READING WHEEL OF TIME FOR THE FIRST TIME – The Eye of the World Reading Vlog

READING WHEEL OF TIME FOR THE FIRST TIME – The Eye of the World Reading Vlog

I’m gonna punch this book in the face!
are they gonna be together in the end?! the evil power makes them be little
salty bitches. They made him into a rug.. hey everyone and welcome to the jungle my name is Tea and I
just started reading the Wheel of Time finally I have been wanting and trying
to read this book since I was like 16 or so it’s always been my brother’s
favorite book I think my main issue when I was a teen was that the English was
slightly more advanced than I was used to now that I’m 30 and the series is
coming out and everyone is talking about this book again I though I have to give it
a try now more than ever and let me tell you this was a hard book to start and I
think mostly it was because there was so much pressure of me reading it for some
weird reason I put it on myself definitely in the fantasy world this is
basically praised just as much as the Lord of rings and the fact that I
haven’t read either of those it’s a big no-no so I felt like I had to read this
book which made it feel like a chore trying to get into it it took me like
three or four days to get through the first 50 pages just because it felt like
it was so much pressure I have to like this and so I didn’t right because it
wasn’t as enjoyable when I had forced myself into it if you know what I mean.. giggity but yesterday morning I got past that mark and I went balls deep into this I
read about 110 pages yesterday I’m at 159 right now and I’m loving it I feel
like there’s a lot of plot in it already there’s been so much world building
already I feel like there’s a big vast world I’m also interested in a quest
even though it is one of those classic chosen one tropes I still really enjoy
it because it feels believable I don’t hate any of the characters which is
really rare for me cuz I’m a pessimistic bitch just the fact that the chosen one
and this isn’t like magically amazing at everything he does the first time he
does it yeah he does kill a trolloc but how does he do it like accidentally
it’s not like he picked up a sword and was a god at fencing which is the case alot of times it’s like it’s not believable you haven’t trained this at
all how can you be good at it and I feel like this shows that really
well I really like that also I really like Egwene which is a character that I normally would hate like the love
interest that just fucks everything up and follows along even.. like the Kate
syndrome from lost like I’m coming with you like there’s no reason for you to
come with us and it does that here as well but in a way that doesn’t make her
seem like a spoiled stupid girl so far I really like everyone in their little
band I think Perrin is the one that I don’t really
have a clear view of for now I think he’s my least favorite of the main
characters that we’ve seen I really like Rand I really like what’s-her-name.. I want
to say Melisandre that’s totally the wrong series what’s her name Missandei
is also wrong it’s M something right? Moiraine right? Really like Moiraine and
I love Rosamund Pike she’s one of my favorite actresses so the fact that
she’s gonna be playing her just makes it more exciting I mean obviously I don’t
have that much to say yet I’m only 150 pages in I hope you want to make this
journey with me because I think there will be laughter and crying that will
definitely be crying if someone kills Bela like I am NOT a horse girl I’m
even afraid of horses but if something happens to Bela I’m
gonna punch this book in the face so this week we’re gonna be reading this
we’re also gonna be looking at some dogs I’m so excited I don’t know if I’ve told
everyone before but we’re in the process right now of finding and buying a dog so
we’re gonna be.. why am i clapping the book it has nothing to do with a
book this week we’re actually gonna go and meet up with a breeder hopefully I
can film some from it otherwise I’m just gonna have to cut all of this out so you
know if you’re hearing this right now in the video there will be dogs later on all right now that I have my eyebrows on
I have the guts to speak so I am going to a birthday party today
my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday I think we’re going to be there for a few hours
so I’m not gonna be able to read that much and I also kind of haven’t read
that much anyway I don’t know there’s something about it that just isn’t
drawing me in and it’s kind of sad because I think I would love it if I did and maybe it’s just one of those things like I need to get past a
certain point before I’m like in love with everything it and maybe it is because
it’s kind of like I don’t wanna say outdated because I’m gonna get so much shit for
that but it’s like you’ve seen these things in so many different kind of see
franchises after that and since I experienced those first this one seems like oh this
