Marna Michele Gives Judges a “Million Reasons” To Love Her – American Idol 2020

Marna Michele Gives Judges a “Million Reasons” To Love Her – American Idol 2020

You have beautiful eyes, Ryan. Did your mom give those
to you? Somebody did. I think she was around. Well, okay. They’re good. My name’s Marna Michele. I’m from Costa Mesa and I’m 27 years old. I have daydreamed about getting a golden ticket since I was 12. This is where my future starts. I truly believe that. I feel like Kelly Clarkson. Do I look like Kelly Clarkson sitting down? When did music start to play a significant role in your life? Sixth grade. And I was like, oh, I’m good at it. And I really liked the attention I got, because it wasn’t negative. It was positive. Growing up was… it’s so funny because I try to, like, make it seem like it was not hard and it was just like “Whatever!” But it wasn’t “whatever”. I was born with a disability called arthrogryposis. My muscles are basically just too weak for my body and my joints are really stiff. So I can move, I can feel, I just cannot walk and I can’t lift my arms above my head. I live a very full life. I have a job. I’m a secretary. I drive my own car. I cook. I clean. It’s everything that my parents weren’t expecting, because they were told not to. And I would not change it for the world. I love my disability. You’ve worked really hard for this.
And I’m very proud of you, sweetheart. Well, it’s cool to have, like, a
really supportive mom. And then a really supportive boyfriend. So, I’m really happy you’re both here with me. Growing up, I never had somebody that was in a wheelchair who I looked up to. My closest person that resembled me when I grew up — because I used to wear like braces and walk with them — was Forrest Gump. I want to be that inspiration for the little girl, or little boy that’s looking at the TV going, well, where am I? How am I being represented? Now, I think it’s time that someone is an American Idol who, you know, isn’t perfect. I have very many flaws and I think that I would make a really good American Idol because of that. How are you? I’m so good. Tell us about your life. Tell us about you. I was born with a disability called arthrogryposis. It’s a muscle and joint disorder. I can’t high five you, but I can fist bump and then I just can’t get out of this chair and, like, run and skip and do things. But, it’s like my best friend. It gets me to and from where I need to go. So…. What’s happening, huh? Oh, my God, those are so cute! Thank you. Fist bump! Proud of you. Thank you. Oh! Oh, my gosh. You guys are all beautiful humans. So, give it to us. [SINGING] Luke? Yeah. You’ve got an incredible range. I just want you to have a little more cry in your voice, maybe, too. Yeah, when she’s doing that. I mean, you know, just, really dig in. Yeah. I have a suggestion. Yes, sir. I noticed you can’t wait to get to the [SNAPS]. Where’s that high note? When actually, I want you to concentrate on the story you’re telling because it becomes flat in terms of the emotion, the feeling. You guys really do teach and I love it. We try! Let’s vote, you guys. Luke? Yes. Wow. Katy? You really aced that exercise. It’s a yes. Wow! You have a big ole yes from me. You’re going to Hollywood. Thank you guys. Thank you so much. I’m zoomin’! I’m zoomin’! I’m really going to take what you said to heart and I’m going to practice my little heart out. We are going to treat you the same and put the same pressure on you. And as per that exercise, you’re going to do just fine. Thank you. Have a good night. This is amazing, it’s the best experience so far in my life. I did it! She got it! And I didn’t just do it. I got a
vocal lesson from Katy Perry.

100 thoughts on “Marna Michele Gives Judges a “Million Reasons” To Love Her – American Idol 2020

  1. To American Idol media producers who wrote that bad description in the description box. She is not “suffering” from anything. She has learnt to manage her condition. To whom it may concern please provide the YT writers with some sensitivity chips for their brains 🧠. Other than that Love American Idol since Day 1 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  2. Can we just appreciate all those beautiful souls that we are seeing on the screen? Isn't this what humans are supposed to do? Like, help each other, love each other and accept everyone like they are. After a lot of disappointment, I am feeling a little proud of our being.

  3. “I’m zooming, I’m zooming.”
    I love her positivity. She’s an inspiration.💜

  4. the confidence is astounding

  5. Great advise from the judges !

  6. Anyone know which version of 'This is me' was playing in the background towards the end?

  7. The shows a joke now. Stopped watching

  8. Learn how to edit a video American idol

  9. Yeah

  10. Bubbly, optimistic, nothing gonna get me down attitude like Rion Paige from The X Factor USA 2013.
    Marna will go far.

  11. she does not sing well

  12. She is so sweet

  13. To hear her say “I love my disability” is so much a thing that needs to be heard. So she doesn’t have the winning voice, but she needs a podcast or a tv show or something. Her heart and mind needs to be heard one way or another.

  14. Really people? You dislike this? While it's true her voice isn't quite there yet compared to other candidates making to Hollywood but this is so inspirational!

  15. Most important lesson of the day: "I love my disability"
    When given lemons…

  16. Oh hell yes u get it girl….

  17. What A Beautiful Voice . I think she would be a KNOCK out with dark hair!!! Good Luck!!!

  18. If I may be so bold, she won’t make the cut! Her voice is not good enough. I find the judges are blowing smoke up peoples arses a lot this year. Good luck though. The dirty old country boy has no hope in hell

  19. Love you from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵

  20. in THIS clip THEY edited OUT the "exercise" that Katy mentions at 3:35; too bad, it was cool on the show when Katy sang for her! 😣

  21. Wow very touching and I'm in tears, well done 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  22. That's so sweet I really hope she makes it if not the top 10 or if not number one I really hope she makes it but I hate to be so critical that in this world no one would hardly accept her entertainmentwise anyway there are too many people who would joke make fun of her because there are more me and bad people in this world than there are good truthful honest people and I'm just keeping it real

  23. She is so pretty.

  24. I wish i have the same soul she has and that positivity!

  25. I literally love her!!🥰 because even with that disability she is so happy and ready to take on the world and I really love that and she is an amazing singer!

