Lifted 2WD or Lowered 4WD!? || This or That

Lifted 2WD or Lowered 4WD!? || This or That

– What’s going on guys? It’s Fuller here with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV. We stole Cody from Brand and Title Co. To jumping in an episode of This or That. So this time, we actually
have Colin behind the camera. He’s gonna ask the questions, we’re going to answer them. – Let’s do it. – [Colin] Lifted two-wheel drive, or slammed four-wheel drive? – Oh God, that’s like way backwards. – Yeah. Honestly, if you live in an area where you don’t need four-wheel drive, I think two-wheel-drive lifted trucks. I mean, they look the same as a four-wheel-drive truck. Obviously, you’re just missing the four-wheel drive component of it, and you’re gonna get
picked on a lot for it. Because I see people all the time scrolling through and they’re like, “Oh, where’s his, where’s his front axles? “You know, where’s the CV axles?” – [Cody] Tyler. – [Fuller] Right. (Cody laughs)
He got so much crap for that truck. – [Cody] He got roasted on our channel.
– [Fuller] But it looked– It looked cool. – Yeah, it did.
– So, I don’t know. If you take a four-wheel-drive
truck and lower it, I guess there’s nothing
wrong with that either. You still, at least, have four-wheel drive if you want to use it, but– – [Cody] Right. It’s kind of a tough, like, in between. I don’t think any choice is really better. But, like you said, like, around here, there’s no way you’re buying
a two-wheel-drive truck. There’s just no purpose for it, unless it is your show season build where you keep it inside.
– Yeah, if you only drive it on the pavement, that’s fine. Two-wheel drive is going
to be just fine for you. – Absolutely. Now, the biggest thing is price point. Those two-wheel drive
trucks are a lot cheaper than the four-wheel drive trucks, so. – [Fuller] Yeah. – [Cody] In some people’s case, they can’t get into a four-wheel drive truck right away. It makes sense. – [Fuller] Or, if you’re
planning on building it and you live in South Carolina, – [Cody] Yeah. – [Fuller] You know, save
some, save some money, get the two-wheel drive
and then roll with it. – [Cody] Yeah. – [Fuller] You need to
pay attention though, because there’s different kits for four-wheel drive trucks
and two-wheel drive trucks when it comes to suspension, so you want to make sure that if you’re buying a lift kit, you get the one that
actually fits your truck. – [Cody] Yeah. – [Fuller] Because, you can’t, the question pops up on
Instagram all the time, like, “I’ve got a two-wheel, “or I’ve got a four-wheel drive truck, “can I just buy the two-wheel drive kit? “Because it’s cheaper? “I’ll never put it in four-wheel drive.” It’s like, no, it doesn’t work that way. – (Cody laughs) – There’s different components. – [Colin] Take CO2 off-roading, or the K350 off-roading? – Well, I was just hanging
out with the C boys and we took the K350 off-roading to get in the snow and, it, honestly, didn’t do that good. – [Cody] Yeah. – [Fuller] But, I don’t really know that CO2 would do much better. Both four-wheel drive trucks, both heavy duty trucks, you’ve got one gas, one diesel, both on BDS coil-overs, both with wheels that are
way too big for off-roading. I guess I’d probably go with CO2, only because the tires
are a little bit narrower. We kept running into with the K350, the tires were so wide, we were, like, pushing
snow with the tires, instead of trying to, like, cut through it to get over stuff. – [Cody] Sure. – [Fuller] That’s really the only, like, educational input I could put on that. – Yeah, I’ve seen CO2 in action off road. I’ve been in the truck
when it’s been off road and it’s always, it’s
always done really well. I think–
– [Fuller] For what it is. – [Cody] Yeah, for what it is. I think, you know, the K350 just needs to stay on the payment. SEMA build. – [Fuller] And it’s straight axle too. And, the CO2 is independent
front suspension. So, it’s a little smoother. The K350, man, she bounces you around a little bit when you start hitting the big stuff. – [Cody] It’s been getting a lot of, it’s been getting a lot of work though, compared to your normal SEMA build. – [Fuller] Yeah, for sure.
– [Cody] You know, we’ve been putting, our con boys have been putting their builds to the test, out in the desert, whipping, whipping, out in the C boys in the snow. They’re really testing this thing which is cool to see. – [Colin] Lifted Diesel 3500, versus Gasser 3500? – In a 3500, I would go
with the diesel, for sure. Just because if you’re getting a 3500, or like a one ton truck, it’s probably because
you do a lot of towing. Otherwise, you know, don’t get the one ton,
get a three-quarter ton, because the ride gets kind of worse as you get more heavy duty. So, if you want to get
the max payload out of it, then I would go with the diesel option. But, if you’re not towing, then