has been done maybe the eye of the world started those tropes you know I do know
what people say now about there being a lot of Lotr inspiration
something happens they ride all night to get to an inn. One of them Pippin
slash Matt speaks a little bit too much so they have to run away in the night
again because they’re chased by Dark Riders and they get surrounded and
the only place to go it’s a place that they didn’t want to go Moria slash the Dead
City which I can’t remember the name of like the old city.. A something I just
got to the part where they got past Mor’deth and his treasure like they’re
still there so I just don’t really know the end of it but I also started to
dislike Matt a little bit maybe it gets better it’s the first character that I
dislike though which is kind of unlike me to like all the characters except one
I usually hate characters so much I have a passion for hating but in this one the
only one that I really don’t love is Matt and it might get worse it might get
better I dunno, we’ll see .. Bella isn’t dead yet which is good it’s the character
that I really don’t want to see hurt I also really like everything that has to
do with Moiraine like she’s O.P Gandalf so I’m just
doing a little bit of makeup usually I don’t have that much which is this
people might think this is too much if they never do makeup but compared to
what I did when I was younger -SHAME- and the time it takes for other people sometimes
I’m like yeah 15 minutes and I’m usually good it’s not perfect but it’s good
enough and that’s my motto overall I’m always like that “it’s not
perfect, it’s good enough” something like that maybe now it’s just the lips left but yeah need to
brush my teeth first, sorry, probably should have done that before going on
camera but A DAY IN THE LIFE I’m also I’m noticing myself like as you can see I
haven’t put that much stickers in here I usually do a lot more
the only stickers that i put in now is things that I feel like I need to
remember like prophecies I am a sucker for prophecies like I want to be able to
in the end be like oh shit didn’t I read that and jump to that page like right
away so all the prophecies I instantly sticker that we go back from the party
like an hour ago it was awesome we got some Oreos
muffins chocolate balls and it was just delicious so for the past hour since we
got home I have been reading and for the past 40 pages or so, ever since Perrin
fell into the water I was like what happened to Bella though that character
that I care the most about is Bella so I’ve been waiting for just like 40 pages
to find out what happens to her and then we get to the part where it’s like okay she’s
fine she’s fine and now I got to the place where they
meet the Wolfman and instantly they’re like wolves coming out and like of
course of course the wolfs are where Bella is if something happens to Bella
I’m gonna.. I was gonna say I was gonna rip the pages out the book I wont
do that but I’ll be mad I’m not gonna be happy something I noticed quite early on when
I was looking at the map is that Warcraft has taken so many names from
this it is crazy I mean you knew that they did because they taking them from
like a song of ice and fire as well things like that but it’s like Maradon
really? the Blasted Lands they’re legit just taking from this and put it into WoW today is Fat Tuesday in Sweden which
means that we are eating a Semla or shrove tide bun I think it’s called in
English but it’s like not really the same I think that just goes for the
breading but you fill it up with marzipan like a marzipan mixture
and cream and it’s absolutely delicious yeah it’s its own day I’m about like
two-thirds through the book almost three 4ths… about 3 quarters.. hard! I’m enjoying it way more
now so much better at the like halfway point before that it was just like
traveling and that was basically all that it was I still don’t like Matt but
I think they’re doing one of those you know Ron with the slytherin Horcrux or
Frodo with the ring where it’s like the evil power makes them be little salty
bitches I hope that it gets better when he loses the dagger I also think that
the story with Perrin is the best one so far the latest part withlike Rand and
Matt being hobby gleemen that’s been really nice
I like how they utilize what they learned on the boat to get house room
and food and stuff like that this has been taking me way too long
I was two books ahead of my schedule for like over all year and now I’m like
almost behind on schedule still not sure where it’s going completely I don’t know
will they actually get to Tar Valon in this one or will that be like the story
in the first three books or something kinda feels like they’ve been traveling
not that far if you look at the map for a very very long time in the book it’s
like it’s only a quarter left and there’s still only in Caemlyn so it’s
like I don’t think they’re gonna even make it to Tar Valon well at least they got to Caemlyn that’s
something I guess I’m a bit worried what’s gonna happen next cuz none of the
