Live PD: Broken Car Won’t Stop (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Broken Car Won’t Stop (Season 3) | A&E

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Broken Car Won’t Stop (Season 3) | A&E

  1. Wow this kid was literally trying to comply. Jeez cops


  3. This makes cops look bad.

  4. pull over! – thank you for noticing .. but its a cardigan.

  5. Here you are allowed to continue to a safer location when being pulled over. Just like the guy did, you slow down and have your blinker on to indicate you understand you are being stopped, then drive to the nearest parking lot or at least where the shoulder is wider.

  6. Chrissssst u go to jail now for lane and registration violation?!?!?!

  7. Beating the poor down further, we are in the police state, forget the pedos & illegals, haul in the guy with expired tags. At some point this is all going to blow up in the rackets face

  8. Your allowed to continue driving to a safer spot to conduct the traffic stop for safety of you and the officer.

  9. This man was so terrified

  10. Cops were wrong on this one

  11. what the frick is that store called again?

  12. Was that black thing a shoe at the end around 3:31

  13. Pigs

  14. I am for cops but that was abuse of power. If they are that scared they need to go find him another job

  15. Dumbest excuse I ever heard

  16. Has LivePD as shotgun
    Cop: "Watch how hard I can go"

  17. I cannot believe name of store. Just can't 😳

  18. If that guy could afford a lawyer. All those BS charged would be dropped

  19. You ever wear one of them heavy carhartt jackets? Its literally impossible to put your hands behind your back

  20. If I ever drove drunk I’d probably be crashed before any cop finds me😂💀

  21. These cops are just horrible they should very ashamed of themselves

  22. Can we rally against these officers if so how, seems to me his rights were violated.

  23. Cops were all… Ridiculous!!

  24. Serious missteps by the cops on this traffic stop. The guy did nothing wrong. He acknowledged the cop by turning on flashers. Drove into a gas station to pull over and still went to jail.

  25. Lmao… Do all cops from America instantly pull guns out when they pull people over?

  26. Never seen a bunch of over aggressive police work in all my life.. ZERO COMMON SENSE!!! Poor training. I'm in law enforcement myself, 100 different ways you could have handled that situation..

  27. Lol this was abusive.

  28. I was taught to pull into a well lit/safe area when driving. These cops came in at 100%

  29. I don’t care if these 5 cops get killed. 😂👍

  30. In the U.S you can go to jail if you take an extra spork set from 7 eleven if you arrived by yourself

  31. Dude WTF fire this cop an lock him up!!

  32. (getting told to get into the car) "wait a minute… something's not right here.."

  33. Major police brutality in this one, unfortunately

  34. K

  35. This is so aggressive for what started as minor driving infractions. This is why lots of countries don’t let their street cops carry guns. Less fear of police interactions isn’t always a bad thing.

  36. I’m sorry, but I saw no reason to arrest this man
    Cops had a real bad case of s.o.e.

  37. Imagine everything is said in Forest Gump's accent by the guy. It becomes very different lol

  38. Cop went too far

  39. Maybe an unpopular opinion but you all assume he's telling the truth. "My car's brakes don't work." They can't drive his car and test it. They can't just take his word for granted. Also the major thing he's going to jail for is the suspected DUI. The rest of the charges are enough to be taken to jail for but it's the DUI that's getting him the ride to jail. Different states have different laws. In general, if an officer tells you to stop stop. They didn't know his car didn't work, they didn't know if he had a weapon. Sure I wouldn't be so concerned because his hazards were on (which in some states that is illegal) but that could just be a farce. He went to jail for the DUI not the lane violations

  40. He's obviously afraid to a pretty intense level. He winced at the approach of the officers. Didn't even do anything wrong. He made it clear he was going to pull over and pulled into the well lit gas station. But for some reason the super trooper got enough adrenaline during that 10mph "chase" to lose 3/4 of his ability to reason.

