Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2020: World Premiere | Trailer

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2020: World Premiere | Trailer

100 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2020: World Premiere | Trailer

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  3. Super auto

  4. 👍👍👍

  5. 在哪看直播谁能告诉我

  6. Very good car

  7. I like it, looks bit like the previous model with AMG GT´s face.

  8. I will buy after 3 years 🤑

  9. 👍😎

  10. Best ✌️

  11. T see the new design of steering Wheel. It just very modern from my opinion
    I think It's a a better design for this new Mercedes-Benz E-Class

  12. why with cls headlights?

  13. I wish i can buy it but i can't

  14. 4 eyes design? 😢

  15. I love it! ❤😘

  16. So E-class loses 1 eye brow

  17. Мда, страшненький

  18. LoL….old one was better


  20. Is it just me that thinks this car likes like a A-class berline.

  21. Executive, yet luxurious

  22. Love your cars

  23. When is the new generation of B Class going to be launched

  24. Could this be more blah? Holy shit.

  25. Let's see what the facelifted 5 Series will do to this..

  26. зачетный мерин

  27. #Mercedes-Benz "THE BEST" ♥️

  28. This car killing me it has options thumbs up mercedes I saw one nice mercedes when I went to Nairobi

  29. Now you can get the pre Facelift cheaper 🙂

  30. Mercedes is the world's most perfect car brand 🖤🤍

  31. 👍😍👍🔥

  32. The car looks much more aggressive and sleeker compared to the dull design of the previous model.

  33. Мерцедес е много хубава кола

  34. The A class design language on all other posh models makes it feel inferior, the old e class ergonomics were perfect and best. It feels like Audi does, all the models the same ergonomics…🙄

  35. It looks fucking horrible bring back the old e class design

  36. It doesn't looks like an E-Class.

  37. W214!

  38. Design is not for a Mercedes-Benz! 👎

  39. Best car ever
    Mercedes Benz nothing or more

  40. Nice Facelift 👌

  41. A-Class limousine long Version?

  42. Love it!
    “Mercedes Benz : A mechanical device that increases sexual arousal in women.”

    — P.J. O'Rourke

  43. জোস একটা গাড়ি 👍

  44. Where is the signature double light or DRL?

  45. Mercedes Benz Respect ❤

  46. So beautiful 😍!!

  47. Gimme a W212 Facelift E63 pls, not this

  48. Good work merc😆🥰

  49. Love the overall design, especially the steering wheel ♥️ It gives me the sense of modern retro

  50. Looks very luxary and beautiful.

  51. 0:33 the size of the steering wheel is shrinking to the size of the badge itself?

  52. ❤❤❤❤ Mercedes

  53. I love that A-class Sedan ! ❤️

  54. Front cla, rear a class 😂 what were they thinking!

  55. Disappointing!

    Generic shots that could be out of any MB and the overall look is bland!

  56. Wann kommt die neue C-Klasse?

  57. at 0:12 there are few extra frames (you can see the jump), right after the dynamic switch. How did this pass the QC? Don't they check their videos before uploading them?

  58. I don’t like the headlights and taillights. The headlight and front end is very similar to the B-Class and the Tail Light is from A-Class. They should just have improved the lights and did not change the shape. The old design is better.

  59. This car is so beatifoul

  60. why all 2020 cars look like retarded belugas? round lines, without any form or any relief? nothing exceeds, not even passion.

  61. Imagine the AMG….

  62. la.face arrière tres jolie et content que ka classe E retrouve ses large feu de stop derrière. mais la face avant ressemble trop a la classe C . dommage de.perdre les feu en deux bloque

  63. Why Mercedes? the current E class is so perfect. I did not like the new lighting and steering wheel design.

  64. Is it just me or the e, a sedan, cla all look same… there was a time when each model had an own identity… it looks good certainly but bland….

  65. It looks good but you guys are making it to much like the cl’s or a a class

  66. For me all the best looking Mercs are more about understated elegance than flashy looks.

  67. Merc has the best design language , but this exterior looks like a Audi with a little more curves , the head lights on the front and tailights look awful , hope this exterior is changed facelifted quickly.

  68. AMG GT´s face + CLA´s back and totally perfect new EClass.

  69. Now looks like an extended CLA – why not just call it the CLA L then? Mercedes Benz is slowly but surely killing off their best selling model in history

  70. The best or nothing…

  71. Awesome! Love the new look!👍

  72. That’s just a bigger A class. Has lost the classy and charming look of E Class, which traditionally looked like baby S class.

  73. where is 2 led drl ???

  74. C serisine benziyordu şimdi de A serisi olmuş makyajlı w212 den sonra iyice bozdu

  75. Mein lieber Scholli

  76. I think the e class rivals are going to sweat a bit… Great Merc…

  77. Dont like the lights ( design )

  78. #Mercedes -Benz “love Mercedes” my dad has a clk240 2003 and she flys he also has a 190e that I’m going to be having when I get a license

  79. Thanks Mercedes for the facelift!

    Now I like my 2019 E class even more.

  80. I hated the eyes

  81. very terrible design…..

  82. Come on Mercedes what's that? Oh god where's old gorgeous Mercs? (

  83. No more Rising Star bonnet?

  84. 휠만 예쁘네 ㅋㅋ

  85. Ugly front design. Horrible rear an steering wheel designn 🤦🏻‍♂️

  86. It looks so good! But I mostly prefer current generation.

  87. What makes Mercedes Special ?

  88. Beautiful

  89. The headlights make it look to kind

  90. The new steering wheel gives me nostalgic feelings. I like it. Old classic mercedes had that too.

  91. This new chinese kissass design is shameful.

  92. Wooooooooooow 🤯🤯🤯

  93. Vs M5 competition

  94. Absolutely Lovely and Gorgeous

  95. Зачётный мерин

  96. I loved the car. Intelligently superb💖.

  97. The new steering wheel in E class does not look very good.. I much more prefer the last one

  98. Now I can't wait for the S – class, hopefully it'll come equipped with some modern facilities in the rear.

  99. Did you ditch the 2 stroke headlights?

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