Runaway Diesel Engine – BREAKDOWN (english subtitles)

Runaway Diesel Engine – BREAKDOWN (english subtitles)

It looks like a car fire… That is Should i advise him? I know exactly what it is Tell him to hit fifth gear and… You tell him Tell him to hit fifth gear. Just tell him. He will not hear me Hit fifth gear and what? Hit fifth gear and release the clutch What happened to him? If he will do it in seconds, he will save the engine She is scared, go there!

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  1. A čo ak je to automat? ináč pekne

  2. Rock on brother 🤘

  3. Turbos blown

  4. Can someone explain why this happened?

  5. That's the one of a million reasons why diesel sucks

  6. Pane terminatore ne zabijate me.

  7. Besztercebánya 🙂

  8. That car must have some good brakes. It didn't appear to even lurch in the slightest when the clutch was dumped.

  9. Hye guys , i have a question , i really want to know ,why this can happen to all diesel engine ?

  10. Turbo fail. ? Inject the engine into the oil ?

  11. Why does this happen ? Can anyone tell me. If you leave a reply like my comment so I know you have answered my question because I don't get reply notifications 😠

  12. Proč tam posílá starou ??? Dobře věděl co to je a sám nechce vylézt z auta. Ale zachránil tak přece jen palec hore !!!

  13. how to swich off with AUTOMATIC gearbox ?

  14. 5 i tyle

  15. Diesels…

  16. I would have stopped that engine in a heart beat.
    Nowadays people don't know shit about how a car works, about its components, about dealing with posible failures.
    Nowadays people are towing their vehicles for a bad fuse or a flat tyre. And i'm talking about grown ass men.

  17. Good job, man! What was that car ?

  18. Śmiesznie się czyta komentarze po Czesku 😀 Pozsrawiam!

  19. Clever man

  20. This can happen with diesel engines when diesel is going in to the oil reservoir. The engine will run on its own. This could happen when you drive to long with a clogged particulate filter..

  21. All you have to do with any runaway diesel is spray a fire extinguisher in the air cleaner

  22. pull the fucking ECM fuse

  23. What if this happens in an Automatic?

  24. Blown turbo sucks oil out of sump, until bang.
    Dump clutch to save engine

  25. Chytrej chlap! Nic jinýho nepomůže.

  26. Thank you for the advice!

  27. This happened to my son's diesel VW golf about 15 years ago. I was following him and I've never seen acceleration like it from such a small car. It destroyed the engine. Sold it for $100. He didn't buy a diesel again until recently, and then VW bought it back from him because of the emission test scandal (2017).

  28. Udivuje mě jak dlouho to ten opel vydržel. Je fakt, že většina lidí vůbec netuší, že taková situace může nastat a co dělat…

  29. after shuttin it off and there is no internal engine damage, is it fine to restart it and ride it again? or there are some parts that needs checking or replacing?

  30. that, is gas car is know diesel car and smoke engine, runaway at clutch is getting demolition

  31. Why oh why dont people stick it in ger are slowly release the clutch, with the foot on the foot brake and handbrake up

  32. Why he tell he's wife to go out and say it? Couldn't he just move his freakin ass?

  33. Good man! ХОРОШО!

  34. Keep a 4X4 piece of plywood handy to block the air intake in the event of a diesel engine runaway.

  35. Ridiculous how the guy didn't do that in the first place instead of sending out the woman !!!

  36. My friends 1.9 TDI burned down to the ground a few days ago because of a runaway engine.

    How come no one thinks of putting in the 5th gear and slam the clutch? Problem solved or atleast the engine is off.

  37. Stupid dpf

  38. wheres the subtitle?

  39. Way too late

  40. How about just disconnecting the battery. Just a thought..😎✌

  41. He lost some horsepower there. That engine is pretty much worn out now.some pieces will need to be replaced in order to gane the hp back

  42. Thats how you over ride and engine to stop

  43. So basically what he is saying (and did) is put it in highest gear and drop the clutch thus forcing engine to stall. Good show. I Like to think I would have thought of that. But did the engine survive?

  44. My car is diesel with automatic transmission… I will be shit out of luck if this happens.. I have to suffocate the air intake. But I take good care of my car so this doesn't happen in the first place. 1985 Mercedes 300DT.

  45. надлежащая работа спасибо😁proper job thanks

  46. cover exhaust may work

  47. Mr. Blacksquare saves the day!

  48. Wtf how did this happened?

  49. Dobra praca 🙂 Like

  50. Tell wife what to do, and stay in the car, nice husband

  51. i think he put gas wrongly to diesel machine

  52. luckily you could stop it, but choking even doesn't help if it started self ignition by burning oil.. only way is closing the air intake with a rubber.. this damages pistons, sometimes rods also..

