Mercedes Sprinter Van – full conversion

Mercedes Sprinter Van – full conversion

Hi, this is Lilly from vanderlust in this video we show you how we converted our van into a campervan or in other words, how we went from that.. to that we hope we will learn a lot from this video for more information you can also check our blog or Instagram Ok, what did we do yesterday we removed everything inside the van such as ply wood, protection and other pre existing parts we also started to run all our wires thats for the for the fan, this one is for the lights.. all the wires are 1.5 mm and coming bundled through here, were our batterie will be we also installed the solar panels on the roof as you can see in the blog and will install the fan a bit later we started the insulation we used celotex 50mm for the walls and celotex 25mm for the celling we filled the gaps with expanding foam all around for the floor, we were thinking to do celotex 25mm plus ply on top but we have changed our mind we are keeping the floor as it is because it already had a clean finish we also installed two windows in our van it wasn’t too difficult we bought the windows from vanpimp we just had to drill wholes and cut along that with an angle grinder we applied mental paint to avoid future rust also adhesive to fix the window in place for more details visit our blog we are now starting with day three of our conversion yesterday we almost completed the insulation on top of the coletex and the expanding foam we have put some aluminium foil unfortunately we have ordered the wrong one.. it’s only one sided foil it’s better to have double sided foil, but we had to keep going we tried to put the aluminium tape on all the overlapping junctions but we ran out, so we we used duckt tape at the end we marked all the beams all the reinforcements of the van with masking tape to remember were to fix the cladding we also stated to install the ventilation fan unfortunately it started to rain so we had to stop but we will keep going today the last thing is, we wanted to have a door or an opening to the cockpit area we are not sure how we will do it, but we will figure it out soon so we just doing the insulation around probably cutting a whole here this is day four today we started on the cladding in order to do the cladding, we needed to do the reinforcements behind the reinforcement in screwed directly to the metal of the van to do the cladding we used 9mm pinewood cladding we glued it together with some wood adhesive to reinforce the structure and than we used wood screws directly screwed to the reinforcement we also did the celling we used 6mm ply wood it’s beding nicely to fit the curve of the van hey, this is day 5 today we did the structure of the wardrobe, kitchen and the bed to do the structure we used 35mm times 35mm studs we fixed them to the reinforcement of the van we also used wood adhesive in between to further reinforce the whole thing so if we have a quick look to the kitchen its a standard kitchen, because we have a 600mm worktop and it’s 900mm high we have the fridge here, it has to be on the left side because of the wheel popping out also we have a sink and a gas burner here yesterday we also installed some LED lights we fixed three of them, hopefully they will be bright enough that’s us, done with 5 days of work ready for some rest, but will be back working on the van in two weeks time hey, we are back after a two week break today we did the bed we did a ‘L’ sofa/bed it’s in three parts, the fist part is the fixed part we build a lid we can remove to access storage underneath then the second part is in two parts so, there is one part which is fixed and one which is moving you can see, its sliding to extend from sofa into bed we have a proper bed, 140mm times 200mm the second part is also lifting up to access further storage under the bed we will probably have the battery on the left side and here our camping gear another day working on the van today we focused not he top cabinets same as with other structure we screwed the structure the metal frame of the van one beam there and one under steel angles underneath are giving further strength to the structure inside we put 6mm ply, same for the divider we created a small compartment to have easy access from outside so we created a door so we can access from outside rather than through the top and finally we did also the wardrobe we closed it with 6mm ply, did the shelf with 6mm ply too and the divider another day working on the van today our friend Richard helped us to do the small cabinets it’s great, because it’s unfolding into a little side table we can actually use it to work with computer or just as side table we used three big hinges to we also did the cladding there and there we had to go back an forth to a DIY shop wicks to get some more material now we have to focus on the doors we have a lot of doors to build, I guess this will be the next challenge we did all the doors, top cabinet doors and the wardrobe doors to do the doors we used cladding to match the other cladding of the van we used the cladding and fixed it with four baton frame also we glued it together with wood adhesive we put a small magnets here to hold it in place we also did all the batterie/electical elements we have two batteries which have are 170ah we have our charge controller, our fuse box all that is linked to the solar panels on the roof we are currently charging, so far so good we have still some missing parts, but it arrive and will work in the end for further information you have check the blog the last update on the van and what we have done the last few days a few things we used some waterproof white paint we put a few coats why waterproof, because this will be our shower area we also did the window frames today we are focusing on the finish of the cladding the idea is to have an old/used finish on the cladding to do so we are applying some strong black tea to the wood this is not for the colour, but for the chemical reaction later on later we apply a mix of vinegar and fine steel wool in the end we will finish up with some white paint let’s see how it goes it will be a surprise, so we are just going for it so we are done with the tea coat now I am about to apply the vinegar and steel wool mixture this doesn’t smell the best but seems to be working ok it’s turning the wood dark for sure its actually quite dark let’s see as you can see, the painting is done. we are happy with the result so what we did as the last step is, we just applied a last layer of white paint all the cabinets are secured it’s a very easy system turn and you can open here we go, so nothing can fall out and we also have a nice mattress we bought it from IKEA it’s 10cm thick and 200mm times 140mm its a real bed what is great is that is mattress was designed for a sofa/bed so nothing to do on this one and we can just pull the bed out as you saw before so we have a proper bed – happy times we also finished the door to the cockpit area so you can lift it up like that also put our logo on it, happy about the result then last thing we did was the curtains all the curtains were difficult and took a bit of time we fixed then sometimes with magnets and sometimes with a staple gun welcome to our new kitchen so this is the beast here we have the tap, which is connected to the70l water tank under the bed we took a pull out tab so we can have a shower outside we have a round think which is big enough for the dishes but not too big to take up all the space so we have some space to cook we have a nice hob with three burners it’s probably overkill, but we like the design of it so we decided for this one so the hob is connected to the gas bottle you can find more details on the blog we also have a fridge it’s a three way fridge so it’s working on 12V on gas and on 240v and as you can see we also put the flooring down we used laminated flooring which is cheaper, easier to install and easier to clean so all good, we are really happy with the result so, that’s us, we are done with our van conversion now it’s time to relax we hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching.

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