Making a Giant Hamster Wheel for our Cat

Making a Giant Hamster Wheel for our Cat

(lighthearted piano music) (cat purring) (remote clicks) (whirring) Do you want to reach
your full potential as an apex predator? SUPURRVISOR: Want. Do you want to catch
that elusive red light that haunts your dreams? SUPURRVISOR: Want. Then you need the Catfaster9000 SUPURRVISOR: Want. (high intensity chanting music) KATELYN: This video is
brought to you by Squarespace, the all-in-one platform
for all your website needs. Hey guys, we’re
Evan and Katelyn, and today we’re making
a giant hamster wheel for our cat! KATELYN: No! (laughing) (beep) So if you guys have
watched our channel you know that Joob,
our supervisor, insert cat here. She works really hard
to keep us on task. So we thought we would make
something special for her. Even though we have no idea
if she’ll use it or want it because she’s a cat. Looking at pre-made
options you can just buy, they fell into one
of two categories: One, they’re either
really expensive because they’re a big, big item and
shipping that is very expensive, or, they’re broken up into
a whole bunch of small little pieces that you
have to assemble yourself and since they’re
assembled plastic pieces, they’re pretty flimsy. So this is a really great
project to make yourself. KATELYN: So there are
a couple DIY cat wheels online already, but the
ones that we saw were either more complicated than
we wanted to deal with or chunkier than we
wanted to deal with. So we came up with
our own design. Let us show you. (Cleaner spraying) For the wheel we’re
going to have two circles of plywood, sandwiched
around aluminum flashing which should be lightweight
but really strong. We’re going to make an
all wood, modern base and it is modern because
we are tapering the legs. So let’s get started. Guys, guys, we got a new tool. We got a new circle jig,
and a new plunge router. Bring it around town! This is exciting. (high pitched buzzing) Uh oh, we should turn it off. (laughing) The
collet came undone. All right, that’s not
the funniest thing. (uncomfortable laughter) Just tighten this a
little bit more this time. (grunts) Here, I’ll help you out. (metal clinking) Now, Katelyn, we need to be
able to get it off later. Hey, I’m just trying to prevent the same mistakes
from recurring. (laughter) All right, let’s try this again. Hey, you know, we got
like four inches cut before it all fell apart,
so that’s progress. (machine buzzing) (energetic music) This is a dusty boy. I am just now realizing the scope of what
we’re undertaking. Yeah, this is a giant thing. If she doesn’t use this, what
are we going to do with this? It’s so big! I don’t know Now that we have two
identical circles, we’re gonna cut
the groove that our aluminum flashing is
going to sit into. So how far in are we
going to do the groove? Let me check my 3D model To the 3D model EVAN: We need it to be
somewhat on the inside because if this is too far out, then you’re going
to see the wheels. (upbeat jazzy music) We got our groove on,
got our groove on. Sorry, I apologize everyone. It looks groovy. (upbeat jazzy music) But does it separate? It’s like a giant,
non-functional hula hoop That’s all folks. Did you forget what
your purpose is? What is my purpose? This is probably one
of the biggest moments of truth, because these
things that we made right here, they’re
a little bit flimsy. A single sheet of this. Aluminum flashing. Is a little bit flimsy, but– Quite flimsy. My intuition is that
all three combined properly are going to
reinforce each other and everything is
going to be good. Yes. I feel like that’s gonna like… Oh. (laughing) (metal scraping) We wanted white
aluminum flashing, unfortunately this is
only white on one side so we’re going to do two layers, which I think will
actually be good. It’ll give it more rigidity. EVAN: Yeah, we’ll just
figure it out as we go. Kind of go in two handed. Maybe we should switch
because I can’t reach it. Let’s maybe recut this out here. What are you saying
about my cut? (laughing) Yeah?
Yeah! Now to try to coax
it into bending opposite the way it was rolled. Okay, you got that end?
Ish. (laughs) Hey! Hey!
