Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2020): все подробности и версии

Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2020): все подробности и версии

Car dealership in Geneva canceled
due to coronavirus. However carmakers
began to announce the transfer Presentations of models on the Internet. Mercedes including, did not miss
opportunity to present online its main novelty
– Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Now he became unlike the flagship
sedan received new electronics and soft hybrid technology
to all versions. The current Mercedes E-Class is available
since 2016 and managed to become familiar, but not yet out of date. At the same time, the update turned out
not formal at all – besides technology has changed a lot
appearance and it allowed visually separate the E-Class
from the flagship S-Class. Radiator grill has become
wider and more trapezoidal headlights are now almond-shaped
shape and single led ticks of daylight. Available as an option
matrix led headlights. Lanterns stretched in breadth
and now divided into two parts, one of which is on
trunk lid. A variant of cross-country ability
All-terrain got even more advanced body kit
and a bumper with unpainted bottom part of what made him
more like a crossover. Most important change
Interior – appearance MBUX media systems as on
all other models of the brand. These are two big screens
devices and media systems 10.25 inch
either 12.3 inches, visually united in one panel. As standard
there is intellectual voice control system
and augmented reality function, which overlays navigational
image hints from the front camera. In addition, a function has appeared.
ENERGIZING which helps change backlight settings
musical accompaniment and seat settings depending
from mood as well as opportunity power circuit changes
for cars with hybrid installations. Console got rid of physical
buttons, and a platform for support hands by touchpad
got bigger. Finally, the steering wheel has changed
– truncated “donut” irregularly formally
is a three-spoke, but the side knitting needles are now
divided in two and each of parts has its own
set of control buttons. Updated engine range
in Europe includes a set power gasoline engines
from 156 to 376 hp and diesel engines from 160 to 330 forces. Everything – with soft technology
hybrid and integrated starter-generator power
15 kW that is powered from 48 volt electric
systems and can help engine during acceleration. The newest are
two-liter 272-horsepower Turbo-four and six-cylinder
power gasoline engine 376 forces, also active
according to the scheme of a soft hybrid. Transmission – “automatic”
9G-TRONIC. However the gamut of engines
for Russia can significantly differ. Updated set of helper systems
includes cruise control speed adjustable
according to the navigation system or road signs. In addition, cruise control
learned to stop and move the car
in traffic, and the steering wheel is now knows how to actively intervene
in control while holding car in a strip. Auto brake system
complemented by a commit function maneuver to avoid a collision,
and control electronics dead zones will now warn
passengers if they start open doors when passing
past the transport. For surcharge offered
parking bag with a set panoramic cameras and a set
parking algorithms which can deliver
the car is not only parallel and perpendicular but also
on the selected driver plot. Along with standard
versions saw the light fast sedan and station wagon E 53 4Matic. Outwardly, the cars got angrier
and the updated AMG grille visually made them more
squat. Became more muscular
feed, and more extent it touched the sedan. Wheels – dimension
19 and 20 inches. Also appeared additional
AMG Night Package styling package with front splitter
darkened cladding radiator and a set of external
gloss black elements. A new one appeared in the cabin
steering wheel, and the media system menu MBUX replenished with a set
specific “racing” functions. 3 liter twin engine
supercharged and extra electric turbine
produces 435 hp and 520 Nm, but that is not all. Starter Generator Running
from a 48-volt electrical system, can add during overclocking
another 16 kW and 250 Nm of torque moment. The power unit is working
with a 9-speed automatic AMG Speedshift 9G and four-wheel drive. As a result, the first “hundred”
E 53 picks up in 4.5 s, and the maximum speed reaches 250 or 270 km / h
depending on the installed package restrictions. Both the sedan and the station wagon will come out
to European markets in summer 2020 and will almost immediately be
in Russia. An extended version is also promised.
wheelbase for china, as well as a coupe and convertibles that debut

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