LEGO Hidden Side El Fuego’s Stunt Plane, Drag Car, & Welcome set reviews! 70727 70729 40408

LEGO Hidden Side El Fuego’s Stunt Plane, Drag Car, & Welcome set reviews! 70727 70729 40408

hey everyone in this video I’m gonna be
showing you three different to Lego hidden side sets for 2020 this is el
Fuegos stunt plane this is welcome to the hidden side and then this was a gift
with purchase in January and it’s just called drag racer it’s trying to
introduce a lot more people to the theme I want to start with welcome to the
hidden side not because of its name being a good way to start out a video
but because it’s so different it’s it’s truly unique it’s not like anything that
they’ve done in the hidden side theme up to this point year 1 or year 2 you see
that basically what you have here is a tree it’s a haunted tree looks like it’s
at night and then you’ve got a little entranceway that’s a man with man-made
old tunnel maybe it’s old maybe it’s not too old but does appear that the tree
has grown all over it but the colors are all done up the way that they are
because this is intended to be a view of the hidden site itself
there’s no transformation feature for the tree to show basically to reveal its
its possession you’re looking at this from the perspective of a ghost or from
the perspective of someone who is living in the hidden side it’s actually in that
dimension so it’s kind of like in the app game that goes with these sets where
you can be a ghost hunter where you’re just a normal person and you see things
in normal colors and you try to search around and find ghosts and ghostly
things or you can play as a ghost in which case you are trying to haunt
things and you’re trying to defeat regular humans so we have just a regular
human figure this main character here has not been turned into a ghost the
colors the color grading that they’ve done to him just like they’ve done to
the rest of the set is because you’re looking at this from just a different
perspective and I like that I like that idea and I think that they’ve done a
pretty good job here with the high contrast and the choice of colors and
it’s nice to to not have something that just completely transforms and has a
huge mechanism that takes up a ton of space to switch into a
a possessed form all that we have here in this set for a an action feature is
just that right there in the mouth there’s basically a hopper that contains
a bunch of stuff that can be dropped out so it went out this way so yeah it’s not
particularly wonderful but throws a couple of spiders at you and also
another thing that got thrown out was a bat so that one just kind of fell back
here just a single regular old Lego bat so you just load those up in the hopper
and as you walk through they get thrown at you that’s that the other thing that
you can actually interact with here the other main thing you interact with is
just one of the the ghost hunter devices and that’s important for the app in
general this is basically showing just a little bit of a rip or a tear of reality
where you’re seeing our world the real world the normal world so you know this
is this is what normal people would see and it’s for us actual real people to
interact with to change to the different colors when they prompt you to in the
app so you switch to different modes and look for different types of ghosts they
also have these couple of tree root limbs that can be flipped up so there’s
one over here flip that up and it reveals the yellow and with later
gameplay and optional add-ons not talking about DLC just other things
that you can unlock as you go through and also as the development team decides
to add new things there are no microtransactions in this edges want to
be very clear are skipping in that app I want to be very clear about that but
these are just additional places where reveals can occur so they just have a
little bit of color that shows and that’s just that around the back there’s
not much else to see so let’s just move on to the figures so looking at the
figures up close that’s Jack on the left and it’s just a regular Jack but viewed
from the hidden side so viewed through the eyes of a ghost or through the eyes
of someone who who is possessed and attached to the
hidden side just color graded for us and on the right is axel chops I love it
when Lego releases a figure that could feasibly be just a different version of
another regular minifigure you can clearly see that the connections to
normal life there and that Specter piece that they have four legs is continuing
to work out fantastically well it was first introduced I believe it was four I
mean was it Ninjago or one of the collectible minifigures series it was
very close to each other at the same year I believe but they’ve been around
for some years and they just keep doing different colors and I think they look
great I think it’s just a great piece that adds to anything anytime that it’s
used appropriately and then underneath there is an alternate face for Jack no
alternate face for axel chops but that’s okay it’s a transparent piece that does
look pretty cool looks like completely unobscured of course Jack has his smart
device to do his remote ghost hunting and Axel chops has an axe these two
ghosts are almost identical except for their face prints and they are unique
characters actually the one on the left is Waylon and on the right is scrim /