Cool! (gasps) (laughs) Cool! You might need more than
that little two inch piece of blue tape No, no, no, no, oh
yeah, this is good. Okay. (laughs) So, the epoxy. Epoxy is like the best
thing to join wood to metal. So what I was thinking
about doing is (metal pops) I told you that wouldn’t fit. If we can fill the
groove with Thixo. And then press it down.
And press down. Might need to grab a step stool to see into the groove. Oh no, you can probably see it I can see it Uh oh. Oh, jeez, oh jeez. Well, I’ll smooth
that out later. How much workable time
do we have on this? Ten minutes? Ten minutes. Okay, so a little
bit faster pace. Yeah. (upbeat jazzy music) Okay, so now we just
have to flip this over, fit it in the groove. Very carefully. Hope this doesn’t drip. It’s happening! We can’t turn back now. That’s the point right? Yeah, yeah, no, it’s
good, it’s good, sorry. Was I not supposed
to lower it yet? No, no, you’re
good, you’re good! Okay. All right, is it not going in? Nothing to be alarmed of yet. Oh no, I feel like epoxy
is just like, leaking down. It’s quite, like,
not good over here. There you go, yeah. The last bit, come on, pop down. (grunts) (clicks) Oh, there’s a lot of
epoxy leaking everywhere. I don’t know, it’s
all going to be great. It’s all going to be great. We are rubbing epoxy everywhere. I should have double-gloved! Oh, it went over it. (clicking and struggling) Is this easier or more complex? Than what? I’m not sure. (laughing) We’ll clean it up,
we’ll clean it up, we’ll clean it up. This looks bad. It’s already curing. It went down! It went down? (excited yelling) Yeah, that was it! Okay quick, clamps? Weights? Clamps. Clamps. Unless you just
want to put a big plywood thing across this. We’ll wipe up this epoxy. It’s not like the best,
but it’s not the worst. Okay, we’ll pause this. We’re going to let it cure and
then we’ll do the other side. Bye. Hello, it’s been four hours. Wait, you got it? It’s a big boy! He’s a chonker. Best way to flip this? Let’s move the whole
table this way. Forward okay. (clattering) What was that? It was the this. (Yelps) It feels… It’s pretty light, actually. Super light weight and really strong. Yeah, wow, that’s great, okay. That’s actually perfect. I don’t want to make
any judgment calls, but that felt really good. Yeah that felt
really good actually. Now we do it again! (upbeat jazzy music) This is looking so good! Look at our wheel! SUPURRVISOR: Hi nerds. Oh hello! Yes, we’re working
on your project! Okay so our wheel is
looking pretty nice, it feels very sturdy. It’s relatively light weight for how big it is,
but you’ll notice that it is trying to escape
on its own and this is not the type of wheel that
we want to just have free reign for the
Supurrvisor to just bulldoze things around the house. That would be so awesome if
we just put the carpet in here and she was just like
a little wrecking ball We’ll need a cat-sized
hamster ball for that. Coming soon, out of resin. (laughing) So logically, the next step
is to build our base for this. Montage mode? (bouncy bass music) (laughs) That would be great- Do I look cool? Yeah, you look really cool. (machine buzzes) (bouncy bass music) So this is what it would look
like with the legs as is. It’s fine, but we’re
going to turn them. We’re going to add tapers. We’re not going to
turn them into tapers. We’re going to add tapers. Here you go. (bouncy bass music) It looks good, we’ll
get our squeeze out Yay!
