Pro Driver Breaks Down 16 Driving Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

Pro Driver Breaks Down 16 Driving Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

100 thoughts on “Pro Driver Breaks Down 16 Driving Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

  1. Break down medical scenes: here's what they got wrong
    Break down court scenes: here's what they got wrong
    Break down robbery scenes: here's what they got wrong
    Break down espionage scenes: here's what they got wrong
    Break down car scenes: that's real

  2. 3:34 clearly he’s never watched NASCAR

  3. This guy didn’t even race in Group B. Those drivers are the pros.

  4. He forgot to mention that the Mercedes in the Die Hard "Handbrake" scene actually has a parking brake applied by foot and released by a lever on the left side of the steering column… So show me how he's releasing that parking brake and shooting with the left hand 😀

  5. Smokey and the bandit!!??

  6. 10:35 Uhh, they are called "wheel covers." "Hub caps" are something else entirely.

  7. Tbh, this was pretty cool.

  8. Didnt the chasing car in Billit lose like 9 hub caps

  9. pit maneuver
    "Pulling something like that in Motorsports will just get your license taken off you"
    Nascar drivers with beef(see pfp)

  10. Could you please stop interrupting the expert with those completely unnecessary movie short clips? It´s really annoying.

  11. The video ive been waiting for

  12. Swear they call an Uber pay a guy twenty bucks to lie about his job

  13. 6:29 – That car has even stronger body than NASCAR cars to roll over like this on asphalt and not get crushed._

  14. My dad saw them making dukes of hazard bc my pawpaw got a ticket and they passed by some of the driveing seen

  15. That glove tan thooooo hahaha

  16. The baby driver car was actually converted to rwd, all those stunts aren’t possible with awd

  17. No initial d? 🙁

  18. Hollywood feels bollywood now….

  19. Usain bolt breaks down Tom Cruise running in movies 😬

  20. Ricardo was better.

  21. Pro bus driver breaks down 10 bus driving scenes in movies and tv

  22. Fun fact, the James bond car jump was one of the 1st stun to be prepared with a computer and algorithms.

  23. i like his attitude about it

  24. There's the green volkswagen 🤪

  25. This guy is bowwiiing!!

  26. I know this has nothing to do with the video, but I love how expressive his eyes aree!

  27. No eurobeat intensify

  28. That is one thing I’ve noticed. “If you look for the good places you’ll go to the good places” when driving at 15-25 mph faster than the rest of traffic and depending on traffic density, there’s a different rhythm to traffic, and it’s quite easy to get around people.

  29. No Initial D?

  30. No Initial D?

  31. Profesional breather breaks down 10 breathing scenes

  32. Aliens react to alien movies

  33. Add to the list:

    'French Connection'

    'Gone in 60 Seconds'

    'Death Proof'

    'Mad Max'

  34. All wheel=shitty drift

  35. the subaru in baby driver was converted to rear wheel drive for most of the maneuvers that were performed in that scene

  36. One thing he should have mentioned when talking about a slingshot is side draft

  37. The styl might not be rite, drifting has always been slower (mind the ae86) but it makes a he'll good movie

  38. Hitman reviews shooter movies

  39. The WRX in the opening scene of Baby Driver isn't AWD, well done professional.

  40. Fun fact about the man with the golden gun jump, first computer designed jump ever done. Also the stunt driver who was going to perform the stunt couldn't be found when it was time to shoot so the car mechanic did it instead

  41. 5:50 I didn't that with a Ford bronco on an icy road by accident

  42. He forgot…..

    Baba Yaga

  43. I liked Ricciardo's more

  44. I'd love to see him talk about the French movie series "Taxi"

  45. Regarding the green VW, it was one scene. They went by it once. You only saw it in different angles of the SAME SCENE

  46. You really didn't have any initial D scenes in there

  47. They turned this car to rear wheel drive so the first statement doesn't seem correct

  48. Fire the editor

  49. In Die Hard with a vengeance Bruce Willis actually tells Samuel L Jackson to yank out all the fuses for the ABS system and such on the car prior to the hand break turn.
    Shooting left handed works pretty well for him since he is a lefty.

