Replacing An Outboard Engine!

Replacing An Outboard Engine!

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100 thoughts on “Replacing An Outboard Engine!

  1. Just wondering what is the status of the engine s taken off are they for sale

  2. #toadfish wish I had a fork lift at home to work on mine!

  3. #Toadfish, Twin 2019 Honda BF150’s on the back of a 2004 HydraSports Vector 2400cc

  4. 99 wellcraft 190ccf with 99 150 optimax. #ToadFish

  5. #ToadFish single 200 yamaha two stroke 2004

  6. One 60hp 1990 evenrude and a 1992 Johnson ocean runner 200

  7. #ToadFish

  8. #ToadFish 2005 yamaha 60

  9. 4 dislikes are from my friends who I left at the dock when they didn’t offer to help clean the boat last time… #toadfish

  10. #Toadfish. 2003 Suzuki DT225 two stroke, 1986 chriscraft Scorpion 212vf. (It's even been to Bimini) I'd love those beverage holders!!!

  11. I have twin 2008 verados with 2700 hrs #Toadfish on a 33t contender

  12. #Toadfish 10 year old mercury 3.5 on a Sundolphin American 12.

  13. #ToadFish Awesome video! My boat has a 2012 Yamaha. See you next week!

  14. Your videos are so instructional. I wanted to ask you about the life of an engine: i was told the life spam of a four stroke engine is 3K hours; while it is half for a two stroke. What is your opinion on this assessment? Thanks.

  15. 2001 Evinrude 200 Ficht. I know they have a bad wrap, but keep the cooling passages to the EMM cleaned out and put new indexed plugs in every season and you should get years of service out of it. I have about 800 hours on mine. Only complaint is the fouling of plugs because the area that I boat has a very long no wake zone to get out to the bay. Lots of idle speed….my engine likes to go FAST! 😁 #Toadfish

  16. 23' Princecraft with a 150 Mercury. #ToadFish

  17. #toadfish

  18. #ToadFish. 2019 Yammy 200 on a SH Ultra 225. Annapolis, MD. Want a 300 so I can really send it. #ToadFish

  19. Very informative and professionally done.

  20. i have 05 yamaha 300hpdi on my 23 Regulator. For the record, i'm willing to swap my yami 300 for one of the Mercs taken off this boat. just saying #Toadfish

  21. 2020 mercury 225 4 stoke v6#

  22. I’ve got a 1979 Johnson 175 runs like a top it’s been well maintained and only rebuilt once years ago #toadfish

  23. #toad fish I a 1984 85 evinrude 90hp 2 stroke v4 with 2 cylinders not working, but I think I know why.
    Can't do anything now the boat is under snow right now 😪

  24. #toadefish 2004 optimax 225. funny you had this video today, I was trying to figure out how to pick my motor up to add a lifting plate on it. MIne is a 30 inch and it should be 25. Im too deep

  25. my motor is as old as whatever the local marina will give me when i rent boats because im too cheap to buy one #toadfish

  26. 2000 Johnson 70hp 3 cylinder on a 2000 Kenner 17v. Runs like a champ! Do you guys recommend the use of Yamaha's ring-free fuel additive for 2strokes? I have definitely been enriched by watching Technicians Tuesday, thank you and keep up the good work! #ToadFish

  27. Twin '05 suzuki 140s. They need to be replaced soon. #ToadFish

  28. #toadfish
    1982 mercruiser 260 sterndrive. Spent a small fortune rebuilding it and replacing anything in question. It's a beautiful rebuild and it was my favourite part of the boat I'm rebuilding.

  29. #toadfish I’ve got an 03 250 hpdi

  30. #toadfish. Nice video you make it look sooo simple. But I have never been that lucky. I have a 2006 135 verado that is getting close to being replaced. Hope I have an easy installation but not feeling it lol. I think I can get a few more years out of her but we will see. Thanks for making me feel like I can get lucky, maybe.

  31. #toadfish 2006 250 Etec

  32. 2011 Yamaha SHO 225. #toadfish

  33. #Toadfish Rotax 155hp 4TEC in my 2003 Sea-Doo Sportster 150 jet boat!
    No worries about hurting manatees in my boat, she's nice and flat stem to stern!

  34. #Toadfish
    2019 Yamaha 🙂

  35. #toadfish.. HOLD MY BEERS PLZ..!

  36. #toadfish, I have a 2000 Johnson 150 Ocean Pro on a 2000 Key West 2020 WA

  37. I see you still have your old lucky hammer close at hand! 2012 75hp Optimax with around 220 hours. #Toadfish

  38. 2019 yamaha 115 and 2019 Yamaha 50 in other boat #toadfish

  39. #toadfish. My poor Trihull has its original 1977 ford engine in it. Still working!

  40. #toadfish 2004 sea ray 185 sport with the 4.3 v6 … just a hair over 200 original hours. Still runs like a top!

  41. So why does that boat have 2 steering cylinders, I have the same setup with twin 300 Verados, but only one has a cylinder and a tiebar connecting them? just curious.

  42. Nice job as usual! I have a 1999 Yamaha ox66 225 on a 24’ Grady Caribbean. #toadfish. Looking for a bracket…. if you know of one fore sale 😉

  43. 1988 omc sea drive #toadfish

  44. Hi, how are you? Excellent video. My twins engines are two-stroke 200 hp Mercury Saldwater 2.5 carb of the year 2004. They are still running. But I would like to make a repower Greetings from Manuel from Panama. #toadfish.