Yay! (bouncy bass music) (purring) The Catfaster9000! Time for hair and make up
for the next commercial Can I take this? (blowing) And, action! Have you ever had
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website before you know it. If you’ve been thinking
about starting a website you can try it for
free at and when you’re ready
to pull the trigger, you can go to for 10% off your first purchase. (beeps) All right, so next up
is give our Supurrvisor something to grip into
while she’s running at high speed along the circle. We bought these
carpet tiles thinking that’s like perfect
thing, easy to apply. Unfortunately, I
don’t think they are going to grip very well. EVAN: Ready? KATELYN: Yeah. They grip better than I thought. I don’t know, is
that going to work? We touched the
sticky beforehand, and we’re like oh that’s
not adhesive at all, it’s just vaguely grippy,
but that’s actually like… That’s like, on there. That might be be it! We thought we were going
to have to use carpet tape! This is actually pretty good. Although, there is
the issue actually. Will it stick to the ceiling? Yeah. Yeah! KATELYN: Wow, I’m impressed. Well this is going to be a
lot easier than we thought. Yeah. KATELYN: Should we just
time lapse through this? You guys don’t want to watch
us place every single tile? (laughing) Yay! KATELYN: That’s awesome. (playful string music) All right, so the
plan for today was to add the casters, do the
finale, finish everything up. But I started
setting up for today, getting the casters in place, just kind of mocking them
up, making sure they’re high enough and that
they can freely spin. Before we do the final assembly, I did a little bit of testing. Things aren’t really
going as planned. So it is time to grab Katelyn
and tell her the news. It’s a good news, bad
news, good news situation. Good news first! Let me show you it assembled. Look at how
beautiful that looks! It looks nice! It looks super nice! So high end. And classy cat furniture. It looks great, doesn’t it? Yes. Give it a spin, let
me know what you think It’s a little wobbly, three out of five stars. So that’s the good
news, bad news. Okay, what’s the last good news? (sighs) I have hope that
we can salvage this. Because the casters
aren’t locked in, everything is just kind
of clamped in place, I still have a few
more casters to add, and also right now,
the center of gravity of the wheel is here. That’s really high up. But when there’s a cat in here, it’s gonna be more stable? I mean, I guess so. I thought you were going to say but I have a plan to
fix it, guaranteed! I haven’t given up. Okay, that’s good because I don’t want to
build another base! Okay, before we get
caught in the speculation of what could be,
let’s finish this, because this is just a mock up, let’s finish it and then
let’s see how bad it is. Okay, finish it as
in attach the wheels. Attach the wheels
and everything. Okay, okay. Okay. (playful music) Uh oh. Today is off to a great start! EVAN: How are you
going to film this? KATLYN: Yeah, I don’t know. How am I going to drill this? (drill buzzes) All right, we have our
main wheels installed. They’re what’s going to
take the weight and spin it. But my hopes for
stabilizing everything rest on these two side wheels,
because as you noticed, there was rocking
left and right. So if I shim these
precisely, right here, that should prevent the
wobble this way, I hope. Yes. Please, please
work, please work. The moment of truth. This is the final
moment of truth. If this works… If this works, we’re
good, we can test it. If it doesn’t work, I don’t
really know what we can do aside from remaking the base. Is it all aligned? There’s just the tiniest
bit of wiggle room. So I can add one
more shim if we want, or we can just try it right now. We can try it and then
see if we need more shims? (squeaking) It seems… It sounds a little rough. I’m going to add some
lubricant in there. Okay okay. But it seems… oh my gosh! That’s better,
that’s much better. Should we try more shims
or you think that’s good? (rolling) Ha, am cat, am cat. Oh, that doesn’t sound good. What was that? It.. I don’t know. I don’t see anything rubbing, but it sounds like something is. Right? (clicking) Should I, ’cause
there’s still — I think let’s add another shim. the tiniest bit of play in here. Let’s add another shim, I think. We don’t want this
thing going rogue. Maybe just one more shim? Let’s see. Bonus shim. (creaking) Test two, now we have
a total of three shims. I think this is
going to be good. There’s a lot less wiggle room. It feels pretty solid, actually. It looks better. Go at high speed. (rolling) That’s pretty good. Is it time to test? With a cat? Yeah, I mean, with that shim, it’s not wobbling. This is very heavy,
and weighted downwards. Oh my God, I thought we
were going to have to cut the base in half, and
splice something together. Oh my gosh. I’m so glad it works. I was like, these little wheels were a part of the
plan the whole time I didn’t know how much of a
difference they would make. I wasn’t aware about how
crucial they would be. Oh my gosh. Okay, let’s see if she likes it. EVAN: All right guys,
moment of truth. The wheel is in place. KATELYN: We came
prepared, we have lasers. We have cat nip. And we have treats. I think that I want to
spray the catnip on. Pre-spray it? We’re pulling out all the stops ’cause she’s probably going
to be kind of hesitant. Oh you’re just going
to sprinkle some? Ugh!
