Mi-am luat un Mercedes Vito w639 din 2008

Mi-am luat un Mercedes Vito w639 din 2008

Hello I had to buy a vito Show your car and what to look for when buying one This is a Mercedes Vito, the card is 01.2008 On the windows it says 2007 Then the windows are made An indication when you buy, look at the bottom At each window, I hope to see on the video camera I have to write .., it appears in me 7 If 2008 is 8 Down is to write the year Here the windshield will see the year Here write 7 three points and where the window is made This is still original So here too 7, even the little ones the same Where they are manufactured and 7 a year I hope he was seen on the video camera I checked all the windows, but I put the foil and can not see it anymore What I saw on the internet is scared They demanded 8,000 Euro, 9,000 Euro On bad cars This one in Germany looks very good The driver seat is performing well Steering wheel ok The OK switch, you have to look carefully at the switch You need to see the speeds well There are cars that say they have 200,000 km of ugly shifters He does not have a switch to 200,000 to look ugly On the buttons, look at the tape recorder Look at how worn they are, then you realize the wear of the car At the pedals All checked seats That’s how it looks in the back Seats look okay The first chair is folded That’s how it looks in the back It has electric windows in the rear They open sideways The machine also has auxiliary heating That is, in the back it has a motor Which brings heat back It can be seen if I drop the lid down They’re easy to get, that’s where the jack is Here is the auxiliary engine Take the air in front and put it on your feet It’s great to freeze the world behind the car I’m vito who do not This has That’s how it looks from behind For transportation people is ideal You have to look at the front bars These are Do not be welded, dyed So you see if the car was hit hard in front If there is something wrong with the engine, there are errors in the dashboard The engine should sound nice The car must have a service card Check the history If he does not have a service card, you can check with the representative after the body series That’s about the car

8 thoughts on “Mi-am luat un Mercedes Vito w639 din 2008

  1. Ce preț? Ca m ar interesa și pe mine un vito, dar la fel de întreținut și frumos ca al tău. Cu cât îl găsesc în Germania?

  2. 2005…

  3. Bizle dasak gecmeye utanmiyonmu lan

  4. ce parere ai de masina…….ma intereseaza sa cumpar si eu unul tot 2008 cum e cu intretinerea etc…..se merita?

  5. Este ideal nota 10

  6. E normaleeee e sempre cosi

  7. Cum se comporta masina ? Ceva pareri de vito 2,2 110 cp?

  8. Cum e tractiunea la ata

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