r/idontworkherelady | ENTITLED Woman Attacks My Car…

r/idontworkherelady | ENTITLED Woman Attacks My Car…

For the last time, lady, I’m not a court secretary
XXL So I work in a prison in a supervisor role,
and I always seem to be mistaken for an employee of other places. I am sometimes involved in
transporting newly sentenced criminals to the prison. This involves going to the courts
and collecting them, and it’s normally a straight-in-straight-out ordeal. It’s also worth knowing that I’m a
woman. A few other officers and I went to our local
court to collect two men who we were taking back with us. The two men are being held separate,
so me and another prison officer (Jake) split off to go and collect one of them and escort
him to the van. Jake goes into the room first, finding the
man talking to his mother (Karen), and politely begins the conversation as I enter. Karen
just does a beeline for me. K – hi, I was just wondering how we go about
the appeals process, my son here is innocent! Me – I’m not sure, ma’am, you’d have to ask
a court official or a lawyer, I work in the pr- K – But you’re the secretary to the judge,
so you should surely know this? I don’t want my son going to prison, he won’t survive a
second in there! I can’t disclose the crime for obvious reasons,
but I can assure you prison is a dangerous place for those found guilty of this offence,
so I understand her fear. However, I can’t help her as I know very little about the court
process. Me – Ma’am, I’m not a secretary, I’m a prison
transport officer. If you look at my uniform- K- you’re a woman! Me, very confused and looking to Jake for
help – Yes. I am, but I’m not a secretary Karen looks to Jake – There are no female
prison officers, she’s definitely a secretary J – No, she’s an officer. There’s loads of
female prison officers. We need to escort your son, so if you could go and find- K – ridiculous! She is dressed as a secretary! This is a load of bullcrap, I’m wearing the
exact same uniform as Jake is. Black army boots, black trousers, white shirt, black
tie, and even the fancy little hat that we sometimes get to wear on jobs like this. Literally
the only thing I’m wearing that could make me look like a secretary is my glasses. Me – Ma’am, this is a prison officer uniform.
Now, we need to stick to a schedule, so we need to go. Please go to the front and speak
to the actual secretaries, my colleague and I need to get going. The guy stands up hurriedly, letting Jake
take a hold of his handcuffs, and comes along with no problems, and we turn to leave. We are halfway down the corridor, within view
of the security team in the courts and thus, the actual secretaries, when Karen grabs my
arm and tries to spin me around. I roll my eyes and Jake and turn to glare
at her. Me – Can I help you, ma’am? K – Yes, you can tell me how to appeal! You’re
a secretary, do your job! Me – for the last time, lady, I’m not a secretary.
I am a prison guard. You can see my uniform, you can read the badges, unless you really
are that stupid. Also, it’s incredibly sexist of you to assume that I am a sectretary purely
because I’m a woman. Now, we are behind schedule, so if you would kindly go and speak to those
MEN over there (all the secretaries on duty that day were male, quite funny), they can
help you! I turn and follow Jake, who hadn’t bothered
stoppin gand by this point was out by the van, and all but storm out of there. I heard Karen complaining to the secretaries
that I was so rude for trying to get out of my job. The secretary’s response? Sorry Ma’am, we can’t help. We aren’t
prison officials. Posted byu/personal_cheezits
2 days ago I don’t work at the tire shop
M Not super exciting, but here ya go. Scene- local mom n’ pop tire shop, waiting
in the lobby for them to finish my car CL (crazy lady), definite Karen CL talks to the owner out front for a few
minutes, gets something from her SUV, and then comes in the lobby, looking around impatiently CL- did (owner’s name) go into the bay? Me- yeah CL – here, give this to him holds out her
keys Me- I don’t work here CL- I have to go, just give them to him Me- I DON’T WORK HERE, I’m waiting for
my car CL- huffs Fine, I don’t care, I just want
you to make sure he gets them, ok? Me- I’m not going to be responsible for
your keys, and why would you give them to someone you don’t know? I could steal your
vehicle for all you know CL- FINE, I’ll do it myself storms off into
the bays, past the “no entry“ signs my first I Dont Work Here Lady
M First off some background, I work security
overnight, our uniform is a blue polo shirt and black cargo pants. This morning after i got off work i went to
a grocery store, where the employees wear a blue polo shirt. Witch i did not realize
until this morning. As I was doing my shopping, I turned a corner when i heard. Can you help
me miss? I looked up a bit confused and said I can try Me=ME NL=nice lady NL: this box of tissues says 4 boxes but its
the size of only two boxes ME: *still confused about how to help her* NL is still going on about the tissues after a couple minutes she figured out the
difference NL: oh ok these are the smaller squarer boxes
not the rectangles ME: yeah they are, by the way i dont work
here (i said it as nicely as could) NL: oh im sorry i saw the blue shirt and thought
you did ME: *points at the security logo on my shirt*
no I work security, but some time it helps to bounce ideas off some one We both laughed about it and went our separate
ways, i did bump in to her again once more and we both laughed again. I am glad my first I Dont Work Here Lady was
a happy one that we could both laugh at “Gardening.”
