Live PD: Dude, Where’s My Car (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Dude, Where’s My Car (Season 3) | A&E

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Dude, Where’s My Car (Season 3) | A&E

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  2. Lollll dang i got that same jacket that he stole dont even wanna wear it now

  3. Dude talks exactly like Nate Diaz

  4. Cop tells her she is brave when he should of told her don't ever do that again just let them take it while the police are on there way, good way to get shoot by some nut job who panics and pulls out a gun to get out the car

  5. Dammit, Salinas again.

  6. What the 12 yr didn't mention, officer, was the knife on her ankle holster and pepper spray in pant pocket 🙌

  7. That’s so cool. That brave 12yr old girl is motivated to be in law enforcement. Good for her I hope she does.

  8. It's amazing the "garbage" they have to deal with on a daily basis.

  9. I think he has mental health problems… Maybe he's not all the way there in his head… I'm trying to say what I mean without actually saying the word…

  10. Dude isn’t there at all.

  11. The parents allowed a twelve-year-old to hold a criminal against his will risk in her life and her parents allowed it a******'s

  12. I hope he found his G35 keys

  13. He just gonna play them lies out to the end…

  14. I thought that was Pete Davidson in the thumb

  15. "Yeah… That's unfortunate." 😂😂😂

  16. That 👮 is a pedo for sure

  17. He gonna get turned out in jail when they find out he got outmanned by a girl lol

  18. My life is good!

  19. I wannabe a police officer when I grow up so I can kill people legally

  20. 3:18 me when the teacher explains for the 5th time how they got -12 as the answer

  21. Sandra a baddie 💅🏻

  22. I've ALWAYS wanted to be a police officer

  23. Would’ve popped of on her 😂

  24. I wish someone had gotten into "his" car and driven off.

  25. WOW!!!! SHOUT OUT TO LITTLE SISTER 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

  26. "I'm not really thinking about what I'm saying so it makes my lies worse."


  28. Even if he bought it on the street with alarm tag that's knowingly buying stolen merchandise. Theft is theft.

  29. That was very brave of her. 😲

  30. The perp seemed totally unfazed by the incident.

  31. $100? ummm nope

  32. Dim-witted dude

  33. Average 49ers fan, smh

  34. We don't really kick it like that 😂

  35. He seems legit.

  36. Bahahaha a 12 year old girl held you until cops boooozzzzoooooo

  37. The word hero is thrown around so loosely in America… 🤣

  38. Sandra's a little badass. big sip

  39. Could this guy be anymore brain dead?

  40. I highly doubt they locked their car! He didn't have any tools to break in and was on something that made him loopy and weak.

  41. Anyone see the movie dudes where my car ?

  42. My 5 year old would never believe the cringe excuses n lies these mugs come out with.

  43. Worst liar ever. Xanax related I'm sure

  44. Round of applause for the girl 👏👏👏👏 good job.

  45. Salinas CA is getting worse because of the F'n homeless.
    Might aa well be turned into a sanctuary city anytime soon

  46. That’s Xanax right there

  47. never underestimate a woman .

  48. Lol a small chick kept the thief in check, with no weapons. But i bet the cops drug him out at gunpoint.

  49. “Women’s shirt?” “A Women’s shirt?” Lmao

  50. 😂 this guy. Can’t even be mad at him 🙄😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  51. BS California got rid of charging people with burglary

  52. Don't do xanax

  53. The guy is on xanax and he has a lisp 😂

  54. A car that didn't belong to HIS, with items that didn't belong to HIS?! IT'S HIM!! I hope that she learns proper English so that she won't make a fool of herself when she grows up!

  55. He couldn't exit out the driver's door while she's holding the passenger door shut? Oh, I bought this coat with the tag on it from my cousin's friend! Oh, I lost my car keys!

  56. This dude is a terrible thief, and an even worse liar.

  57. KAG, build the wall

  58. How much can you really get for a car stereo…$20?

  59. Cops making fun of the clothes he stole. LOL!

  60. One charge will be dropped because the females said they believed the door was locked but they didn't say for sure it was. Something similar happened to me and they dropped the charge because I said I'm almost certain I locked my door, but didn't say 100% sure.

  61. Spanish girls are tough as nails, cop said ‘you weren’t scared?’
    Girl: sips drink nah

  62. that mall is so ghetto i hate it

  63. That girl wasn't 12.. she lied probably had warrants lol

  64. Legend has it.. his key's are still looking for him.

  65. 00:54 Victory sip

  66. Build the wall Deport them all

  67. That guy is monumentally dumb.

  68. Bro need to give up lying…stealing, he's pretty good at.

  69. Sandra is a badass. That's all.

  70. Northridge Mall yeah…memories

  71. That dude looks burnt haha

  72. Don’t cops have to keep a clean shave or am i trippin

  73. He off the xans

  74. Of course he drives a g35

  75. Dude got owned by a 12 year old. Way to go.

  76. Why doesn’t he close his mouth 😂

  77. That buster is weak

  78. that officer is super crepy with and about the 12 year old girl

  79. Legend has it that he is still in the parking lot looking for his G35!

  80. Salinas Cali baby ciao!!

  81. He couldn’t think of opening a door on the other side real quick or window or anything?

  82. Ah….he really wanted that shirt. I think he'll go back and try again when he gets out. Hope it's still in stock

  83. Nah bro that’s a guys shirt I stole it right out the men’s section

  84. Ooraah from the 1st division. Hats off to the victim that took some courage.

  85. Tha car was not locked……… Smh

  86. That girl is smart and brave!

  87. officer: "that was really brave, sandra"
    sandra: sips her drink

  88. What a loser

  89. Thankfully he didn't say the classic cop thing, you shouldn't have done that and you could've gotten hurt.

  90. What that girl was 12?? she looked older lmaoo

  91. He looks like the kid from Super Troopers. The one who eats all the drugs. I'm trippin man, yah man, you are tripping.

  92. Stealing car stereos at the mall.

    What is this? Trailer Park Boys: Salinas

  93. If the car was locked, how did he get in…? A slim jim is huge and there’s no way he could have hidden that. Sounds like he probably wasn’t lying about having the keys.

  94. Sandra is a g

  95. That is IQ 60 right there. Just look at that open mouth and those eyes.

  96. Vote for Pedro

  97. At 1:30 is where my mans contemplates his fashion choices.

  98. Dude is barrrrrred tf out

  99. Dam Macy’s got hit

  100. This is legend

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