News and Community Spotlight | February 27, 2020 | Unreal Engine

News and Community Spotlight | February 27, 2020 | Unreal Engine

AMANDA: Hi everyone. The Unreal Engine 4.24.3 hotfix
was released earlier this week. With over 50 fixes,
we recommend you download the latest from the
Epic Games launcher or GitHub today. Interested in selling your
game on the Mac App Store and using first party Apple
services like GameCenter or iCloud? Moving Pieces Interactive,
the creators of Dodo Peak, share the ins and outs
on how to integrate Apple Services into
your game and package it for the App Store. Read their guide over
on At first glance, Kill Squad
may look a little Diablo-esque, but the isometric co-op
action game creatively incorporates elements
from Left 4 Dead, MOBAs, and more to deliver an
overall experience that feels both fresh and original. With Kill Squad currently
in early access, we caught up with
the studio to discuss how they created the game’s
impactful combat system and to hear how they leveraged
procedural generation to create the games levels. Learn more about Kill
Squad’s ongoing development in our interview on
the Unreal Engine blog. Your AnswerHub top weekly Karma
earners will return next week, but do know that
AnswerHub has been returned to full functionality. So you’re free to continue your
previously scheduled question and answering. Set in a world where greed, lust
for power, and sick ambitions have become creed for the
kings and religious leaders, take control of an army in
Gates of a Ruined Empire. See more about their
game on their forum post, and try out their
Steam demo today. The VR Expansion
plugin was created to help ease the creation
of VR games and experiences. The plugin supports
multiplayer experience, hosts an expansive
gripping system, and offers an example template. Explore the full plugin and
resources from the Epic MegaGrant recipient at And finally, with
our last Spotlight this week, we’re
inviting you to relax by the pool with this beautiful
architectural visualization by Ardurart. Laura has a number of
outstanding pieces on her ArtStation, so I highly recommend
going and visiting her page. Thanks for tuning in to this
week’s News and Community Spotlight.

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  2. 2:04 That looks like my dream home. I wouldn't ever leave my home if it looked that beautiful. 😍

  3. The vr plugin looks handy

  4. N I N T E N D O H I R E T H I S M A N

  5. 0:37 what name this game?

  6. I'm new to Unreal. How do I get and apply the hotfix? My current version is 4.24.1 and crashes all the time. Maybe the hotfix will help.

  7. Is thousands of shaders compiling is fixed in this hotfix?

  8. hi

    can make tutorials ue4 for Guess the words

    for example game Word Cookies

    or or


  9. The entire Unreal team.
    Thank you for your work, from all the developers !
    "You didn't give us fish, you gave us fishing rods ! " 🙂
    And……. Amanda 😘🤗😊 Thx !

  10. Linux users, Do you have problem building the engine and the editor from GIT, or it is just me?

  11. this is the real news

  12. Thank you Epic for giving us the best engine on the planet. <3

  13. Great products. Unfortunately I don't have a $10,000 dollar workstation to learn it with.

  14. Please, restore compatibility of Android VR. Although the packing is done correctly, the resulting apk is not running anymore. I am forced to use version 4.19, and some of the plugins are not compatible.

  15. Is that Darth Maul game ever going to be made or released? Really curious because it really looks like an awesome game. I heard unreal engine had gotten it or maybe was working with it's old developers. I dont really know that's just what I have heard. Really really want a Darth Maul game.

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