(laughing) Sorry! (shaking treats) KATELYN: There she is. Hi. EVAN: Hi! KATELYN: She’s like
“what’s going on?” Hey, hop on in! KATELYN: What do you
think about this? EVAN: Checking out
the workmanship. Yeah, what do you think
about our workmanship? SUPURRVISOR: Do not trust. What is this, do you
want to go inside? It’s all dirty looking
because of the catnip. EVAN: Is it time
to use the laser? SUPURRVISOR: Am done. EVAN: No, no. No, no, Joobie, no!
Joobie. She half lifted a paw! Don’t leave, we
made this for you! EVAN: Are you bored? KATELYN: Why are you such a cat? SUPURRVISOR: No. Wow, Oh no… She’s cleaning it. Look, she did it! KATELYN: She moved it! EVAN: She used it, she used it. I don’t think we can
count that as a win. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. She like, literally doesn’t care This is so cool. What if we put her bed on it? Just got in her bed. And then we tried unsuccessfully for an additional 40
minutes to try to get Joob to use her exercise
wheel before we realized we need to change our approach. Okay, we’ve come back
with reinforcements. We looked up some videos
on how to train cats with wheels like this, and also, we upgraded what the
treat is, turkey. We learned watching that video that you’re supposed to
do this over the course of five days, and we
have like five hours. Okay, also, this is a weird
thing, we know we got turkey. We call it ham for her
because she responds when we do this one
particular call. (high pitched call) (mewing) Up, up good down? Good job! EVAN: We need to train
Joob to get comfortable hopping on and off
first, and then train her to move forward a
little bit at a time. KATELYN: Joobie loves ham. EVAN: Oh yes. It was turkey. Do we think that’s ham? Should we have her
go move forward? I mean, they say you’re
supposed to take it slow. She’s doing really good on it. Good practice.
It’s time to practice, yeah. We’ll let her have a
break for a little bit, have some water, and then
we’ll try again later. (playful piano music) EVAN: (laughs) Joobie’s
already interested she’s heading your way. Okay, we didn’t want
to deal with the whole package of ham and
having to keep opening it so I just got a handful (laughs) Feels great! (high pitched call) EVAN: Yeah, that’s so good! So good. EVAN: Even with weird noises. I know, some
questionable creaking. Let’s let her take a few steps, look at her, look
at her, look at her! EVAN: That’s so good! That’s so good! Oh my gosh! She’s doing so
good, I’m so proud. EVAN: So much progress. This is like her
workout/ham wheel (laughing) What every girl wants! I mean, she’s not
spooked by it spinning. She’s even like, look at her,
she’s like walking before I, oh, oh, that was the best. That was so good. It’s recording right? Yes! Wow! Wow! Oh, you smell like ham. (celebrating) She’s doing so good! Okay, you know, I’m really happy with the progress we’ve
made in a couple hours. Based on our research this
could take up to a week to get her fully
used to the wheel, and we have to publish
this video in two days. We’ll keep you guys posted
on how this continues to go on social media. And if you guys want
to see more projects that we made for our cat,
we’re going to have a playlist right up here. Yes, and if you want to
see our gaming channel, where we have wholesome,
fun gaming content on Evan and Katelyn Gaming, you can check out
those videos here. Hi! Do you want more ham? And we’ll see you next time! Bye!
Bye! (beep) Uh oh What (gasps) oh no. Oh, I told you
not to, oh my God, it’s all the way on
the second story! I’m coming back. (playful arcade style music)

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