L Teal Deer at the bottom. This will be kept as vague as possible to
protect the… innocent. I’m an IT Field Tech. I usually go around
the region upgrading various pieces of equipment. I wear a black polo shirt, black jeans and
black boots. Today, I am in a store that sells… items.
The employees wear either red on black with the company’s logo or black on black with
the logo. I’m changing a camera monitor behind a glass
case countertop, displaying… items for sale. This one lady pushes her cart next to the
glass case, doesn’t look at me, and states “Gardening.” I look at her, and say “I’m sorry, I don’t work here.” She slightly turns her head, giving me a slight
stink eye, and repeats, “Gardening.” She fully enunciates each syllable. I stretch my neck over the counter, and make
her stare at me. “I don’t work here.” “O-oh” She then pushes her cart away from me, and
I finish installing the monitor. What am I, some kind of voice activated map? Later… As I walk to another install point in the
building, I find the push cart lady speaking with a manager on duty. I hear, “Yeah he was RUDE to me. He refused to help
me find this area.” Manager asks, “I’m very sorry to hear that.
What was his name?” Lady states “Oh, he wasn’t wearing a name
tag. He was wearing a black – -” She stops speaking as I walk past “OH! It’s… him.”
She practically whispers that last part. “Oh, I’m very sorry, but he doesn’t work here.
I’ll speak with him, though.” the manager states as I walk out of earshot. She never spoke with me. She did, however,
speak with an associate that was in the same area with me earlier, and he refuted the lady’s
claims. I heard about that later when he pulled me aside to tell me what happened. Sucks to
suck, I guess. I’m Not Your Cab
XL This is sort of an “I don’t work here
lady” story. Some back story on me and my dog: My dog, loves people and likes most dogs,
but he tends to dislike dogs who get aggressive with him and also dislikes dogs of the same
breed as those who have gotten aggressive with him. In my old neighborhood a neighbor had a Doberman
that would bark and lunge at him if we got close, so now he does not like Dobermans. Early one Sunday evening I was returning home
after visiting a friend. My dog was in the car with me. I’d just parked around the corner, next
to a park. I was looking forward to walking my dog in the park and going home after a
long drive. I saw a Doberman, named Archie, run across
the street in front of us into the park. I see his owner, a frail old woman neighbor
crossing the street as well, but she’s not focused on her dog, she’s headed toward
my car. I hit the door lock button. The last thing I need is Archie jumping in with her
or my dog jumping out. She tries to open the door and starts saying,
“Open the door” and keeps pulling on the handle. I tell her I’m not a cab, but she
ignores me and continues. I tell her I’ll have to call the cops if she continues. She
does not react to me in any way, just keeps trying to get in my car. She’s also paying
no mind to her dog, who is running free in the park. She’s too old and frail to give
him any exercise and just shuffles along with him when she walks him. I call the cops and tell them the situation.
