News and Community Spotlight | March 5, 2020 | Unreal Engine

News and Community Spotlight | March 5, 2020 | Unreal Engine

>>Amanda: Hi everyone! Ready to see what’s
next with Unreal Engine? Unreal Engine 4.25
Preview 1 is here, and you can start putting the
latest features to the test. Niagara VFX and
real-time ray tracing will both be production-ready
in this release, and you can try out the latest
updates to Hair and Fur, the Unreal Insights
profiling tools, and general navigation
improvements. For a complete list of updates, visit the Unreal Engine
4.25 Preview thread. We invite you to provide
feedback on this Preview and subsequent releases there. In Unreal Engine 4.25, we’re bringing exciting
changes to Auto Exposure, also known as Eye Adaptation, which improve the
workflow and intuitiveness for artists and designers. While we do provide
an upgrade path that should maintain
visual consistency in the look of your projects it does break
backward compatibility with the existing auto exposure
system in previous versions. Dive into our blog to explore
how we addressed challenges with the previous system and how this affects auto
exposure, for the better, going forward. Your free Marketplace content
for March has arrived! Dash, teleport, and manipulate
time with character abilities, access native Android features, arm your players, and more. All now available for
download on the Marketplace. In addition to our
monthly rotation, you can check that your
project is Marketplace-ready with Linter,
a new permanent addition. And while you’re there, hundreds of Marketplace
products are now 50% off! Create the project
of your dreams, armed with loads
of handy resources like button prototypes
and questing systems, UI elements, sound
effects, and beyond. Or, build worlds for
your players to explore, with picturesque beaches
and stunning cathedrals to out-of-this-world
observation decks. All on sale now, through
Friday at 11:59 PM Eastern. And now back to our top
weekly Karma earners! Many thanks to:
ClockworkOcean, TheKaosSpectrum, T_Sumisaki, Sertac Ogan, SolidGasGames,
FunAndFriendly, Vecherka, Shadowriver,
CarlCaesar, and koken.
You all are the best! Hopping on over to our
community spotlights – first up is a set of gorgeous
exterior lighting studies by Michael Bonaldi. Following advice from Blizzard
Lighting Artist Mike Marra, Michael lit these scenes while
referencing old master paintings. See more of their work,
and their references, on ArtStation. If you’re hungry for more
information on replication, watch this short Replication
Series for Beginners which lays a foundation
for new developers, including how Unreal
Engine handles replication as well as tips,
tricks, and pitfalls to avoid when designing
multiplayer game logic. Begin your multiplayer
journey over on Bry’s YouTube. Get ready to be creeped out
by Infliction: Extended Cut. Wander through an
interactive nightmare set within the confines
of a once-happy household. Piece together the mystery behind
a harrowing series of events while struggling to survive
encounters with an entity that relentlessly stands in
the way of finding absolution. Now available on
PS4 and XBOX One. Thanks for tuning
in to this week’s news and community spotlight.

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