Peugeot 206 V6 Video interview of my car by autoweek English subtitles available

Peugeot 206 V6 Video interview of my car by autoweek English subtitles available

I bought my car as a standard 1.6 16V and wanted something unique. and i’m grown up with Peugeot. because my parents own a peugeot dealership. That’s why I like Peugeot cars and the V6 engine particularly. In the Uk was another 206 v6 build by someone else. so I thought I can build it too, so I started searching for a V6. The engine is fitted in several Peugeot and Citroen cars. After searching i found a Citroen C5, first owner and dealer maintained. It appealed to me a lot, so I drove to the car to look at it. To buy the car when the test drive was alright. So I took the car for a spin, and it was perfect. My first car was a 206 diesel, than a peugeot 306 and after that a peugeot 106 1.1 Then started to look for a new car. But my parent’s don’t like it when I bought a fast car To save me for fast driving and get an accident. So a 206RC or GTI was to fast to start with. That’s why i bought a 206 1.6 16V. Because it’s almost as fast as a GTI. And drove it not modified for almost two years. Only done some exterior parts, but never thought about modifying the engine. The driveshafts took some time to fabricate, thats because it needs to be measured really tight. But I found a company that welded them perfect together Because the first section is from a Citroen C5 and the last section from the 206 The result of perfectly join them is driving without vibrations even at high speeds. The wiring was a time consuming bit. I’ve joined the Citroen C5 wiring loom together with the 206 Wiring loom But there was a lot of preparation before I even started the engine swap. So I started to compare electrical diagrams to see what would fit togeher. Because my car hasn’t ABS, I needed a solution for my speedo. So it took some time to make it all work together with a seperate ABS ECU. The mounting of the engine took about three weeks. Not normal working day’s but really long days. But after that it was really time consuming to get all the little errors fixed. All the little errors also lasted another month to get it fixed. Still there are some things that can be optimised or needs to be changed. I’ve build my car as a daily driven car and a hobby. And to learn from this build. Like I said its build to daily drive, so i use it to drive to work, Or when the weather is nice take a relaxing drive with my girlfriend My goal for this build was never the intention to go to car meetings. But I really like it and do it sometimes. And I got to know a lot of people with a 206. They all reacted very interested and positive about my car because it’s so unique. At first the 206 with the V6 ran about 240/245 kmph on GPS. But the speedometer ment up to 210 so I mounted a 206Rc speedo. Also mounted the 5th gear from an diesel, now it has a really long gear. And it goes faster and when I cruise with the car a little bit more fuel economic . So theoretically it goes a lot faster with the long gear ratio. I will not say 240kmph is slow, But i can see it now on my speedometer because the RC cluster. Thanks for watching! follow the project on Instagram @peugeot206v6t4motion

2 thoughts on “Peugeot 206 V6 Video interview of my car by autoweek English subtitles available

  1. Unfortunately English captions don't work. I followed your project since the beginning. I wanna understand your interview, I can't speak Dutch oof. Work you made on your car is fucking awesome sincerely. Take care and goodluck for the rest of this crazy project dude !

  2. Awesome build and Workaround.
    Your parents didnt say that you,re not allowed to build a fast car ?

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