others are there so will this be just us following the others now until they’re
caught up with them or will something go down in Caemlyn I think the latter
I don’t know if I told you guys that we have an aquarium it was my boyfriend he
was like absolutely obsessed with aquarium videos for a while and so you
know obviously he got one I’m gonna show you up close wait so that’s Sigurd he
was the first one I don’t know why I gave him like an old dude name but I
think it fits these oysters we got actually from a restaurant like the day
before we got the aquarium we asked the guy who gave them out we were like can
we keep the shells and then he asked everyone else in the restaurant if they
could also give up their shells so we have like I don’t know like 40
shells just laying around then we have some snails right there so right there
is a very first brown snail I named him Marvolo from Voldemorts
father obviously – there he is his name is flash because he’s fast oh look
at that Rexxar is out and about I think Hopper is dying I got to the point where he got thrusted down by a fucking spear and I just stopped and now I don’t want to continue
because I don’t want the animals to die why do the animals have to die why can’t
the people die why can’t Matt die I don’t want the animals to die first the Fox
was shredded to bits and now hopper is being thrust with a
spear through his ribs They made him into fucking fur… they made him into a rug is hopper never again gonna get mentioned it’s just like oh he died now BYE #justiceforhopper #neverforget I just found yet another thing that
Warcraft has taken from the wheel of time Lan’s father
Al’Akir – Al’akir is the name of the windlord in Warcraft I don’t know
why but it’s almost like too fitting that the series that I will read
alongside this will be Warcraft because they shares so many names obviously its
Warcraft taking it from the Wheel of Time and I’ve known this cuz they’ve
done it for other things as well like taking inspirations for names and for
storylines I mean they had an entire
island dedicated to lost which I freaked out when I first saw reading this and
just seeing the names and be like oh my god I know that name I don’t know it’s
exciting to me I don’t know if Lan’s father has anything to do with the wind
if he does that will be just like next level I don’t know I just really like
those meta sort of connections that it’s like if you know you now guess who just finished the book? this girl!
first of all the conversation between Lan and the wisdom had me.. yeah I brought
me to tears I don’t know why it was just like this little thing he said and I
just.. I just lost it and I feel like that’s one of the main things that makes
me want to continue this series I just need to know what happens with them are
they gonna be together in the end or not probably not impossible love so fucking
cheesy that was one of the better parts in the book for me I mean I don’t think
anyone that read this ever doubted that Rand was gonna be the dragon it was just
slightly anti-climactic for me I think how it all just
ended I was hyped as fuck when they went down to the eye and then they just went up
again and they did nothing in there they were like oh they went down and looked
at it and there’s like okay now we’re done and then they went out – why? I mean
there’s probably an explanation at some point it just felt like we needed to
know was there for it then to be like activated or something but I know I
would have just wanted them to have done something down there to make something
happen oh he’s like half a mile away on some
hill and that’s when the eye is activated I don’t know – I still I feel
like I’m just complaining I loved it!! really did I am excited to start the new
one I didn’t think so at like 75% of the book I was like oh shit why did I say
that I was gonna read all of these books in the series I’m gonna die but the last
part just saved it I thought that’s weird I thought that everything was so
dragged out in like the first half and then in the last quarter everything
happened so fast the journey from Fal’Dara
to the eye would have taken like four chapters if it was written earlier in
the book that was kind of weird for me because that was when it start to get
interesting and all of a sudden it just happened really fast but I would rather
have been all that fast then have it all the pace that it was in the beginning I
thought the battle with the trollocs where rand just like shows up in the
middle of it and just like brings fuckin hell was awesome also Matt I don’t hate
anymore I think he’s starting to become the comic relief I really feel like he
is the Ronald Weasley of this series he’s like the comic relief friend that
got subdued by the dark power and was a little bitch just like ron was. Perrin is
still super interesting to me I love everything that’s going on with him I am
loving how he is becoming more like primal I hope they don’t take that away