I guess just get the gasser. – [Cody] Yeah, it’s just
they’re such big trucks, I feel like I would just
feel more comfortable having the diesel and
having the capabilities. Once you have a truck
with that kind of power, you’re going big boy range, running 40s and stuff like that, that’s just not possible with gassers. – [Fuller] Yeah, that’s true. You get a lot more
power out of the diesel. Like, if you’re going to
modify it and be huge, you want the extra
torque to get you moving, because the gas engines just, you know, from a stop, especially, don’t make the torque that
the diesel engines do. And, you get so many options
as far as like tuning goes. It’s really easy to buy a tune and add 200 horse to a diesel. If you want to add 200 horse to a gasser, like, you better plan on
adding some force induction, because you’re going to need a lot. I don’t know what we ended up with on CO2 when we added the super charger, but we didn’t have to
add anything to the K350, just a tune and it, like, woke that truck up big time.
– Yeah. – Totally changed it. Gas engine, not so much. But, am I kind of a hypocrite because I have a gas engine in my 2500? Meh. – [Cody] But, I mean, CO2 does just fine with it’s gas engine. And, it all depends what
you’re going to be doing. – Right.
– You know, if you’re doing a four inch lift and something decent, then gasser. Or, if you’re towing, like you said. Or, if you’re ten inch
lifting 42s or something, then well.
– Right, there’s just so many options. – Then we’re talking a
little bit different, so. – But, me, my choice,
if it’s a 3500, diesel. – I’ve only been in a gasser so far. I want a diesel next. That would be sick. – You should swap a diesel into the Silverado you guys just built. That’ll be next on the channel. – Branded Title Co. – [Colin] Hummer H2? Or, Jeep JK? – H2 versus JK. – Cheap JK. – He said Jeep JK, you idiot. – Oh, he did say Jeep JK. I thought he said cheap. I’d still pick the cheap one. I’m not a Hummer guy.
(Fuller laughs) – [Fuller] The H2 is a beast. And, I don’t know if I want to own one. Shaun had that one for a while. It was crazy that,
like, on a leveling kit, you can actually fit some pretty big wheels and tires on there. We just had a ProRyde kit on ours. But, I don’t know. – [Cody] They feel so cheap is my problem. – [Fuller] The insides are very plasticy. – [Cody] It’s too plasticy.
– [Fuller] But a JK is a little bit plasticy, too. The new JL is sweet. That would make this question easy. – [Cody] I’m still going JK. – [Fuller] I’m torn, I’m really torn. I think I would go with
the JK also, though. – [Cody] The reliability
and just everything. Everything about jeeps.
– [Fuller] Because you can take the doors and the top off. – [Cody] Yep. That’s got me sold.
– Sold me. That’s it. – [Colin] Bonus question. Would you rather be able to walk on water? Or, be fireproof? – Oh, walk on water or be fire proof? – Fire proof. I love water too much. Can you imagine not being able to–
– Just because you can walk, doesn’t mean you can’t also, like, swim. – Oh, well, this might change everything. (Fuller laughs) – I think I would go
with fire proof, though. Because of how reckless
and dangerous I am. – That’s true. – Like, I wouldn’t have to worry about crashing the drift
car and burning up. I would just get out of there.
– Yeah. Just walk out. – Or I would join the circus and be, like, “For this act, I’m going
to light myself on fire.” – You’d make so much money. – And, then, people would be like, “Oh my god, how’s he not burning?” That’s because I’m fire proof. – But, you could also just go take a dip in, like, the Pacific Ocean. Like, literally, miles out. – [Fuller] Just walk out
there and then be like, “Ah, here’s good, ploop.” – [Cody] Yeah, that’d be sick. – [Fuller] Yeah, you know, actually, I guess you could probably make money by walking on water, too. – [Cody] Yeah.
– [Fuller] I don’t know. I’m going to go with fireproof though. – [Fuller] I’m going to go with walking on water. What was out last bonus question? The last one. – I don’t know. – [Colin] Would you rather
fight Mike Tyson once, or talk like Mike Tyson
for the rest of your life? – I think that’s pretty
fine for me to just– (Cody laughs) – Oh man. – I don’t know. – Would you rather be
punched by Mike Tyson? – Oh yeah, or talk like him? – Once, or, talk like Mike Tyson forever? That was our bonus question last time. – Yeah, we picked
opposite on that one too. That’s another episode of This or That? Thank you guys for watching. If you have any questions
you want to ask us about, literally, pretty much, anything, you can drop in the comments down below. If you’re asking questions
about wheel start suspension, we can probably answer
that at That’s it. Peace. – [Fuller] You got dudes, dude? – [Cody] Dude, I’ve got dudes, dude. – [Fuller] Nice, I’ve got dudes too dude. (theme song music)

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