  26. Let’s be honest. She only got through because she’s in a wheelchair. There have been some better singers without sob stories who didn’t get through

  27. Disability or not.. It’s a no for me dog..

  28. That was horrible

  29. 😘❤️😍

  30. love her personality

  31. God Bless this Women 🤗💪

  32. Lesson of the day: Don't wear your Grandma's blanket and preted its a dress…..


  34. There is a woman named Joni Eareckson Tada that was paralyzed from the neck down who gives motivational speeches, powerful. A song was also made about her story:

  35. Sweet girl, sad story (glad she’s so confident) but the voice wasn’t doing it for me. Maybe she will grow and be stronger.

  36. Throwing that word /human around pretty loosely.

  37. Singing while sitting.. preach!!!!

  38. He energy and view on life's incredible.

  39. Beautiful !!!!!🌹

  40. What a beautiful person she is!

  41. Because if you dont love a handicapped person u going to hell lol facts

  42. She is beautiful!!

  43. Beautiful

  44. She's IS perfect.

  45. I’m in love with how much Katy Perry has grown as a person.

  46. She is so inspiring and uplifting! I hope to see much more from her! So encouraging! She has a sparkle and joy to her.

  47. Hahhaa she said forest gump 🤣

  48. i love her boyfriend!! how supportive and happy he looked she got out, made me melt!! <3

  49. She is a typical woman, I can’t walk , but I am wearing high heels, love it !

  50. Super cute

  51. Pity pass again.

  52. I think she's amazing.

  53. I love her ❤️❤️❤️

  54. The pitch was just… bad. Out of tune. Cool voice but if you can’t sing in tune how far are you really gonna make it on this show?

  55. I really love her laugh even though she has special needs , you are great keep going never stop.

  56. Her BF is genius…while many likes cats, dogs or animals to care for, which is amazing, her bf stood by her even with her disabilities..thats heroic for me! A real human in a man he is ♥️😊👍💪

  57. Wow, what an inspiration, this will be a great experience for her, even if she doesn’t win, wish her all the best in this competition.

  58. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  59. She has a beautiful voices

  60. as a Canadian…its a shame her idol wasnt Terry Fox.

  61. People assume that having a disability as to be a negative but the facts are anything can be turned into a positive it just depends how you perceive things. The positive here is she’s following her dream

  62. ✨💕✨

  63. she would actually make a great drinking companion…she is so alive

  64. Awesome exactly what she needed to be treated the but given the chance to prove that anyone can be a star.

  65. Lucky

  66. Her attitude is so inspiring! 😄

  67. She got a yes but not for her voice.

  68. She is soo beautiful 😍😍😍

  69. Amazing I love her voice and here energie

  70. it’s kinda impressive how she can sing like that sitting, but i’m guessing she has built up the strength.

  71. GOD bless you 😇
    Represent the world 🙏🙏🙏

  72. I honestly don’t think she was good enough

  73. Im amazed that theres still ppl watching this shit show in 2020

  74. Some of the people they turned out were amazing, and this got a pass? Holy crap.

  75. Who the f… can dislike a video like this !!

  76. 🥺😁

  77. Her story is so touching im so glad she made it!!!!!!!

  78. My heart jumped for joy when she said "I'm zooming in" 😍

  79. She has a good voice but man she can’t sing

  80. I absolutely LOVE this group of judges.

  81. Guys, let's be honest. She's good. But she sounds ordinary.

  82. A few bum notes but that could be nerves 🤷‍♂️

  83. Absolutely adore her voice!

  84. Waaay to pitchy for me

  85. "I love my disability" ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    "I have very many flaws and I think that I'd make a really good American idol because of that." 🙌❤️❤️❤️

  86. I feel for her, but come on… this is just a who has the best sob story

  87. Katy Perry is one of the best Judge the American Idol ever.

  88. I just can’t watch these clips anymore..the editing really and truly sucks..I’m outta here >>>>>>😝

  89. You know damn well if she wasn't in that wheel chair having the disability she had, they would've told her no. Smh

  90. Live in the woods bathe in the lake and sleep in the grass.

  91. We all have disabilities in life. I can swim. But, I can’t swim like Michael Phelps. Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. For, every person that tries to disable you, is able because you are disable. The same people that try to put you down are the ones getting a check for allegedly taking care of you. They put you in that position. But, you don’t have to stay there. Be your light. Be your opportunity. I can’t run like Usain Bolt, but I can put my leg behind my head. What you cannot do, does not make you disable. It makes you different. And, it is our differences that make us the same. Humans. One race. One world

  92. Shes such a beautiful soul!!!! Bless her on her upcoming journey!!!

  93. What a great spirit she has even though she has a disability.. People complain for so little and yet she is full of life.

    Good for you!

  94. Beautiful voice

  95. I were leg braces it’s not fun especially at school

  96. She’s a warrior! My professor has the same disability and he’s has the same cheerful energy it makes me appreciate more what I have. So happy for her.

  97. disabled people are not charity cases. nobody is a hero for dating someone with a disability. all this demonstrates is ableist stigmatization if disabled folx.

  98. Something about this woman hit me very hard and I’m so ready to hear more

  99. I sure hope she goes far with this.. so she can such a role model to so many people.

  100. really are we going to treat her just the same..just sayin

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