from him Egwen I’m like UGH to be honest I started out liking her because she
wasn’t like this liability that they always write women companions as but I felt like she became more of the liability companion as the book progressed you
know you’re not gonna be with her Rand why are you so obsessed with this girl I
feel like we don’t really know why because we don’t really know their
history together we’re just told that all these are old flames like root for
them like NO! him and the crown princess though
yes Rand you should go for that don’t think about eggwen anymore – I
don’t dislike her it’s not like I’m like I just please die already but their
whole love story I don’t know really why it’s there and I hope that it’s not
continued like this strong bond throughout the entirety of the novels
I’m kind of scared that it will be but I I do not ship those two I am hyped that
Bella was alive throughout this entire story
Bella’s probably gonna die at some point I don’t think she’ll be alive for all
the 14 books but she was alive for the first one throughout the entirety so
that made me happy I’m not even a horse girl I’m scared of horses don’t
come near me but this one yeah Bella and artax if we’re gonna mention horses they
actually so many good horses of fantasy and so many bad ones in real life sorry
if you love horses I just don’t – speaking about him taking
something from Tolkien I feel like Padan Fain I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that
right I feel like he is this story’s version of Gollum or Smeagol at least.
he follows them because he has this like great need to do so and is overpowered
with dark powers and he’s like a shell of his former self I don’t know I feel
like he’s supposed to be some sort of Smeagol of this story not sure I’m that
excited about that like I don’t know what they’re gonna use him for are they
gonna torture him or maybe they’re go the other way around and try to heal him
to get him to confess things there’s so many “I don’t knows” for this which is
great because usually it’s like I can figure this out and some things were a
little bit obvious like it’s obvious that Rand is the dragon it’s obvious that
Matt got like tainted by the dagger you know things like that but there are a
lot of things where I have no idea what’s gonna happen don’t know how this
series ends at all everything is so new to me my speculations are that this is
some sort of… OK I’ve noticed that a lot of other books and a lot of
franchises have taken stuff from this – shouldn’t say taken – they’ve gotten
inspired by the things that happened so I think that this might be you know the
whole magical number 7 you know they said that this is one of the seven
sigils that keeps him in prison basically and
that just makes me think of Voldemort you know how he split his soul into
seven this might not be exactly like that but
I feel like this is not the end of the dark one by any means and I think
that there might be six more pieces or whatever of him I might be all wrong
here but if I would guess that’s how this would end I think there will be a
completely different story in the second one like the main focus would
obviously be the hunt because that’s the name of the book right but I think after
a while we’ll get back to the “Oh the dark one’s stills here you were wrong you did
not kill him after all and yeah he will have to kill him over and over again or
something I have ordered the second book it’s on its way
I will first read the Rise of the Horde and then I will read another book
before that I think that I will read shadow and bone because I just recently
saw that Netflix is making a show about that I had no idea that they would but
I think they’re already done with filming I have the book already so I’m
gonna get to that I am going to do a reading vlog for every single one of the
wheel of time books if you’re a longtime fan I hope you want to come with me on
this journey of discovering what you’ve already found and loved and I hope I do
not offend your favorite characters this will change probably in the end I might
hate matt again who knows so I think that this will be a roller coaster of
emotions come with me on this roller coaster but buckle up oh that’s so cheesy
NO for the next video it is either going to be a tag I have been tagged and
so many things so there might be some tags between this one and the
Warcraft review and I think I’m going to make it like a storytelling sort of
review because I think that the most people who search for these books want
to know what they’re about without reading them I might be wrong but I want
to make it both a review and a sort of storytelling sort of thing
we’ll see so if you’re excited for any of that and if you want to see any more
book related videos from me or other vlogs subscribe to the channel give this
video a thumbs up and comment down below that was the
third bar what’s the last thing comment down below if you liked this video or if
you have any book suggestion for me thanks everyone

