park Road Trip – Vlog #2

Sleeping in an SUV in Subfreezing Weather – Bryce National Park Road Trip – Vlog #2

Good morning. It is 6:47 a.m. This is our
second night sleeping in the car. so right now outside it is it says 21
degrees and it’s snowing On the windows we put these little
covers. What are they? Tell me what they are. Half inch styrofoam construction insulation Oh crap, look. There’s ice on the windows! Yup. So we have like the rest of the foam board right here acting as a barrier between the back seat and front two seats and then we put some
like blackout curtains on them Underneath this we have this mattress
this blow-up inflatable mattress It’s pretty roomy. We can stretch out all
the way. So here’s like Martins feet all the way at the end and here’s his face. We really don’t want to open the door
because it’s so cold outside. Oh, crap. Your shoe. Hehe. Cold. Merry Christmas! Ready. Okay, waiting for a
breakfast to be done. There’s actually some birds that keep
staring at us. They really want our food. See? They’re like threatening us. No, look at that sign. It says like horse trail and looks kind of like the Flintstones. Yeah, doesn’t this remind you of like Flintstones? Okay so we are doing the
Queen’s Garden Trail. It’s what they recommend just for us to do. Look at this
ice. This trail is so slippery. I keep slipping keep slipping. Worth it though? Worth it. Maybe. Hell yea, look at that view! It’s worth it. Look at all that snow. Holy shit. So freaking stressed out right
now. We were trying to drive up the mountain to the ski resort. It’s about
5:00 p.m. and Basically it’s a really windy trail and the
further up we got, the deeper the layer of snow. So we got stuck up there and we had to
turn around in like a really narrow area. So we’re just trying to go back where we
came and try to get out of here before it gets dark.
Just put some chains on– well, some cables so we’ll see. Are you adjusting them? Yea. Okay. Alright, that should be… actually… we need to go a tiny tiny bit forward. We’re stress eating. Yup. Is it fresh? The chicken? Yea, everyone
on the reviews said that the chicken tenders were fresh. Yea, I feel a little stressed now. Thanks for watching guys! Next video we go to Eagle Point Ski Resort. Check out these views behind me. They are spectacular!

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