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post notifications on, if you wanna join the Sands fam man, we drop bangers every single day, if you don’t believe me
man go ask our supporters man they will let you know. Anyways, today I am
going to prank the wife I was gonna let her slide
and I was gonna chill on the pranks but I’m
like nah, nah nah nah nah, you know she’s pregnant,
if y’all don’t know welcome to the fam, my wife is pregnant, this is our second child together, so when she’s pregnant
she’s very emotional, almost psychopathic you
know what I’m saying is that a word, I be saying stuff I don’t even know is a
word, psychopathic psycho- I know psychopathic, anyways, she’s a psychopath,
she’s crazy, crazy as hell. So why not prank her you
know what I’m saying, her reactions are always priceless, besides when she, verbally abuses me, she called me fat last time. Anyways, point is, I’m gonna
prank the wife today, okay? And, I’ve been thinking about
doing this prank for awhile, and I always say to y’all I have a lot of pranks in my head, I just gotta find the right time to do them because I don’t want to lose my
life because she’s crazy. But um, so I’m going to do, I’m gonna leave, I’m scared to say it,
I’m gonna leave makeup in my car, and see her reaction. She knows I’m faithful you
know what I’m saying so, if she was to find another
woman’s makeup in my car, I think that’ll like, I
think that’ll make her like, I don’t know, I think she’d lose it, I don’t think she’s gonna
be able to comprehend why there’s another
girls makeup in my car, if I didn’t tell her I was
picking up another girl. So, she might kill me, I don’t
know, I don’t know what’s gonna happen you know what I’m saying. I gotta go pick her up in a minute so this is the perfect
time to do this prank. My only fear is, pranking
her while I’m driving, so I don’t think I’m gonna do that I think when I pick her up, I’m gonna have to pull over or something,
because she’s crazy yo, she might just try to
grab the steering wheel and try to damage my beautiful car. We don’t want those problems
you know what I’m saying. So, I don’t know, that’s the
prank I’m gonna be doin today, we gonna see how it goes, I
want y’all to pray for me man, I want y’all to put praying hands down in the comments right now, and hopefully, you know what I’m saying, I’ll make it through this
video alive, breathing. Anyways let’s get into the video. – I’m hungry. – I’m sorry man I really
need to be on this diet so stop playing. – So you wanna get smoothies and salads? – (sighs) smoothies – Or like a, something with quinoa? You said diet! – What the hell is a quinoa? – Quinoa it’s a grain. – Nah I’m chillin on that, you know. – Let’s get the smoothie
place but not Smoothie King. – I need food man that’s the problem see- – You need substance- – I can do like a smoothie
like, nah nah nah, Smoothie King I got the smoothie
without the added sugar, that would smack. – Yeah but I think they put
artificial sweetener in it, because it had that like
after taste, it’s artificial. I don’t trust them, do you trust them? – Smoothie King? They aint gonna kill me, it’s just I don’t need
70 grams of sugar in me. – Yeah. – You know what I’m
saying, not that I’m a, I think I’m gonna go on the Chipotle diet. I need Chipotle to sponsor me. – I don’t want Chipotle everyday. – We talk to Chipotle see
if I get a black card. – Chipotle black card? – Yeah. – That would be really awesome. – Chipotle diet. – How long does it last, is it forever? – Forever. – No it’s not, that means you can go in and get anything that you want forever? – Forever man. – What if, What? – I did want a Chipotle
diet but that’s impossible, see the problem is (engine roaring) – I know. – So when you cooking
rice crispies in yams and all that. – What are you gonna do not eat it? You have to eat my food. – I don’t gotta do
nothing I don’t wanna do. – You have to. – Grown man, grown man
see that’s another thing we start doing Sunday
dinners, you just gon- – What are you doing? – I’m stopping at the stop sign – Who stops like this? Oh my gosh oh, let me drive. (laughing) – Hell no, never again,