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    The can take our lives! But they can never take our freedoooooom!

  3. Nice to see another Swede entering the world of Wheel of Time 🙂 It is a long journey and there will be both ups and downs, especially when it comes to the books 7-10 whom we tend to call "The Slog" but I promise you that if you keep it up, it'll pay it off all in the end 🙂

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  8. Egwene and the wisdom get an amazing plot arc at the end of the second book. But I very much agree that there was too much traveling in this book. My favorite part was probably Lan and Wisdom scene together as well and I just wish more of the book had moments like that.

  9. “If Bella dies, I’m going to punch this book in the face” – I felt that on a molecular level

  10. Glad you liked the book in the end! The LOTR similarities didn't really bother me as I thought it was done really well. The whole travelling part with Mat and Rand going to inn after inn was my least favourite part. SUPER dragged out!

    Also, I know you loved it but I HATED that moment between Lan and Nynaeve! Felt super cheesy and out of place and I felt like the characters acted in a wierd way during that scene.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the next book. I thought it was slightly better than this book. Pacing is definitely better 😀

  11. That was a wonderful Video Tea!! I haven't read it yet but just listening to you was a privilege and a great time my beautiful friend 🥰

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    I love that its a chosen one story where the chosen one just wants to yeet out of the story so hard.



    Did you say … Fat Tuesday? I want to live every day like its fat Tuesday.

    I also found the book really slow to get through at first. I also started getting into it when it was travelling musician time.

    #justiceforhopper I have good news for you… 😉

    Team LanNyve

    I'm so excited to see your vlogs for the rest of the books knowing what I already know!


  13. Nynaeve, Lan and Perrin are my favorite characters so far getting into book 3. I feel the same way about animals I never want them to die I’d always rather the people die haha. Dude I also love all of your Lost references too! That is one of my favorite TV shows, need to rewatch.

  14. This was a lot of fun to watch. Thanks. Great to remember this amazing story. Enjoy it.

    Yes, I'm a long time fan. I like your raw views. Don't worry about offending. Be yourself.

  15. Oh man. Can't wait until you see where book 2 goes. Book 1 is a play on tropes then takes off into it's own path after

  16. I enjoyed your vlog and your takes. You're such a foodie LOL 🙂

  17. Ahhh so excited for you to read!!! I’m on book 13 atm. Can’t wait to hear your opinions on it! Trust me your views on Perrin will change! I had the EXACT same feelings during the first book. There’s so much character growth for EVERYONE so get excited

  18. 4:40 That phenomenon is commonly known as "Seinfeld is Unfunny". The show Seinfeld was such a gigantic inspiration for basically all sitcoms that followed it, that often when watching it back now people don't find it all that funny any more.
    Same thing with The Wheel of Time and the Fantasy genre, really.

    Don't worry. The love for Mat [if it comes; most people come to love Mat, I personally never cared for him that much] comes in later books. Very, very few people love or even like Mat in The Eye of the World .

    One of the things I think The Wheel of Time does really well compared to a lot of other Fantasy (especially Fantasy of lesser quality), and from what I've read quite a few people agree with me on this (which is always nice), is that travelling takes a realistic amount of time. So if you're used to books where travelling takes shorter than it should for the sake of plot and pacing, you might find there to be what may seem like an excess of travelling in WoT.

    #JusticeForHopper Definitely.

    Well, the Eye is just basically a pool of literal liquefied magic, so once you know what it is, anyone with the capacity to access said magic should be able to use it from quite a distance away [it just can't be outside of the Green Man's influence, as the location of the Eye shifts around randomly if you aren't in the little oasis that surrounds it, so it would be impossible to locate if you're farther away than that] .
    But also, the usefulness of the Eye (at the very least as far as storytelling elements go), was that it housed 3 of the most important items in all the world. One of the 7 Seals to the Dark One's prison, the Banner of the Dragon, and the Horn of Valere.

    Speaking of the Horn of Valere though…. The Great Hunt for the Horn is all about finding the Horn of Valere. If the next book is called The Great Hunt , and the Horn has already been found, what is left for our heroes to hunt?

    Most people consider The Great Hunt to be an improvement on The Eye of the World is just about every facet, so you have a lot to look forward to!

  19. Great vlog! I read this book like three years ago with intentions to continue on and read the whole series. I remember getting bored at around the third quarter of the book and feeling like it dragged on for way too long. Still I want to keep going with the series especially sense the show is coming out soon.

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