everything else is the same other than the face print again using those nice
leg specter pieces ghost pieces and transparent heads yeah you can see the
opaque body part coming up in there for the neck but it’s okay a little black
bit on the front that acts as a marker for the machines doesn’t bother me that
much on on these I feel like it adds a little bit of extra contrast as viewed
from the front maybe if you focus on it a little bit you know for a while I can
start to bug yeah and they’re not going to be a hundred percent consistent but
overall I think that these look just fine
do note if you’re not familiar with hidden side that the colors do not
denote rank they’re just different kind of like sub elements of
jewishness there’s a surprisingly low volume of spare parts for this set given
the size of the actual build and the sticker sheet when spent shows that it’s
trying to look like a face the set retails for $20 us for a little less
than 200 pieces and for the amount of stuff that you get here with the number
of figures and everything I think that’s a fair price I don’t have any better
suggestion I’ve stopped my head for a price for it it just kind of makes sense
for what all is here I would say yeah and yeah I like the set I think it’s
cool I do like the figures but they’re not
for everybody you know this this alternate version just having like a a
nighttime version of color graded version of a figure is a really cool
idea as it is for the rest of the set but you know the ghoul figures you know
aren’t gonna fit in with everybody’s desires you know even if maybe this part
does in in some ways if you want to have like a dark corner of a little diorama
or something and it’s very easy to leave off the the normal world stuff that the
ghost hunter stuff on the side so just overall I think it’s pretty successful I
think that the bat and spider dump is not particularly successful you name
fall out at that time so that’s a little bit lame but otherwise it’s not like you
pay a lot for just that feature otherwise it’s just pretty well done 20
bucks is fine the first thing I thought when I saw el fuego stunt plane was oh
no no Fuego is dead that’s horrible they actually included a skeleton of him in
the set but don’t worry he’s a master showman I am sure that there’s an
explanation and I’m sure that he is perfectly fine even though he is
apparently a skeleton and there is no full version of him in the set so
there’s no reveal or anything and the skeleton of him is intended to actually
be in the cockpit but again don’t worry he’s a master showman I’m sure
everything is okay focus on the plane itself though of
course I use this term every once in a while of genuine Lego
build this feels like a very genuine Lego build the way that it went together
kind of like a like a creator build to be honest with you more than some of the
lower end sets you know it’s it’s parts that just go together in in a most
wholesome way that you kind of expect there’s there are no major pre-built
parts you know there’s no like plain chassis and plain fuselage main part
underneath here there’s no huge panel piece or anything I mean you’ve got some
decently large roof pieces used for the wing surface but there’s additional
building underneath and also there is one wing ass gonna be one wheel cover
piece that’s used at the back of the engine
trying to look like a radial engine and that’s a pretty nice design and it’s a
pretty good integration of the hidden side mechanism to show different colors
so you rotate all of this and look on the top there oops
there we go and reveal there’s the coral there’s the yellow and there’s the
medium Azure and then you just put it away you don’t even see it I love that
fact that it hides away completely that’s what I always want to see you
don’t loose now there we go I need to loosen this up a little bit so that the
pillar can still turn in it’s not turning particularly well it’s just look
at the draw there but I like this build for the radial engine it looks like it
has a good amount of detail because you can see the inside basically the back of
the large wheel cover down in there gives additional details but what I
don’t like here is that these parts can easily be pushed in that kind of
represent cylinder head fins or something like that they can be pushed
in so you need to be careful with those that’s a little bit annoying also the
wings are not the most durable things they don’t feel particularly durable and
definitely if I squeeze these wing tips over here it’s starting to starting to
peel up starting to kill up under there so that’s not good
basically this whole thing feels to me like more of an advanced set more of a
teen and adult collector said in spite of the theme just the way that it’s
built it feels like it’s designed by a lego creator team designer I don’t mind
that myself but I don’t know if it’s the best thing for the core audience you
know for a younger folks look at the level of detail under here with the a
nice exhausts that have the candle pieces the candle flame pieces to give
just a little bit of subtle flame coming out the tailpipes there and beyond that
I mean this thing is fairly solid again the genuine building that’s that’s used
for it you know there’s not a lot of hollow space in the fuselage it’s fairly
heavy you have some areas that you can open up to expose the yellow color over