  53. Ambale olmuş motor 😋engine dont shutting.

  54. it's a gm product… don't get a Opel/Vauxhall/Chevy "eco" diesel, they ain't good, nor are the Korean ones. so many of these got oil in the turbo and blew the engine

  55. What language they are speaking?

  56. How do people do this?

  57. God bless you sir

  58. save engine or kill gearbox, make your choise 😀

  59. Ooooh, kurwaa mac!!

  60. I know that Already…

  61. Fuck censorship

  62. Super help

  63. Good job!

  64. And if it was an automatic, what will you do?

  65. All this thing was made by the FAP 😠😠

  66. Dude, your woman doesn’t trust you. She made sure to take her purse.

  67. she may have had cruise control on and then popped it out of gear

  68. when the turbo kick in 😀 😀

  69. Škrtící klapka?

  70. Diesel engine is running on oil ,turning key off and out won't stop it ,will find turbo completely gone after oil seal leakage and oil coming out of exhaust ,only way to try stop it is starve intake of air,it will stop eventually but let it cool Down but don't start up as there will be little oil and once it warms up again it will overun again until the problem solved but engine won't be the same .

  71. Mne sa to stalo dneska a samé to skončilo po chvíli to čo znamená?

  72. You are one naughty as child and you deserve only a good butt spanking.

  73. Dashcam Video channel : Man you were right! and you have taught me something new. Thanks!

  74. the engine most likely survived, if you are the one to kill its power and turn it off, its most likely still alive… if it killed itself and stopped running on its own well then… self explanatory its a goner…

  75. And what did he do there ??

  76. Noob video

  77. +5 heat
    -2 strength

  78. Turbo v prdeli… tak? Lebo tusim jedine takto zachranis motor ked ti turbo odide

  79. diesels should all have chokes on the intake to stop runaways

  80. Co sa mu stalo?

  81. Si tratta del classico guasto per il quale il motore diesel aspira olio del motore per qualche guarnizione rotta; una volta a me con un motore fiat 1700-D si ruppe la membrana del depressore, l'auto sembrava impazzita; Togliendo il contatto del quadro il motore non si spegneva in nessun modo; provai a frenare il motore inserendo la quinta e rilasciando piano la frizione, tenendo un piede sul freno, ma non riuscii a fermarlo; allora aprii il cofano staccai il tubo della presa aria del depressore del servofreno che era attaccato alla scatola filtro aria dopo il filtro dell'aria d'aria interrompendo in questo modo il flusso di olio motore che si versava nel collettore di aspirazione dopo il filtro dell'aria, in questo modo dopo pochi secondi il motore si fermò e potei poi riavviarlo a gasolio riprendendo la marcia regolarmente lasciando che il depressore aspirasse aria direttamente dall'ambiente! potei sbrigarmela in quanto all'epoca per quei motori era un guasto tipico di cui si discuteva tra automobilisti.

  82. Its fine when this happens in a manual as you just stall it in top gear or choke it but if that happened in an automatic and you didn't pull over to help them they would have had a huge repair bill.

  83. To solve this either
    1. put it into gear and dump the clutch
    (easy on a car, but if its a truck you can seriously damage drive gear, gearbox the shaft everything)
    2. Block the intake of air
    3. Block intake of fuel
    Block the air is better because engine might burn oil instead of fuel so blocking the fuel would not help.
    Blocking the exhaust might stall the engine but do some damage.

  84. Had this with a Mercedes Vito. I instantly killed the engine via clutch and gear. The turbo broke and the engine sucked oil from the turbo. I bought a new turbo and the car ran again. So for anyone wondering if you are quick enough to kill the engine your engine might be safe. At this point RIP to automatic drivers

  85. Happened to me 3 weeks ago. Took it to the dealership and the reason was not from turbo as the turbo was in very good condition. It was from a faulty injector sending too mich diesel wich caused a piston to break thus causing the runaway. Now im waiting from news from the shop saying if the car needs a new engine or if the replacement of the piston and injector will fix it.

  86. I had this in my 2012 Hyundai i30 turbo diesel (no DPF). The engine screamed and smoke poured out when I started it after a service. Was due to the oil being way overfilled. Resulted in heat damage to the engine seals. After that I always have delayed starting and lot of smoke at start up, then the seals warm up and settle in and it doesn't blow smoke. Fortunately no damage to the turbo.

  87. Turbina jede ulje

  88. Choď jej povedať… ona z toho v prdeli. Ja by som rýchlo vyskočil a ratoval to auto… vysvetliť niečo žene čo má robiť a poslať na to ženu… ten motor sa takto určite dostane do prúseru.

  89. brake> cluth>high gear>release cluth..MT

  90. Pec hore za pomoc a dik za info, nevedel som že sa to takto rieši. Motor možno skončil ale aspoň auto nezhorelo čo je vždy lacnejšie a samozrejme aj bezpečnejšie.

  91. pekné… ale trvalo ti to ako mne pokosit 1500m2 😀

  92. tak toto zdielam kamo

  93. close the air filter 😉

  94. O kurcze

  95. Real hero

  96. Block the air intake

  97. D ie O r F ail
    The Famous ,,DOF‘‘ Ignite-Style (doggy’s)

  98. I'm trying to think a way to do that with an automatic gearbox 🤔

  99. hats off mate.

  100. Kobietę wysłał baran zamiast samemu iść frajer.

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