not as long as we breathing on this good earth, the
God’s blessed us with – Do you know where you’re going? – Drop this off at the post office right? – Yeah but do you know which one? – Going to this one right here – UPS? – Yeah, I’m running in and boom boom boom. – We should go feed me baby,
I gotta, I need substance, and my baby has to eat too. – Can you give me the
hand sanitizer down there? – Where is it – Man let me tell you something I was watching the Lakers
yesterday and when Lebron- – Tex – And when I tell you Lebron scored- – Are you joking? – 28 points,crazy, crazy. What’s that? – Who was in your car? – You were in my car- – Who was in your car? – Stop- – Who was in your car? – You were in my car stop – Who was in your car? – Stop you were in my car – I’m gonna be as calm
as possible right now – Well that’s what you should do – If you tell me the truth I’m telling you the
truth you were in my car. (muffled speaking) – You had a girl in the car? – Had a what? – Have girls ever been in this car? – Yeah you have been in this
car, you, stop I’m driving. Have girls ever been in this car? – I am driving. – I’ll kill us both. – I’m not playing stop
playing, if you gonna kill us just kill us in your car- – No seriously have girls
ever been in this car? – No – Why are you playing with me? – I’m not playing with you – So what is this, you know what this is. – Lip gloss – So what, it’s not mine. – Aint mine either! – Tex – That’s like the kid
lip gloss, that’s like- – No it’s not and this is expensive – What’s that – Who’s lip gloss is this – Please get that off my face – No tell me – I don’t know man leave me alone – Who’s lip gloss is it – I don’t know – Why is there lip gloss in your car? – Let me tell you something, I gotta park- – That’s not mine – So I’m gonna need you
to keep your hand to- – Why is there lip gloss in the car – You tickle me while
I’m driving we gonna die – Tell me- – What do you mean – Just tell me – I don’t know girl leave me alone – Okay now, you know what I tried, if you get out this car, why
is there lip gloss in the car? I’m trying to be calm. – What do you mean? – I’m trying to be calm – What do you mean? – Why- Who’s is this? – Oh my God I’m trying to park – All right cool, – Stop, stop – You like this wrap don’t ya? – Stop, no no no, what are you doing? – I’m bout to key your freaking car. – What the hell’s wrong with you stop. – Who’s lip gloss is this? – Stop. – Who’s is it just tell me – I don’t know – Well how do you not know?
Who’s been in here stupid. – Who’s stupid? – You. – You need to relax – Who’s is this? – Okay let me see, let me see what it is. – Like what? – Can I see it please? – Who’s is this? – Stop, stop. – Who’s is it? – Let me tell you- stop! – Who’s is it? – Oh my God this girls a psychopath. – This isn’t cheap, I don’t have this. – Stop, let me look at it, let me see. – This isn’t mine, that’s the problem – Shh, let me- – What do you need to look at it for? – Can I look at it? – No you’re gonna throw it out the window. – Why would I do that? – Who’s is it- – Let me see- – I don’t care just tell me. – (screams) let me look at it bro dang. – You’re avoiding the truth, really? – Let me look at it. – Look at it for what? – If I look at it I can probably
tell you where it came from let me see. – Are you serious? Okay look at it. – Let me touch it. – No tell me. – I don’t understand why
you won’t let me touch it, let me touch it. – You’re gonna throw it out
the window I’m not stupid – Why would I do that? – ’cause you don’t want
me to see who’s is this. – I’m not gonna throw it I
swear to God, let me see. – No. – Then I’m not answering
no more questions. – Well I’m gonna key your car. – No the fuck you not. – Give me your keys. – Leave me alone I’m not
answering no more questions let me see it. – Who’s is it? – Stop. – Who’s is it. – Stop. – Who’s is it. – Stop I swear to God, I swear to God- – Tell me. – If you put that on my
seat we gonna have issues. – Tell me. – I’m not playing- – Tell me. – Stop, Oh my god you a psychopath. – Tell me, I’m a psychopath?