there exposed a yellow color over there you know for scanning things into the
app it’s a little bit blocky with the the tail feathers especially the
vertical stab but it’s okay it’s not bad I like the shaping and the idea is that
you would have a tail gunner or you can put in would be able to fire the stud
shooter there’s a space for that person to fit in the cockpit and the pilot also
gets the flight stick there in the front and there’s additionally space up out
here on the wing or you can attach a person who can be doing stunts or they
can just be helping to take down ghosts by again firing the stud shooters then
there’s one additional thing over here on the side looking from the front that
is actually a seat piece with a sticker on it sticker on the back of it and
looking around at this side another little reveal that can occur right there
you just pull this out and it reveals red so it’s just another color and
another place for the app to scan things in but it’s integrated in decently well
and that one’s a little bit more visible personally just really like this front
cuz I mean that’s really really bright really stands out but that is almost
completely hidden away just like I wanted just like I want it to be you
know I don’t want those sort of action features to scream at you they don’t
need to you know that they’re there you built the thing so let this look nice
and I think it does look pretty nice it’s easy to take the hidden side stuff
out of it visibly by just removing a couple things from the wings so here are
Jack and the skeletal version of el fuego again don’t worry el fuego is not
actually dead unless you want him to be entirely up to you to make that decision
but you know they can just represent a plastic skeleton with no Fuegos helmet
on then you just put it into the cockpit needs to remotely fly anything or
something like that Jack of course comes with a mobile device and well there’s
not really that much else to see here there’s not a lot of variation for Jack
there’s this alternate face no alternate face for the skeleton but an interesting
face for the the main one it has the smiling expression and also the bandage
to try to sell the whole thing this is a far more interesting figure it’s Mary
brakes um that’s for her official name and she has this huge jet pack on flight
suit so she is a daredevil evidently with el Fuegos group and yeah that’s
pretty cool that’s a single sticker there on the back but most of this is
just built up with again that you know that that nice genuine building
experience it’s nice to build things up rather than just having a single large
molded part I appreciate that especially for a minifig accessories it’s just fun
the colors are well they are what they are yeah well old with the the teal and
purple there but it works for what it’s trying to do and with everything
unobscured you can see more of that print or the
torso especially that looks pretty good good facial expression
better one here just a little bit more expressive in my opinion and a good
matching torso print on the back the set also includes an entire alternate
headpiece so that Mary can get maybe possessed
while midair or something like that and your intended to leave the helmet on and
also the suit as well but you’ve seen the suit by now
that is that also included is Spencer the Friendly Ghost Dog just a single
piece for that one and it’s molded in marbled well dual moulded and marbled
clear and white together no two of them will be identical but they tend to be
fairly close this one has lots of spare parts thanks mostly to this ghostly
ghoulish blast and splat part set that they include and it’s entirely optional
you can use it however you want you know some of these pieces attach to the hands
of minifigures some of them just have Bar attachments
that will work with anything this one also has a stud basically an anti stud
get it to pop up there we go and I said in the middle so anything that is a stud
will fit right into that you know snap right in and you also get some extra
studs for the stud shooter one of these nice little bits in dark as your and
candle piece and yeah lots of stickers for this set okay so this one costs $30
u.s. and it has 295 pieces so the price to part ratio is right where you want to
see it and it does have some decently large pieces so it’s not like the price
to park value or number is artificially boosted you know made to look way better
because it has lots and lots of 1 by 1 stud pieces like that but I struggle
with this one a little bit because objectively I can totally see $30 worth
of Lego stuff there between the figures oh the figures are a little bit weak I
mean this this one’s really cool but the others aren’t that great but just the
amount of stuff that’s here and especially if you put it in in the hand
and actually hold it you can feel the weight and having built
it I know what all went into this and it’s pretty proper but I’m just gonna
say subjectively I don’t even have a good defense for this perspective but I
would like to see it I have 25 dollars I just for some reason I don’t feel I
don’t feel thirty dollars here and I don’t know why there’s just something
it’s just a feeling and I just can’t properly explain it nope if it looked a
little bit better if it looked a little bit more realistic maybe I would feel
that I mean it’s not that it’s not that difficult to take the ghost-hunting