  45. 2015 Yamaha F300 that's "Makin' Oil" #ToadFish

  46. Which brand cordless torque driver are you using? How many volts?

  47. 2005 Yamaha 225 #ToadFish

  48. Currently in the market for a new engine. What do you think of the suzuki engines? I keep seeing them a lot more now replacing Yamahas #ToadFish

  49. #ToadFish 2006 Yamaha

  50. Running a 2000 mercury 225 optimax #toadfish

  51. I’ll take one of the old 350s!! #toadfish

  52. #toadfish about 6 months

  53. #toadfish twin 2010 yahama 150s

  54. #toadfish.
    2004 200 yamaha

  55. #ToadFish 2015 Yamaha 250 4 stroke

  56. 2003 mercury two stroke with a new power head last year #toadfish

  57. I love how easy you make everything look. Wait, I hate how easy you make everything look 😂.

  58. I'm running a '93 Tohatsu 70HP. #toadfish

  59. 2001 Century 2300WA with 2004 Yammy 225 #Toadfish

  60. #toadfish I have a 1995 four winns freedom that had a 1999 force 120. This fall I rigged a 1999 mercury 150 that I completely rebuilt this summer! Break in will be coming this spring so fingers crossed on my first complete engine rebuild!

  61. #toadfish
    2006 250 E-TEC on my 22' grady white and a 2016 25 E-TEC on my little boat

  62. Would comment to win the toad fish coozies , but my wife already has multiple sets #next weeks prize

  63. 1500 hours isn’t that many is it? #toadfish

  64. 2004 Optimax I’ll trade you mine for the Vrods #ToadFish

  65. 2200 hours on 2005 verados! #toadfish

  66. #ToadFish Having an inboard engine with around 20yrs and changing the whole system to an outboard engine. Will use this video when we arrive to the rigging part. Great video

  67. #Toadfish 2004 bayliner 222 classic w/ a 225 mercrusier!

  68. #toadfish 1999 Honda 50hp, still going strong after 20+ years of year round salt use! Guess i shouldn't say that out loud..

  69. 1999 Evinrude Fitch V6 I know it's old.
    But it runs very well my wife and I installed it ourselves it was a learning experience but each time I watch one of your videos and follow your channel more more I'm educated through the videos that you share thanks for the info

  70. That's a good informational video about changing a boat motor out on it there but I don't understand why you would have to change it out after just fifteen hundred hours on it though to me it would be well broke in after that amount of time a running it that is if theyve been taking care of the engine from the dealership

  71. 1987 Yamaha Pro V-150 on a Laser LVT Kevlar hull, 1978 Mercury 150 HP on a Crusader pickle fork tunnel hull

  72. 01 merc 225 #toadfish

  73. #Toadfish Twin 1999 Yamaha OX66s

  74. #toadfish I have 2 Yamaha 250 fourstrokes with 850 hours and still run like new (2006) great video

  75. #toadfish less than a year

  76. #toadfish great video on how to install a engine especially a veradob😁

  77. 2006 Evinrude Etec 250 with right at 1500 hrs on a 1988 Mako 240. #TOADFISH

  78. Great lakers boater here; can’t wait to get out on Lake Erie here in the next month or so. Love what you guys do!

  79. #Toadfish. 2005 YAM 200

  80. 2001 115 2-stroke #toadfish

  81. Twin evinrude 70’s
    Hopefully upgrading to new four stroke efi.
    #mercury #toadfish

  82. #TOADFISH. REALLY Need this for holding my girlfriends drink for lack of cupholders in current cuddycabin 23 ft I/O 454 merc

  83. 2005 Merc 115HP salty and still Rollin. #Toadfish !

  84. 1972 150 merc tower of power!!!!#toadfish

  85. No! No! WAIT! You installed that outboard ON THE WRONG BOAT! It was supposed to be on MY transom! Lol. Another great video guys! Loving technician’s Tuesday! #Toadfish

  86. I have a 1976 merc 850 still runs strong! #toadfish

  87. #ToadFish Great video still running my 98 ocean runner 225 . As long as you have a lot of oil and gas it's good !! Our other boat has an 07 yammy 2 stroke with a lovely prime start unit that can be a pain when the o ring get dried up.

  88. #toadfish 1996 Johnson 250 on the back of 22’ North American center console.. waiting for a video on old engine how to get it to solid working order or rebuild to make it more reliable

  89. #toadfish 2015 Yamaha F150 – 228 hours. No codes and running like a champ!

  90. 1979 chrysler skier 700 70hp, factory original to my 1979 Chrysler striper trihull. #toadfish

  91. 2001 Yamaha 2 stroke 200hp Salt Water Series #ToadFish

  92. 4 bolts, 2 power wires and a couple plug n play wires. Bout as simple as it gets, any 8yo kid could do it.

  93. Great Job!!!!

  94. 2016 Evinrude 300 G2

  95. #ToadFish I have an honda bf 90 a from the year 1998 it runs great 👍

  96. Hey Aaron Yammy 2 stroke 90hp 2006 with only 60 hrs 😂😂

  97. 2012 yamaha 60

  98. 1998 Mercury 90 hp two stroke on the back of my 1991 15’ boston whaler super sport. Love it! #toadfish

  99. 2005 200hp Yamaha on a 86 cruise craft…. still goes good with only 100 hours on the clock.

  100. #toadfish mercury 150 four stroke 2017 model, love it so far but wish I could put so many more hours on it that I need to replace it !!! What a great problem to have ! #TOADFISH help me I have a drink spilling problem !!

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