SELF LOVE – Motivational Video

SELF LOVE – Motivational Video

100 thoughts on “SELF LOVE – Motivational Video

  1. I have to put myself first.
    I always put others in order to love myself in the end I hate myself.
    I always end up broken in 1 mil. Pieces. I worth love,because I give all of me

  2. his voice is so soothing to me. all these motivational speakers are loud but tyrese gibson is so calm and it just sounds more personal. i swear i listen to this over and over because of his voice. his words as well.

  3. Learn how to be yourself is better than pretended to be someone who you are not and trying to fit in the world. You know what, being different is something special

  4. Thank you lord for putting this message for me to hear.

  5. The family and friends part hit me alot.

  6. I can never love myself I will always be empty

  7. I'm a fat person, so I get really scared when I step outside of the house, especially in school. That's why I'm watching this video…

  8. I am tired. I hate myself. I hate myself for being a disappointment to my parents. I hate myself for loving someone who doesn't love me back. I hate myself for not being able to love myself once again no matter what i do. I hate myself for trusting everyone who i thought would never betray me. 😭💔

  9. I come to this video every now and then 🙂

  10. I wish I loved myself

  11. I stopped right away after I geard GOD

  12. This videos explicitly explains what needs to be done next rather than beating around the bush & spinning your wheels.

    You have to make the responsibility & implement action.
    These videos are doing what they could, but now the ball is in your court.
    Keep your eyes on the ball & there's no one stopping you from accomplishing your objectives & aspirations.

    Break a leg & knock those dead who doubted your abilities.
    Good luck ❤️

  13. I love myself so much that I refuse to waste a single day around anyone who is makes me feel worse when I leave their company.

  14. This was perfect.

  15. love this

  16. I have no friends but I'm happy with my self

  17. Great video. Knowing your value. One of your best points.

  18. First off, language. We cannot on our own change an invisible part of us ( our spirit ) . Only our Creator can replace our born with spirit and replace it with His Holy Spirit. The only answer is His Word, not clever cliches and handsome voices. Get in His Word. That's why He left it for us!!!!

  19. I don’t have such “fake friends”. I have two friends that are really good ones, but my self hate doesn’t come from people around me. I just don’t see myself worth talking. I don’t see myself worth participating in anything. I see nothing special ir even good. At school, I see myself as a failure. I hate myself for being me. And I don’t like really talking about me. I look at myself and then say:
    “This is not enough.”
    “Others are doing better than you.”
    That teares me apart. And the funnt thing is that there are days in which I feel good, only for the next moment to be filled with hatred towards myself.

  20. I was just hit by my dad and told how much of a failure I am , this was the first thing I thought of watching

  21. 💯❤❤❤❤💯👑

  22. This song gets me every time…

  23. Wow. you talked to me.

  24. Love

  25. Never give your emotions away for others to play with !!

  26. This is really good thank you. And Bless all the people strugglin' in the comments section here, you are not alone, and you are loved even if it doesnt seem so sometimes. As a wise man once said "if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm."

  27. Who is the speaker who was speak tell me please his name

  28. Well the thing is, I know nobody is talking about me because nobody even cares to pretend they like me. Sometimes I feel like I give off this sense of desperation. I just want someone to sit with at lunch, and be able to talk to about things happening in my life. I'm such a loyal friend, but nobody even tries to get to know me.

  29. … and yet… you yourself are just as guilty as they are and you know it. I know I have been guilty of it. Here is where Godly love comes in. To love thy neighbor as you love yourself. If there are people who are willing to tell you to your face why they hate you and why they don't understand… then there is hope. Which is why you need to confront them if that stuff is being said. If they run, dust your sandals.

  30. ❤️

  31. She block me

  32. Wow!!!! This is beautiful! Thank you!!!

  33. I have so much self love, that I show love to my right hand every evening in front of my PC. That's true self-esteem/love.

  34. I was thinking about self-love and I found this video in my recommendations… Who's aware that I'm thinking?!

  35. One of the best videos in my life.

  36. Going through a break up of a marriage of 14yrs and 7kids later. Because I lost myself and settled for crumbs of affection from people. My siblings called me toxic, crazy, energy vampire to be vanquish. Out of fear of being alone I settled for so much less that I was slowly dying inside. As hard as it is I will rather be alone and work on myself, heal and love myself.

  37. I'm very alone inside, sometimes i feel that why I'm in this world .. i have no friends literally no friends 😊

  38. Thank you!!!!! 100 over 100

  39. I needed this today.

  40. I didn't know I needed this until I clicked on it. Self love is an important thing and it's about time I find it

  41. thank you so much. I am so tired of not loving myself it’s not even my looks, i care way too much i know my friends talk about me SO much and when he said
    “you talk sht about all your homegirls do you really think they wouldn’t talk about you” that hit hard. I talk about people way too much. I have to act as I don’t because I don’t know who else to go to. I want to pull through high school without any type of that negativity and baggage I pray that one day that I can be happy and have a strong relationship with god and have a successful job one day none of this will matter. This is GOING TO HAPPEN

  42. Th8s is so me….my husband has said the worst things to me … and i still wanted him to 'love' me

  43. Tyrese?

  44. Man this is hard to accept but necessary for me atlest. Learning to learn again!

  45. 🙈😭…..I Needed this it hurts so much 💔was this confirmation?☹️😢

  46. I wanted to kill myself because of the way I looked. Wanted. Sometimes I get those feelings attacking me again but now I just learnt to love myself. Sucks that I don't have any friends though.

