New Look Hindustan 52 vintage car Kerala | well maintained not for sale | awesome home designer.

New Look Hindustan 52 vintage car Kerala | well maintained not for sale | awesome home designer.

searching for mr. Kunjippaka’s house near malappuram puthanathani this is evening time this is his house.we can enter there going to park bike here we can go directly to car porch ,that is our world. awesome specious three vehicles are waiting for us first we can take this for ride now am here in puthanathani . cherural near malappuram mr.kunjippakka with us ,he is the owner of this car and this home i like mostly this car porch .becz those who love cars this is awesome design we can halt 4 cars at a time kunjippakka how long your using this car. 5 years 1952 model who designed your. .home .? that is my design wow ,this is his own design anyway this look .awesome top roof used steel structure top of that .used natural clay sheet and .small space available .top. .side fist we can see this,very .big wooden .slide in. sides .dates trees are planted hope this become flowered next .year that gives a cool look oh god now reviewing plants . better we can go car area please tell about your car collection Morris. minor . yellow .color it .seems not taking a while yes take out this. .around 2 .month back now .we. can. see. willys 1959. .model now. we .are .going. to. drive look Hindustan .. Briton’s Morris oxford MO car become Hindustan motor’s. branded to hindustan 10 , 52 ,54 like that that model named accordingly by years previous model having intalium finish grill this metal brittle in nature so , after that it changed to chrome finishing 1948 to 54 this car was manufactured in Britten then it changed to land master ambassador ,mark 2 , 3,4 etc but the body shape almost same but in this car shape is enterly different this body shape they never follow then front bumper having hole that used for starting old petrol engines this grill almost same to ambassador land master car head light same for all serious of Hindustan cars down side indicators , bumper guard having a unique design all parts shining with chrome finish two wiper blades moving opposite directions front glasses also separated in front , bonnet having one dear logo .down side monogram same like land master both tires area body having a projected shapes. this is the main high light for this car this look pretty good design back ingeses almost same shape of ambassador cars we can call a common design but door handles they never repeated for another cars named Dustin Morris 11 angle long
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any very video where Estella okay then bye

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