RAMPOK MAINAN ANAK-ANAK!!🔥Auto bangkrut si bos🔥Taiwan claw machine

RAMPOK MAINAN ANAK-ANAK!!🔥Auto bangkrut si bos🔥Taiwan claw machine

Guys Only this fall This puzzle if I’m not mistaken Destroy immediately Even fall first guys This machine can throw inside Error Got it guys Very big puzzle Incer corner guys Got it guys Come on, guys Take it from the bottom Here in Taiwan it’s ok guys Because the goods have fallen What’s this guys? Well stuck again Take it from the bottom again guys Get transformers guys Wow it’s already tight guys Capit a little Okay guys, now we want to unbox We got big stuff Totally depleted of 500 Taiwan dollars or 50 coins Got a robot transforms Coins games These guys sleep pillows Directly unboxing guys It’s a real pillow guys This pillow is unique guys If it’s on the massage It’s a long time ago There is a magnate too This is useful stuff guys Mini adventures Miniature train guys Okay guys don’t forget to subscribe And give likes and comments What else do I have to do? There is also this shirt me guys

19 thoughts on “RAMPOK MAINAN ANAK-ANAK!!🔥Auto bangkrut si bos🔥Taiwan claw machine

  1. hadir ndezz

  2. 1

  3. Nomer siji aq guys😊

  4. sogok Dr bwh

  5. robot

  6. transformersnya bagus amat

  7. Wow….keren mas👍😀

  8. Like pertama komen ke 8😂😅

  9. Ya allah aku terobsesi tadi siang nyoba habis banyak gag dapet apa" 😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Keren ,,hadiah e mainan anak2,nyapit daerah mana bos?

  11. Rezeki nomplok ndess

  12. Keren mas,udah lihai

  13. Bos e ngantung katok mas ndezzzz

  14. Gak seru saiki ora tau nyapit speaker sing rombongane meihao,kingone dll

  15. mantap

  16. Pech q menirukan gaya mu… Ajur ndes hhhh

  17. di borong semua ndes,,,mumpung tanggal 5,,he,he,,,

  18. Aku mari oleh iPhone 11 lurr..sorry sampean mau tak tag nek YouTube lurr

  19. colab sama mas ovi kang

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