Lance Tells Pat to “Have a Nice Life” | Wheel of Fortune

Lance Tells Pat to “Have a Nice Life” | Wheel of Fortune

– Lance. – W. – Two W’s. 7500. – Downtown main street. – Yeah, very nice. (audience applauding) Boy, you came dangerously
close to pulling out there. Well, second place not so bad. It’s an all cash total of $14,700. – Oh, I can take that. – Yes, you can.
– Thank you, Pat. – Thanks Lance, it was
really nice having you. – Thank you, Pat, have a nice life.

14 thoughts on “Lance Tells Pat to “Have a Nice Life” | Wheel of Fortune

  1. I wonder if he meant it to be rude or just polite

  2. nice content you deserve more views

  3. awesome video

  4. I don't get it.

  5. I love these Wheel Of Fortune videos, it's such a shame that they're so short

  6. Lance was a little strange!

  7. Bad news: due to coronavirus, there will be no live audience for the rest of this season. I’m not sure if the same goes to future contestants who would fly to Los Angeles, California to play wheel of fortune.

  8. Man I am interested to see how the contestants act when there is no audience in the Studio. For Jeopardy however it will just be Alex's voice echoing. LoL

  9. Just saw this live and I'm dying! 🤣Lance- well done! A pleasure to watch him fulfill his dream of being on the show

  10. Why was he dressed like he dresses for his job? Definitely on the spectrum.

  11. Lance is my brother. He did an amazing job accomplishing a childhood dream!
    We, his family are very proud of him!
    He has always been very brilliant with solving puzzles!
    Btw, he definitely meant it to be polite! 😉

  12. That's my cousin! He was being polite, he has a slight disablity which most people may not see up front. It was his life long dream to be on wheel and he didn't know if he'd ever be up there again which is probably he said that. He was probably starstruck too lol

  13. Well it unlikely he would see him ever again!🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. Was he close to pulling out Pat?

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