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here the s vaccine welcome back to the channel nope as you can see in front of us we have got a chicken coin here’s a last episode we had to go Acco form which is off into the distance and you see it and we got a comment asking for a chicken fine so we have got a stain and ready yep as you can see it uses quite a few observers so this isn’t a cheap form award so ever and you must have access to the nether for this to work but the best thing about this farm is if I just want it to be here you can see we have a hundred and fourteen entities in here I am facing away from the coast just so you can see how many check-ins we have here right now I’m going to show you I got the idea to do this another video by the guy called the DAR sorry I didn’t mention names video awesome guy awesome video as well I changed has designed just a little bit so that we can get more chickens and let me show you what you need for this boat and move straight into okay for what you need and this farm is pretty much in my inventory right now you need some glass if you wish to be able to see the killing area for the chickens you need building blocks I would recommend quite a few of them just so that you don’t run out by mistake one ladder one slab of any stone in variant and that can be any stone that is able to meet and their slab not just stone itself you need at least one ultra trapdoor one competitor one piece of redstone on one lava bucket you then need to dispensers to hoppers for observers and well as many chests as you worship to I actually have and the area to get the chicken from it so let’s get started on bonus that off with your chest please that down then first hopper into the back of that on top of that hopper please Europe stone slab to the left-hand side of the hopper facing on towards the chest place one block there to the opposite side please two blocks like so jump up onto the slab and then on to the blocks go back as far as you can and place it to Spain so so that it faces enter the slab or to the opposite side and then place the dispenser so that it faces towards you and now is that next go to the back of where the Slava’s are away from the chest chest should be towards the back of you and go up three four blocks and then one above the slab on top of the dispenser you place down first at a place a block and then two blocks of glass in the front if you wish to be able to view your killing area like so like so and now as the killing area all done and dusted now to start off with answer the getting things and to the killing area from the back here facing this lost a dispenser place one hopper facing and towards it like so place an observer so that it is facing into the block under that dispenser as you can see with arrow would enter it from here and go to the left hand side of this observer but then two blocks and into again to the side out and then you’re going to place another observer facing in down towards the ground like so now you can even leave this as s or fill it back up like I just have so the observer should be facing up north of smiley face should be facing up next get your comparator crouch and place next to the hopper so that when an egg appears into this hopper it lays up the comparator would you structures on the observer which switches on this observer shape ever this block which covers this dispenser as simple as that from here we are going to get another observer we’re going to get it so there’s facing end to the competitor again next you want to get another one of your building blocks and you’re going to place that down here like so and add a piece of redstone dust like so and then go back round facing towards the redstone please your last observer so that it goes into this block here and powers let’s dispense at the top which you can nope it you allow the bucket and a few wish from there is no the idea to house the chickens now from here you’re going to want to put your ladder onto one of the seats like so and then go up two blocks all the way around the edge like so get back up to the top and then place a block there get your trap to work it seems to have just lost they sit like so take that block away and now is it done guys so that is the farm quick easy quite small and compact if you wish to do it this way or you can do the original design which is even more compact but does take into consideration the mobcap so you go loser a little bit and that sense know it all it takes is getting your chickens in so now with your farm up and running all your chickens and your production area told you and then you’re killing idea will slowly but surely win some more chickens as they goes on now you may find this happening as more capsules up at the top which seems to be a problem the yeah as you can see we had over that a time overall say we could get up to a hundred chickens in here and we are lucky if not then well just be prepared but that is it for today guys hope you have enjoyed today’s video and but after you have that like button and the face subscribers will tell me down in the comments what other farm Jewish to see an approval it’s a trying mix and more like that’s or try and get some designs and see fuckin – ability work me that they’re better hope you enjoy the new season extent [Music] [Applause]

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