  41. somehow americans still wonder about why everyone thinks they're crazy

  42. He had hazard lights on and pulled into a gas station and complied with everything and they arrest him for expiration? Couldve gave him a ticket and towed his vehicle. These cops are the definition of pigs

  43. Worst cops I’ve seen on this show

  44. God this guy is stupid

  45. Black man woulda been shot a long time ago… js

  46. This show is getting out of hand..

  47. Guy done nothing wrong, whole police department should be reviewed. Cops should be fired. He done nothing wrong and y’all pointed guns at him.. smh!

  48. What an overreaction!! What did that man even do?? These cops are so stupid

  49. Ah, he’s “resisting”
    Let’s all four officers body slam him to the ground and yell at him for doing absolutely nothing wrong. What crappy officers, crappy attitudes. I bet they shoot first usually

  50. fake sirens?

  51. I hate those cops

  52. going to jail for lane violations!

  53. cops love putting a gun to people’s head an expecting them to act calm


  55. "relax manes" – Dave Chapelle

  56. Jail time

  57. Felony yield??? Wtf is that?

  58. Honestly these cops messed up on this one. Bullies.

  59. I hate cops specifically these ones

  60. I've seen cops treat actual criminals that actually ran better than these rookies. I hope the judge wasnt corrupt and had half a brain and threw this case out…

  61. And waive them like you just don’t care.

  62. Bunch of scared police

  63. Cop: "walk backwards, dont look at me for i am hideous!!"

  64. I call this police brutality. They think they are above the law, well they are NOT

  65. why is it that all the cops on this show look like they were bullied growing up?

  66. I love how people like to tell cops how to do their job even though they have no training, experience, or knowledge of law enforcement.

  67. Those cop are so wrong stop the guy in his brand new car went he didn't do nothing the guy just wanted some gas for his car and for his own consumption…lol

  68. So, if you slow down and wait until you get to a well-lit area, you get taken down at gunpoint?

  69. That is so stupid man cops are suppose to be there to serve and protect not be bullies.

  70. Cops definitely could’ve handled that one better.

  71. Well… Those were very unprofessional cops, to say the least… Very quick to react violently, as it seems to be the norm, now, especially in the USA…. I mean: the dude may have been a tad weird and may have driven a bit further than the Gestapo cop wanted him to, but nothing that justifies being mistreated that way…

  72. Poor guy is terrified

  73. LOL, that was funny!

  74. He literally broke no laws by pulling into a public space

  75. Wow…. $2.57? gas prices are super low at that station

  76. Great use of time and resources. I just feel so much safer now that the dangerous killer was caught. Even if the dangerous killer just changed lanes without indicating he's on dangerous man

  77. Mom I love you!

    God bless everyone.

  78. “It’s backwards” Aw he already knew the feeling of cuffs lol

  79. i support the cops on this one. dude was a complete moron, took 3 hours to pull over, not obeying very clear and simple commands. good job blue.

  80. All that screaming and yelling,3 fat Police Officer on one skinny Person.Wow👍👌🏽

  81. The guy is lucky he was white, oh man those pigs were jerks, unfit to be called officers for that overly aggressive bs. If dude was black he'd be dead.

  82. The way cops are trained is so dramatic and overdone but I guess that them trying to be safe. I just feel like extremely over the top reactions from cops can escalate instead.

  83. It's a cardigan.

  84. Definitely hurting for revenue!

  85. Pulling guns for what exactly?
    “Please don’t shoot me”
    He never threatened anyone…
    I get the safety thing, I do but,..Seems a bit much.

  86. Corrupt cops all the way.

  87. ALL LIES

  88. i have a great deal of respect for anyone in law enforcement but the way those three cops acted is worrying, that's that kind of cop that's going to hurt someone

  89. That's th end?Was he cleared?

  90. Total scumbags, they lied over and over. He never evaded and never refused any instructions.

  91. These cops are balloon heads !

  92. Irresponsible policing. Shame on you pigs!!

  93. Way overreacted for the cameras.

  94. “Put the hands out the window!” continues to remove prosthetic hands and place them outside of the vehicle

  95. cops a freak

  96. What a bunch of power hungry pigs lmao

  97. They are too extra

  98. Y'all this guy is the definition of passive aggressive. The amount of aggression shown from a police officer is almost directly related to how long it takes you to pull over. People with s*** cars don't get to change the law.

  99. Now that's some jackass cops.

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