She seems like she’s got Alzheimers or she’s mixing her meds and her dog is running free,
but I make it clear he’s not hurting anyone. She wanders over to some neighbors who are
out in the park. They’re already trying to round up her dog, without much success. From a later conversation with one of those
neighbors, I found out they took her home and she didn’t even know it was her house. Eventually, the dog was rounded up and brought
home as well. Then the cops showed up. I told them I called,
explained the above and told them they should do a wellness check on her. I mentioned to a neighbor that a man used
to live there, he also had a Doberman named Rocky. A few months ago, I was told by another
neighbor the that Rocky died, which I found strange, since he wasn’t old and seemed
in good health last I saw him. Well, the neighbor in the park said the man was her husband and
Rocky didn’t die – the old lady poisoned him and the husband left her. I don’t know how accurate the gossip is.
I feel sorry for Archie. He’s young and strong and wants to run, but he sits in the
house and looks out the window and barks at everyone in the park. I’ll be happy to take your reservation.
L I’m from Virginia Beach. Our house phone
number was just one digit different from multiple hotels at the oceanfront. This was the eighties
so people still called to make reservations and we got more than a few misdials from people
trying to reach a hotel. Normally I would just tell the person on the phone their error,
they would thank me and that would be the end of it. However, and this happened more
than a few times, I would get someone who would give me some kind of grief like was
lying or the misdial was somehow my fault and other nonsense. I remember one dude laying
into me (a child) that it was inappropriate for us to have a phone number so close to
the one for the hotel and that we should change it so people weren’t inconvenienced. Yeah
okay bud. Anyway at some point I had had enough of people getting crapy with me so I started
“taking their reservations”. If they were going to be an jerk to a kid they got what
they deserved. On top of that if they were trying to book a room with someone who was
obviously a child, well what can I say? I still think about the many people who showed
up at an oceanfront hotel weeks or months later thinking they had reservations only
to find out the hard way that they didn’t. It was probably next to impossible to find
vacancies anywhere during summer because the hotels were usually fully booked. All those
vacations ruined… And before anyone gives me any crap about this, remember I was a child,
immature and prone to mischief. Sweet old lady thinks I work at store
XL So, this isn’t your typical “I dont work
here lady!” story, but thought it would give y’all something to smile about. I got
the urge to post this after listening to a similar story on Rslash. So, my mom works
at Broger, and has for a long time. for some context, I wear a school uniform that resembles
the store uniform a lot. Tan kakis, navy blue shirt, and lanyard with my school I.D.. I
look like I’m around 25, but look 30 when I wear my glasses (I’m a 15 year old girl).
Onto the story! My school had a half day (some kind of meeting or something), so I accompanied
my mom to work. I was just walking around with her when I fell a gentle tap on my shoulder.
SW=Sweet Woman, M=me, K=my mom (because she is a literal karen, but not in this story),
and SM for Store Manager. SW: Excuse me, can you help me grab some things?
I had surgery on my arm a while ago and can’t reach very high. M: Sure! Let me just go tell
her. (Gesturing to my mom) Once I get the ok, I go around and help this
lady with things like water, dog food, things on high shelves etc. SW: Thank you so much! You can go back to
whatever you were doing. Sorry to bother you! I nothice she a A BUNCH of stuff she still
needed to get (she had been crossing tings off a list the whole time) M: Ma’am, I noticed you still have some
stuff you need to get. If you would like, you van go sit on a bench and I can get the
rest of your items for you. SW: If it isn’t too much trouble…… M: No problem at all! She gives me her number in case I had questions
about a specific brand, flavor, etc. I call my mom and let her know what’s going on
and I’ll be a bit longer than expected. Before i leave the sweet lady, she asks me
for my name. I didn’t think much of it until I came back. She was talking to a very confused
manager. As soon as she sees me, she says SW: That’s her! That’s the sweet young
lady who helped me this morning. I just want to make sure she doesnt get in trouble for
helping me if she was supposed to be doing something else! SM: (recognizing me) Oh! She
doesn’t work here, but her mother does. SW: Oh my bejesus!(yes, she actually said
that!😂) I am so sorry to take up your time! She was so apologetic and embarrassed, but
we reassured her that it was all fine and dandy. She was so sweet and kind. We need
more people like her in this world!

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