Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back and today I’m going to be covering the glaive wheels the tremor wheels and then I’m gonna show you both special edition versions of those wheels as well as all painted variants of them now all of these wheels just came out in the ignition blueprint series yesterday and Rocket league and you can get those blueprints from online matches or you can buy the items in the item shop whenever they come into Rotation, but today the way I’m gonna be showing you all these wheels is I’m gonna be using a tool called Bacchus mine I’ll make sure to leave a link down below in the description. If you’re a PC user you should absolutely be using Bacchus mod There’s a million amazing things I could say about it before I show you all the pain inversions Make sure you leave a like on the video subscribe the channel if you are new and if you’re in my notification squad I just won’t let you guys know you’re breathtaking. Thank you so much. You guys are incredible So first off we have the default goalie wheels and my opinion on the Gleaves, I as the default I’m not quite a fan of them for me. They look incredibly photoshopped. Like if you look in on the trend, it’s smooth. Like I Don’t know if you guys have driven the car but tires aren’t supposed to be smooth. Look at this It’s it’s I don’t and then this I’m not a huge fan of the default glaive wheels. Well, let’s see what some of the painted versions look like So we’ve got black which looks a little better. Maybe it’s just the orange I’m not a fan of but this does look a little better the treads still kind of bother me and then we’ve got burnt sienna which Again, burnt sienna living up to its name here There’s a couple items in the game that burnt sienna looks incredible on I personally love the burnt sienna trigon decal It’s one of my favorite decals in the game. Ok Well, this just looks better because it kind of matches the car but this is cobalt glaive and crimson. Yeah, see I People I’ve been following what people have been saying on Twitter and for some reason they are super interested in the glaive wheels I Think the special edition primarily is what they’re most interested in Okay. Now if you’ve got a great build of a car that actually doesn’t look terrible So I’m really excited to look through all the special edition ones But this start off I was just gonna show you the the default the glaive wheels Which are probably the more common drop I would imagine because special edition is going to Be a little bit more orange orange looks just like the default here. Oh, no. It’s a slightly different 10th Why do they do this? Alright pink dude. I just like paint painted item. They stand out to me purple All right, yeah see you guys I’m a little underwhelmed with the glaive eels personally but it’s what you guys asked for So that’s what I’m doing So let me know down below in the comments if you want me to cover any of the other new items because I do read those comments and That’s exactly why I’m doing these wheels today is because those the ones that were most asked for sky blue and then we’ve got Titanium white which titanium white I to me, this is this is I I really don’t like this now We’re on the tremor wheels So the trimmers I actually really like the way that the default tremor wheels Look, my only issue is for a car like this the wheels stick out way too much to me I mean the comodo car it just It just hey whoever just subscribe to the YouTube channel, thank you very much don’t know why those alerts are still on I swear I have them muted. But as I was saying I’m curious what this wheel would look like on an octane Yeah So for me the tremor wheels look better on something like the octane Where the wheel well isn’t wrapping around the wheel because then it just makes it So obvious how much the wheels stick out and now we’ve got the black tremor wheels, which actually look pretty incredible to me I like that they’re not pitch black because that’s kind of some of the other wheels We’re gonna get into later are like deep black, but these look really good Especially on an octane and then we’ve got the burnt sienna which burnt sienna here. Not as bad. This is how the default looks and this is how burnt sienna looks I Actually think I like burnt sienna more than I like the default trimmer wheel So huge win for burnt sienna and then we’ve got cobalt. Oh, oh Yeah, chief called. This is the way oh my god these look I mean, especially with the the decal I’ve got on these look pretty amazing in my opinion Cobalt crimson. Yeah, I think these wheels when I was first doing just like a glance through everything before I started recording I Was really underwhelmed because I was looking at them on the comodo car but on the octane Which of course is the most popular car in the game? These are actually for me a standout Because they’re busy but they’re not too busy I think in a match they’re not going to be distracting which a lot of the wheels that have animation For me are too distracting gray hmm Honestly, no. Yeah, the black is still better than the grey and then we’ve got lime Dude guys, honestly, the trimmer wheel is incredible I like it so much more than I like the Khalif