Most Popular 5×114.3 Wheels | The Build Sheet

Most Popular 5×114.3 Wheels | The Build Sheet

– Here’s something new
you may or may not know. We offer a ton of wheels,
tires, and suspension over at, and if you didn’t know that already, and Alex hasn’t drilled
that into your heads, then welcome, because
you must be new here. And if that’s the case, hello. However, because we have
so many options for wheels we get a good look into what you guys like as far wheels go, and what you like running on your cars. So that being said, on today’s episode of the “Build Sheet” we wanted to bring a list
of some of the top wheels that are available in that lovely five by 114.3 bolt pattern. (intense bass intro) Before we go ahead and jump right into it, don’t forget to subscribe
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Forged multi-piece wheels. We gathered this list from
what we’ve seen people select the most of when picking up wheels from,
and we have some good ones. Starting off the list of
the most popular wheels in a five by 114 bolt
pattern is, of course, the Cosmis Racing XT-206R. Now, you probably heard
us talk about Cosmis and the 206R before, and
that’s because it’s just one of those wheels
that not only looks good on just about everything
you can put it on, but they are also pretty affordable. The 206R gives you a step lip
of the split six spoke design that can get a good amount of concave, which is why it is such a
popular wheel that tends to stop people when
they’re scrolling through a list of wheels. The finishes are also another big feature that not only XT-206R offers, but Cosmis Racing offers in general. With finishes like hyper
bronze, red, gold, and black, and many more that they offer, there’s something for
everyone to be able to go with the colors of their car. You can even get a two toned option, with a gray face and a polish
slip, which really make the wheels stand out, and it’ll add even just a little
more depth into the design. The 206R also comes in a
ton of sizes and offsets that are suitable for, not
only wire cars by themselves, but even some wide body
applications as well. With widths getting up
in the 11 inch range, and offsets strapping
is as low as plus eight, from anywhere between $1200 to
$1400, depending on the size, you can find yourself sitting
on a new set of XT-206R. Next up is the fan favorite
that has been around for a long time, and has proven
itself time and time again, and that will be none
other than the NK RPF1. Extremely light weight
and classic with another split six spoke face. The RPF1 is a very popular
choice for Evo’s, Subaru’s, Miata’s, 240’s, Civic’s. (patting thigh while heavily sighing) Who am I kidding? It’s a everyone loves the RPF1, it’s a popular choice for anything. Even though NK isn’t one
of the new hit wheel brands of the century, they stick
to what they’re good at, and then brought forth some
fantastic wheel choices with the RPF1 being one of them. And the RPF1 has become one of the most recognizable wheels on the market today. They are available on pretty
much any size you can ask for, even smaller sizes for a lot
of guys and gals out there, which is why it’s become
almost the go to for anyone with a NA or NB Miata, but moving on. You can pick them up
in either silver, gold, black, or even a chrome
finish, which is actually more of a like a hyper
black finish, which is not like super chrome or anything like that. Typically $1400 to $1500 is a price to pay if you’re going to pay for
some 17 or 18 inch RPF1’s, but the smaller guys are going to be starting off around $1000, making them affordable, light
weight performance wheel that gets you the fitment and style that everyone is looking for. Coming in hot for the number
three spot is the Aodhan DS07, and this is simply due to the
sizes of not only the wheels, but the amount of lip that they offer, paired with their very
affordable price tag. The DS07 is a simulated,
multi piece wheel design that is a multi spoke design of the face, a massive amount of lip
that is really thought after by the 350Z and the 370Z
community, but the sizes offered upwards of 19 by 11 plus 15, the DS07 can get pretty aggressive. And then you can choose from
an either bronze, silver, or a gloss black finish, with
different colored hardware. Depending on the size that you pick up, the set of DS07 is going to run you anywhere between $800 to $1000. Making it a super, popular choice for anyone who’s looking to pick
up a set of wheels on a budget. Moving on to my personal
favorite of mine, will be the Gram Lights 57CR. The CR is a fantastic
five spoke design that was developed by Rays Engineering, and put under the Gram Lights name. Rays Engineering is responsible
for all Gram Light wheels, as well as other wheel brands
you might heard of, Volk. The 57CR is a cast wheel,
which does surprise some people as they usually look at these wheels, and really expect them to be similar to their big brother Volk. The 57 offers very minimal approach in the design and styling. It can really look good on
a lot of different cars. Now, the five spoke
isn’t really your thing, you might want to snag up some 57DR’s, which can add a few more spokes for right around the same price point. A ton of different sizes and offsets match perfectly for most vehicles, which still allows you to
run a decent size tire. Usually seeing these on
cars that are running a good amount of air, or that
have more of like a track, or if it’s set up, and that’s
what really sells the 57CR. As far as finishes go, they have some absolutely
killer colors as well. Gun blue is a solid choice,
more like a gunmetal gray. Or you can go with a gloss
black. You can go with gold. You can go with bronze.
You can go with pink. And my favorite, eternal blue pearl. Even though these are more a little expensive wheels on the list, they are a perfect choice
for a lot of enthusiasts, and then can be picked up anywhere between $1600 to $2000 a set. And then last, but certainly
not least on the list for today is the wheel brand that
is really taken the scene by storm in the last few years, and they have a wheel
that is been, you know, taking our common section,
and blowing it up, and we literary, like,
move them off of the wall, and out of frame, because
our boy JT was about to lose his mind answering the
same question a 1000 times over, and exaggerating, of course, and I’m joking, a little
bit, but we love you guys. But Kansei wheels has come out swinging with the real
designs in the last few years, and the Kansei KNP has quickly become by far the brands most popular wheel. The big five spoke wheel,
with a bit of set lip, allows the KNP to look
absolutely amazing on pretty much anything you can throw it on. There are manufactures, and
there’s form like technology which in a general sense of things, makes it a flow form wheel. Flow form, flow forage,
forage foam floor, flow light firm wheel, whatever you want to call it. One of the things that
really makes a KNP unique is the bronze finish that Kansei offers. They label it as their
texture bronze finish, which gives the wheel a
little bit of a matte, or satin bronze look to it, but also has a bit of a
rougher texture, almost like a teflon pan, if you feel the inside of your cooking pan is what that finish is, and it looks really, really good. However, if it’s not
your thing, you can also get them in a dark
gunmetal finish as well, which is a gloss finish,
almost like a metallic paint to it, or a hyper silver. Not only do they look really good, but they’re also really dang affordable. Coming in at a lovely certain
point of just under $1000 for a set of four, which
makes them absolutely huge contender for any other
wheels in that price range, and that’s why that we’ve seen
them just kind of blowing up in popularity, and seeing
them all over our gallery. But there you have it! Those are some five wheels
we see that are very, very popular that people are saying at that are available in that five by 114.3 bolt pattern. Don’t forget, if there’s
a wheel you think that should’ve been on the list, feel free to drop it down in
the comments section below, and don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the wheel giveaway
that we got going on with the ESR Forged and
all that good stuff. I’m Jiles from Fitment Industries, and we will see you later. (deep bass hip-hop beat)

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