  50. Im here just to see him react to Baby Driver

  51. "there's the green Volkswagen" i want that on a shirt lol

  52. i love how he almost lost it to "YEEEEEEEHAWWWW"

  53. 8:18 amy immediately notice the guy in silver car yelling wanker with his arm

  54. Next up: A real person breaks down a person's life

  55. But the baby driver car was converted to RWD…….

  56. NASCAR is stupid.

  57. 5:45 The W126 Mercedes S-Class does not have a handbrake, there's only a parking brake which you press with your left foot and release with your left hand afterwards.

  58. Professional serial killer react to

  59. Wish they did 6 underground!

  60. Speed- HorsePower


  61. Lol he’s okay. I would have preferred the likes of David Higgins…ya know the 10 time American Rally Champion?…

  62. I literally just saw this guy explaining how to turn a fiesta into a rally monster! He's awesome, hope he gets on to some more channels soon.

  63. Bill Hickman is my best friend's dad

  64. Me: casually walking by

    Wyatt Knox: Here's the green Volkswagen…

  65. The worst thing I found about Baby Driver is why tf would you start driving like a drunk idiot after you’ve just stole a car?! Dude literally just starts breaking the law as soon as he gets into a new

  66. Would love to see his take on the 1974 Gone in 60 Seconds

  67. Baby’s wrx was converted to rwd

  68. surprised he didn't mention the double clutching in bullitt

  69. I mean the driving down stairs is pretty easy though.
    I used to do that with bicycles for fun and later with motorcycles, it's all about the initial speed and where you place you buttocks if you are on 2 wheels.

  70. Who is this guy? He doesn’t seem to know much about stunt driving, mostly racing…I’m almost 100% sure baby driver converted that wrx to rwd in order to pull those stunts? And you can put a turbo in a rwd car😂

  71. In bulit charger lose wt least 5 hoopcaps xD mówię magic. Dukes destroys 700 vhiecles on process and they put concreed into The trunk becouse balans point is wrong care will Fall on front

  72. This video had some good potential, but ended up being so boring and vanilla

  73. Do a expert drifter

  74. A slide-whistle in a James Bond movie. No wonder they had to refresh the concept. Until Brosnan started drifting supercars in icecastles and wakeboarding on tsunamis. When are we sending Daniel Craig into space with robot arms and a pet gerbil with combat AI.

  75. Yeah, that Subaru in Baby Driver was modified to be RWD.

  76. Pro driver wtf.

  77. Funny that he'd talk about how the All wheel drive works cause of the Subaru, and not mention the fact that those stunts are kind of impossible with an all wheel drive car, and that's why they converted it to rear wheel drive.

  78. Let’s be honest though an American rally champion isn’t a good rally driver

  79. Professoonal professional breaks down professional professionals. Edit: i did not see someones comment who did this type of comment

  80. In the XGames rally I forgot his name rolled the car and then kept going.

  81. The subie in Baby Driver is a rear wheel drive converted subie

  82. The main error that always stuck with me in the Bullitt chase scene was the Charger losing 5 hubcaps. It's still one of my favorite car chase scenes of all time though.

  83. Ford v Ferrari?

  84. The green volts wagon was seen 5 times bc it was the same rode just different angles. That man is stupid

  85. Too bad the subaru in baby driver was rwd.

  86. The dukes of hazard cars had concrete in the truck to counter the weight when they jumped if not the v8 was to heavy so the car would of crashed face first but the concrete made them be able to jump successfully

  87. Blues Brothers drive through a literal wall. “Yeah it’s pretty realistic.”

  88. Professional bank heist member breaks down Bank heist scenes

  89. The baby driver scene was entirely real stuntwork. Nothing fake. However they had laced the ground in fixed spots to allow for the correct spin. Maybe not something you do after a robbery but real driving.

  90. 8:25 when your girlfriend asks for your phone password

  91. That scene is me in forza in my Impreza or my WRX

  92. Painful to look at when a Supercar or muscle car gets damaged.

  93. Fun fact: The 7 Series BMW used in The Transporter has a factory equipped manual transmission, and it is the only one in existence 👍🏻

  94. 0:22 since when do subarus sound like a toyota supra? O.o

  95. Love how the real scenes are being criticised but the rigged ones aren’t

  96. It's called 4 wheel drive buddy

  97. Correction : Welcome back to Team O'Neil, I'm Wyatt!!

  98. Doesn’t talk about how Baby Driver was real driving, just not as much traffic

  99. The way he looking at the clip

  100. 7:00 I use a truck and it works stupidly well

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