‘Cause you have lip gloss in your car that’s not your wives? You know I’m not your
girlfriend right? I’m your wife. Why are you doing this
stupid stuff to me while I’m pregnant. – Let- – Who’s is this? – Let me see- – This aint cheap, I know
who makes this brand. – This cars waiting for me to pull out, but I’m not pulling out. – Tell me. – This is my parking spot. – You’re gonna make all
these people think that we’re crazy. – My windows tinted they can’t
even see me (clicks tongue) – Well I’m calling the cops on you. – Oh god, I aint got no warrants
call them mother fuckers. – Whose lip gloss is this? – Let me see it. – Look at it. – Damn. – Don’t throw it out the window. – I swear I’m not, stop- – I’m gonna key your whole entire wrap, and ruin your life. I’m gonna start stabbing these seats, tell me, tell me. – Stop I know who’s- – Who’s? – Say it right here Plucious,
I don’t know who Plucious is, but this- – Do you think I’m stupid? – This is her lip gloss, I
don’t know what it is, here, take this leave me alone. – No, seriously. – I’m serious man you need to relax. – Okay you don’t want to listen. – All right, all right stop. – Tell me. – Why is there another
girls makeup in your car, you think I’m stupid? – I mean. – Like that’s crazy. – Okay so- – It doesn’t just mysteriously get here. like why are you doing this to me? – Oh, I get it I know who’s it is, duh- you remember that one night? – Tell me. – That I told you that I had to go- – I hate you – No stop – You cheated on me? – Shut up I would never cheat on you – So who’s is it? That doesn’t
make any freakin sense, stop beating around the bush, you’re pissing me off tell me. – You aggressive I’m scared. – You’re pissing me off this is stupid – So you remember that one night- – No just tell me whose it is, I don’t want to hear your bullshit. – I know – Whose is it – I know who, I went to Walgreens and I was gonna get you some toilet paper ’cause you was on the toilet- – Okay come on – We ain’t had no toilet paper
so I had to go to Walgreens, to get you some toilet paper – And, and what where
are we going with this? – I got you the toilet paper then I was like no I want to make sure that I be able to get enough for
her to be able to look pretty when she got out the toilet, so- – You think I’m retarded? – I swear this is what happened- – Okay, continue – I seen the lip gloss section so I went I said damn, her lips was kinda ashy so I’m gonna get some lipgloss, boom, put the lip gloss on, true
story, like Rod Wave said. – So let me tell you something – Let me say something – Before you continue – I’m so serious- – This is lime crime and they
don’t sell that at Walgreens. – I didn’t say Walgreens I said Walmart. – They don’t sell that at Walmart – Go online – No they would never sell this at Walmart – You gotta go online – You have to go to Sephora – I got it special delivered
from the Sephora Walmart – You’re lying, I see it in your eyes – Its Walmart Sephora,
don’t look in my eyes You cheated on me – You just lost your whole life – You gonnna kill me? – I’m your whole life stupid. Do you realize what you’ve done? – Stop, I went to Lime Crime and got it – No it’s used – I tested it out to make
sure it was gonna be good – Why are you doing this to me? – ‘Cause our lips look alike, I figure like if they
look good on my lips, they gotta look good on her lips. – Why are you doing this to me – Doing what? – Just tell me – Can you pick that up
off the floor man? Oh God. (crying) Please don’t cry on my
seats this nice leather, anyways hey no for real I
don’t know who’s that is, I’m just an innocent Black man
trying to make it in Amerca look, why you crying stop crying, man you always crying
everything don’t, oh my God why you gotta zip on your jacket? – I’m leaving you. – It’s on backwards that’s
supposed to be on the front. – I’m leaving you. – Stop – No I don’t want to do this. – You’re leaving me? Where you going? – ‘Cause you can’t tell me whose freakin, I hate you so much. – That’s impossible. – Why can’t you just tell
me the truth, tell me. – Don’t you touch this
face and I’ll answer. – Tell me – Okay the truth is, this
is a prank, leave me alone – So whose is it – What you mean whose is it, I bought it. Okay no it’s Emily’s, I got it from Emily use it for a prank. – I’m gonna call her – Call her man- – I am – That’s my sister dog – I am – She’ll tel you straight
up she know what time it is, stop crying man, go take your
package into the post office. – I’m not no, you owe me
stupid, you’re taking it what’s wrong with you. – Wow – Take it in there – What you’re not gonna do is
call me stupid, I’m not stupid – I’m not doing this, take it, – I’m not stupid they’re all gonna see me
acting crazy, I’m not. – All right well I love you – Go, just take it in,
they’re all gonna be like that’s the girl who was
wailing at her husband. – These windows are tinted baby, – You don’t really know that – Yes I do ’cause I got them- – Well I can see through them – But they can’t see through here. – You don’t know that – I do know that – No you don’t – I do- – Well I don’t – You step out the car- – Yeah there’s are probably tinted too I can see through theirs – This is illegal tint, this is the tint – You don’t know that either – You can’t see through – I don’t trust it no – I paid for it- – All these people saw me – All right so I love
you can I have a kiss – You just tryna make me look crazy – Can I have a kiss please? – Stop trying to make me
look crazy, I’m tired of that Why you wanna make me look crazy? – You crazy I aint making you do nothing. – Like what are you
doing, I’m texting Emily ’cause I don’t – All right text her, just give me a kiss while I go drop these
off, I love you come one – You promise? – I swear to God girl I’m
not gonna cheat on you come on girl. (mumbled speaking) You better stop the headbutt stuff – I should headbutt you I
really should, I love you. Just go, get me some food after. – All right I love you bye (outro music)


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