New VW Golf 8 GTI 2020 Short Review Interior Exterior

New VW Golf 8 GTI 2020 Short Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have a very short video for you with the new Volkswagen Golf GTI
2020 model and I want to show you a few things about this car a little bit
exterior a little bit interior and I want to give you the technical detail
about this car so this car have 245 horsepower 2-liter turbo charger
injection engine 317 Newton meter power and also it comes standard with a
six-speed manual gearbox you can take as an option the 7-speed dual-clutch
gearbox the DSG optional we have a new wire shift gear so it’s the new one
something that you will see in the interior it’s my favorite I love this
feature that could come with we have here in the back some changing changes
of the exterior the new logo from the Volkswagen you can see it also in the
front there behind the logo of course is the rather for adaptive cruise control
to come the car comes standard with all that feature like emergency brake and
all that stuff on the exterior as we used to from walzwerk and the GTI come
with this red lines also the mirror full LED tail lights headlights also LED for
the brake calipers are color it in red in the back you can see two exhaust pipe
down there also we have the IQ light the new technology from was organ that comes
standard with all the cars with all new Volkswagen Golf eight also the spoiler
the roof spoiler there look fantastic the new GTI logo and name it’s right
here under the logo day this year it’s new it’s not more in the right side this
time it’s in the middle you can see also the exhaust pipe down here the roof
spoiler looks super nice and the brake LED lights are also there the car have
not big big improvement in the size of the car but they come with some new
feature like a lot of LED lights behind you can
see also the radiator this time on all the the new goal are illuminated so you
can see the LED lights right there in the front even on the on the front grill
right there also we have the fog lamp in X you can see the X down there
they look pretty new and special also the following LED lights here in the
back I know many people love this following LED lights and I’m I’m a big
fan of this as well also the rims come 17-inch standard you can take 18 or 19
inch also if you want to as an option we have the new 10 inch display digital
cockpit the new stars stop engine button it’s different this time and it’s
blinking the same as you see on set I will do another full review with this
new Volkswagen Golf guys and soon when I when I see the car and then I will show
you every single detail of this car also the seats are also with red insertion
there you can see the red stitch is side support here are the buttons for the
electric windows electric mirrors as well 10 inch display multimedia system
also the cockpit 10 point 25 inch digital cockpit it’s fantastic you can
customize the way you want it also the car have 30 interior light you can
customise the ambient light inside the car as well and yeah also the dashboard
it’s nice you can see here the sports seats they are different from the
previous version they have a nice design and I’m sure they are very comfortable
also the red insertion that tell you that this is a GTI car so guys that was
my short review I hope you enjoyed it stay close subscribe to my channel
because I will come soon with a full review with this new Golf GTI so see you
soon and thank you for watching guys don’t
forget to check out my other videos and stay safe bye guys

5 thoughts on “New VW Golf 8 GTI 2020 Short Review Interior Exterior

  1. Love that gt

  2. GTI mk7.5 e mil vezes mais bonito do que esse golf mk8 ☝️

  3. Good! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  4. Einfach nur langweilig sorry

  5. Let's be sensible, those who want a real hot hatch look for a track and check how much the model can handle on a track day; this is Megane RS Trophy-R; No more perfumed toys that break easily:

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