  47. What is the name of the movie where benedict cumberbatch is starring ???

  48. Be love yourself first. Thank you tell me

  49. This really hit home for me😫

  50. “God has a purpose over my life, and if he didn’t I wouldn’t be here anymore.”
    That hit hard❤️😭

  51. Mijn Friends en Familie think i am beautiful but why i dont see that 😢i feel like i am not good looking.glad to see this ❤thank you

  52. I love someone else and i forgot to love myself until they leave me.

  53. I didn't know love until I knew that God is love all along… Because none of us, humans, can ever have a perfect love like Him.

  54. God is like no one and he is far more powerful than being anyone’s just father He is the Almighty and we are all His servants

  55. Self sense!!!
    This inspires me whenever I am watching this video. Thanks.

  56. i just have to believe that some things are too good to be true…

  57. does anyone know what movie is this 0:21 the one with benedict cumberbatch?

  58. I will definitely be hearing these types of videos on my way to work, being a correctional officer is not easy. It’s mentally draining. SELF LOVE IS THE KEY!

  59. This is meant to me me happy and motivated but it makes me more angry and sad knowing this I how I feel I’m not angry at anyone but me

  60. Self love is the most powerful thing in the world it can ether destroy you or make you

  61. 5:18 “ I love me, and I have to be careful in what I give emotional access to”

  62. Excellent and amazing video!!!

  63. That's fine even if u don't… Do something impossible

  64. Help me Jay I'm on a tough situation please I need help please

  65. Don't be your own hater.

  66. I’ve made up my mind to love me for the rest of my days so help me God 🙏

  67. Thank you so much ♥. Good souls bring good vibes around us ☻

  68. ❤️🙏🏽

  69. I’m tired of hating myself, IM GOING TO CHANGE. I am sure of it! IM GOING TO CHANGE!

  70. Stop mixing God with self love 🙄

  71. Self love is the cure to self hate ? Wow that solves everything i had no idea. I know how to stop hating I’ll just LOVE myself !

  72. 5:05 Thank you

  73. Powerful message but I don’t see the reason for the guy to be cussing so much. It defeats the whole purpose of making one feel better.

  74. I would like to thank the person that made this video and posted it…this video has changed my life..2 years ago I saved it and would listen to it all the time…it helped me so much and everything I was going through …thank you again..May God bless you all…this video saved me ❤️

  75. I love this❤️❤️. Thank you. I’m loving myself. And I can now love others. ❤️❤️❤️❤️. This is beautiful. Baby steps. Every day.

  76. I must really hate my own self
    To be living with such a mother and family
    I'm desperately and silently trying to escape
    Thy L-rd My G-d hear me

  77. This is awesome

  78. It's hard realizing that the people that can break you down the most can be your own family 💔 have to love myself more than I love them at some point

  79. Thanks ,,,,, Need TO Get wid of Toxic People…….😅😅😅😅

  80. Thank you, this one really hits the core of my soul. Stay true to yourself.

  81. Right I forgot to love myself first ain't nobody gonna love me like I Love me

  82. Self love it's just being grateful for our bodies our mind spirit and our hearts it's to know that our value it's meaningful not only to ourselves but also in the lives of others.💓

  83. wow the 1st minute hit hard

  84. Self love is when you run every single person out of your life and keep your dog or your cat or your turkey etc. If people come back they love your self love too. Simple. Everyone can be happy that way. Not to oculto ain’t it?

  85. I dislike myself for so doing the work to love myself, talk to myself with a caring words. I write in a journal, writing down some of things I like about me.ive lost lovers because I couldn't love myself, no more, I'm going to set myself free from my own negative thoughts

  86. Period

  87. “You will never see me at a random club, you will never see me at dinner if my dinner isn’t purpose driven” 💯

  88. Based on self love, we made a 'silent short film'. Please watch. Hope you'll like it.

  89. Thank you 🙏♥️🙏♥️🙏

  90. I love my self but no one loves me I don't care iam strong ❤❤😍😍😍🎉🎉🙏🙏🙏

  91. We all need to hear messages like this in our lives 💌

  92. Amen! ❤❤❤
    2019 was the year of me being the Queen of Swords cutting out anyone who was not for my highest good! ❤
    Love & Peace Everyone!

  93. Love this

  94. Listened to this 3x today

  95. I learned that lesson at the end of last year, but it is always to get an affirmation

  96. GOD created us all equal so don’t ever think less of yourself then anyone based on status. Your life is yours and yours only. Learn to love everyone but start with loving yourself.

  97. Who is this man speaking?

  98. I'm here because I love myself

  99. I can SO relate with this message! I am NO LONGER allowing those people to be blessed enough to be a part of my journey! I DO have a great purpose on this Earth! I am learning to Love MYSELF… I have a very long road ahead of me… For I've walked a very LONG road which consisted of me NOT loving me! For those around me… My friends, my family didn't TRULY love me and wanted to keep me down! I CHOOSE to NOT ALLOW THAT ANYMORE!

  100. Amazing realistic video

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