wheels. People just kept talking about the Cleveland I don’t understand these wheels are so much better Orange pink. Oh, yeah, dude Look at these. These are incredible. We haven’t gotten a special edition purple This is what I like is that you get to like the light purple and then a dark purple Yeah, these these are these are easier to grate and then saffron saffron looks cool It’s just like it. It’s like a Chill version of a Samba or something. I don’t know You know what these remind me of like it like as if as ephraim wheel from the totally awesome series i’ve got like a million of those wheels and Like the pulse on them is a little much. This is just like nice and chill Sky-blue. Oh my god Incredible I just realized this entire section of me going over this wheel is just basically me like heavy breathing and moaning into the microphone And for that guys I am so sorry speaking of heavy breathing and moaning Titanium white looks incredible. Oh, yeah guys. I don’t think there could be any doubt in the comments section that the tremor wheels Absolutely smack around the glaive wheels, but now we’re onto this special edition glaives guys This is the default. I I don’t know what to think. Okay, we’re gonna give these wheels a fair shot with the tidal stream I think it was just a little too busy for a wheel. That’s this flashy default. I think look ugly Mainly it’s because it’s this it’s this dirty mix between burnt sienna and orange that I just don’t like let’s see about black dear God Okay, the black wheels look pretty cool. Yeah Yeah, those are amazing I am going to do a video probably covering the orbit wheel in the ultra luxe wheel here in a little bit the black Orbits are even blacker than this and look a little bit more polished But the slight animation on these I think is incredible These wheels are probably gonna be one of the more popular ones next We’ve got burnt sienna which looks a lot like the default to me not a fan cobalt Alright cool ball. It’s not bad. It’s just too bright Like I don’t need the side of the wheel to flash and the interior of the wheel to flash It’s just a lot of it’s a lot for me personally, but I’m sure some people are gonna like him crimson nice Yeah, so far the black wheel is the best it’s just flashing too quickly I think is what it is and then we’ve got gray Gray, not a huge stand out for me here lime Too much too much too mas. It’s too lime then orange orange Just looks like you know what we just don’t need three different shades of orange for these wheels They because not one of them looks good pink It’s just too much. It’s just too much And if they just like tone down the flash of little these could be really cool wheels Like just just just simmer down just simmer down chief on the on the on the flashing please saffron Same same thing sky blue Titanium white now, obviously the stand out from this one is definitely in my opinion I think the purple the darker colors, I think purple looked good I think black looked good and tight and well known I don’t even like titanium white Basically black like the black wheel is the only one I think looks good from the special edition version of this now to the special Edition tremor wheels, so this is the default term royal. Yeah guys This is this is probably the best wheel. I don’t know if I like the default more than the special edition But let’s see BAM black. Oh my god guys. This wheel is so cool Like I said, I think it only looks good on open wheel designs then we’ve got burnt sienna Dude, Burt Sienna even looks cool. Oh my god Yeah, I mean, I don’t know if I like it more and I like the default one though cobalt looks incredible Which is weird because this one I think flash is more than the glaive special edition, but I like it forest green Dad is a lot of green not gonna lie that is that is a lot so far. I think Black has been my favorite Gray, looks cool great looks so cool lime It’s a lot of lime. That is a lot of lime orange So orange is like just an orange aversion of default and then we’ve got pink dude pink looks sick Purple purple looks amazing saffron Yep. Mm-hmm kind of like saffron sky blue dude. Sky blue is just so good Like when I see if an item doesn’t look good in sky blue. It’s probably just not a good item and then Titanium white. Oh Yeah, you know what? Titanium white does the good short but what about that grey though? dude gray is like It’s like titanium black It’s like if titanium white and black had a baby they would have this And this is this is this is the way guys I can’t decide between the trimmer and the special edition trimmer wheels I think they are incredible. Let me know what you guys think down below in the comments Do you like the wheels? Do you think they’re good? What do you think of the glaive wheels? Do you understand? Why people are asking me to do videos on them? Also if you have it Make sure you leave a like on the video subscribe to the channel if you are new and please click the belt turn on notifications Be a part of the notification squad. Also, make sure you stop by the livestream I stream six days a week over on Twitch details down below in the description and I’ll see you guys next time

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