stuff off of this is it the color scheme that’s throwing me off is it the cockpit
area did it need something else there no it doesn’t I don’t know it’s just a
feeling $30 totally makes sense I would like it
to be 25 no more the drag racer again was a gift with purchase promotional set
and it’s fairly substantial for one of those I mean yeah they sometimes make
big things but I mean this is only required I think it was a $30 purchase
in Lego stores to get this from any theme yeah it didn’t have to be hidden
side stuff the idea here was to get more people who are not familiar with hidden
side to try the app because you can actually scan this in even though it’s a
small thing even though it’s a promotional item it’s not like a polybag
that just comes with a figure in a small bill this is a proper build that will
actually scan and allow you to try everything out so front-engine dragster
type thing and looks looks a little weird especially because of this now you
well I wanted to look at this as like a rocket or a jet booster but it’s not
it’s just a cannon it’s a man cannon so I will go ahead and put the rider figure
feels so wrong but yeah it actually works you know pops
mouth can change the angle of the thing if you want to and that’s just the
general idea this has this a single seat which makes sense got the flame coming
out each of the headers there it’s like it’s a four cylinder it’s a v4 really
funky don’t know what’s going on with the lights in the front with the bone
behind their bones on the sides I don’t mind the nose of it maybe it’s a little
bit blocky but the overall shaping is respectable I think I do wish that this
looked a little bit more like a vintage dragster a vintage front engine top fuel
dragster with the larger wheels and tires more forward you know what the
driver actually hanging off the back behind the axle
I think pushing it more in that direction would have made it more
interesting and then you can just leave the cannon off you want it desperately
needs a parachute though so badly I mean I guess no not seeing anything that
could even be imagined to be a parachute but here’s the big transformation for
this one to show that it actually becomes possessed it gets eyes there you
go those big ol inverted two by two printed pieces that were made just for
this theme I think they look pretty good it’s interesting I guess hey maybe those
are your air brakes but you know I actually like the the proportions of the
thing better like this so maybe turning those around would be a good idea if you
want to just have something that looks like a respectable fantasy drag racer
the figures are a jack of course one of the main characters and then a recurring
character from last year Dwayne of the hairs of havoc motorcycle gang a gang
came with the el fuego stunt truck set if I remember correctly in just a normal
form and also could be possessed so in this set
you only get him possessed there is no regular head to go with it I am glad
that the set also includes an alternate version
of Jack’s headgear peace so he’s hood down and has the cap on backwards that’s
a new mold and yeah it’s just nice to get something different they do not have
the normal version the hood up version but I like the hood piece and I hope
that they make that hood piece in different colors a lot of different
colors especially black for me yes I’m being absolutely selfish with that I
just think it’s a really cool piece and yeah it’s useful it’s a kind of like
flexible too to keep it from breaking too easily
there’s the alternate face no alternate face or the possession head on the right
because they’re just showing some extra detail and there’s the rest of the print
on the back of Jack’s torso and finally a look at all of the spare parts for the
drag racer obviously I can’t really talk about value with a gift with purchase
promotional set but again this one was I believe given away with purchases over
$30 us and might have been 35 or something but it was fairly low and if
this was sold at retail which I mean it’s its retail packaging you know it’s
got the coat on and everything I mean this could yet be sold just like this
but I would expect it to be like 10 to $15 u.s. not sure which is better I
would certainly prefer 10 bucks myself but it is a little bit on the large side
or a 10 dollar set I’d probably sell for 15 and I would say it should be cheaper
but it’s free so yeah can’t really talk about value but as for the thing itself
it doesn’t impress me that much to be honest with you I wish that it was
different but little modifications make it much better like taking this off
flipping those side things around I think makes it much more interesting
much more cool I really feel like they should have leaned way into the 1960s
horror dragster kind of kind of thing with with this that would have made it
much more interesting just wouldn’t have taken too much more effort but probably
would have required more parts and then that would have busted the
budget for a freebie so yeah it’s free so really can’t complain there’s a
real-time build video for all three of these sets and there’s a speed build
video for all three of these sets check out one of those if you would like to on
the respective channels linked from the end screen and also from the video
description I’ll talk to you again here very soon

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