Konami’s Mini Console Is First to Be Delayed Due to Coronavirus – IGN Now

Konami’s Mini Console Is First to Be Delayed Due to Coronavirus – IGN Now

A new game console that we’re very excited about just got delayed due to the Corona virus. Well, now it’s personal. Konami has announced that the release of the topographic sixteen many has been delayed due to the ongoing Corona virus outbreak. The term graphic 16, many known as the p.c Engine Core Graphics middIe in Europe and just the p.c engine many in Japan was scheduled to launch on March 19th. We each have them preordered on Amazon, all ready to go. But Konami said production issues caused by the outbreak will lead to a delay. KMI said in an official statement regarding the PCR engine core graphics, mini console and its peripheral accessories. The manufacturing and shipping facilities in China have encountered an unavoidable suspension due to the current Corona virus outbreak. As a result, the delivery of all PCR engine core graphics many products which was originally scheduled for March 19, 2020, will be delayed until further notice. Konami said it is trying to deliver the new mini consoles as soon as possible and will provide further details when a new launch window is confirmed. This is the first new hardware released delayed due to the Cauvin 19 outbreak, which has been impacting the videogame industry in a number of ways. So Twitch Kahn recently became the latest event canceled because of the outbreak. While the Entertainment Software Association is evaluating its E3 plans, quote, daily after Los Angeles declared a state of emergency and this all has its wondering if the launch of next gen consoles PlayStation 5 and X-Box Series X scheduled for later this year will be affected. We will continue monitoring how the Corona virus is affecting the game industry here at IGN. Sounds like we need your help and your vote to determine the best videogame character of all time. Help us decide in our power rankings. Face off. Head to IGN and let your voice be heard.

58 thoughts on “Konami’s Mini Console Is First to Be Delayed Due to Coronavirus – IGN Now

  1. First

  2. Big saggy delayed boobiematitiebreast

  3. Damn it corona ruined everything



  6. Aaahh….our beloved Konami….


  7. who gives a f**k it's from konami

  8. Drat!

  9. See you next year PS5 😪

  10. Xbox and PS5 will be next.

  11. There is no virus so chill

  12. amazing video

  13. As much as I want my TurboGrafx16 mini, it is not as important as the health of Chinese workers. Human lives must come first, always.

  14. Ok

  15. Noooooooooooooo.. Now we are going to have to play the regular sized TurboGrafx-16. Damn you KoVidNami-16!!

  16. "We need your help to determine the *BEST VIDEO GAME CHARACTER OF ALL TIME*.. No need.. It's going to be Mario. Whether we like it or not.

  17. YOOOOO! I didn't know the TG16 was going to be a mini! I played the crap out of that console as a kid! Dungeon Explorer & Ninja Spirit were the games I played the most. For some reason, I thought Keith Courage was much harder than Ninja Spirit.

  18. Does it play Pachinko?

  19. Rondo Of Blood or I’m not interested.

  20. Oh dear… I'm sure the two people who were excited for this will be devastated.

  21. That's what happens when you put your manufacturing jobs in China.

  22. you mean pachinko console?

  23. Xbox will definitely take the wins the gen

  24. I’m going to make my own console. I’m going to call it the Coronastation.

  25. wasn't kanye's new album titled after this console?

  26. Now all TG16 fans are sad. All five of us…guess I have to go back to my orginal hardware and my massive hue card collection. Woe is me

  27. I didn't even know this existed

  28. The coronavirus is going to be blamed for a lot of delays going forward
    Some will be legitimate but many most certainly won’t be

  29. Noooooooooo

  30. The real question here is where can I get that Godzilla vs gamera shirt??

  31. Well dang, this is terrible. Looks like we have to wait till the Coronavirus situation gets resolved, but we still do need to respect the Factory Workers (along with the other people) at China since China is getting that terrible virus. (I did preordered the TurboGrafx-16 Mini as well, but I definitely can wait on it)

  32. That darn Coronavirus! It's spreading like wildfire.

  33. Sony’s ps5 Microsoft Xbox series…both will end up being delayed

  34. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Damn you to hell corona virus!

  35. I hope my exam gets delayed too.

  36. Delay next gen to 2021

    JUst to b safe off the outbreak

  37. But hey we still hv our ps4's and xbox ones and sooooooo mannnyyyy gamessss (still)

  38. Delay the consoes

  39. Guys next gen might get delayed because of this.

  40. Sad news about the delay guys, my heart goes out to both of the people who've preordered this.

  41. Have them made in the USA damn it! I want my TurboGrafx 16

  42. Something tells me that the PS5 & X Series will also get pushed back to Q1 – 2021

  43. DAEMON HATFIELD if you see this where did you get that shirt and where can i get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  45. Evercade has gone the same way, such a shame!

  46. Who the hell is going to buy this anyway

  47. Of all the minis to come out, this is the one I want most!

  48. As one that has one on preorder, I'm not mad, but shouldn't this had be started to be made before the outbreak started to be getting out in a couple of weeks. I'm not interested in putting anyone at risk, but wouldn't these need to be together and ready to ship to the ones sending these out by a week or so at least at this point and thus the tail end of the manufacture would effect all this?

  49. If they ever make a saturn mini, I'd be all over that

  50. oh boy… guess i'll have to stick to my emulators..

  51. WTF man

  52. My parents have 2 full size ones with, like, 50 games and the 5 player hub, so.. party at their house!

  53. No next gen console in Novelber 2020.

  54. I will not touch anything from konami.

  55. I hope ps5 is delayed because I dont have enough money right now to buy it

  56. I don’t really care about the TG-16 Mini. I already have the PS1 Mini & the Sega Genesis Mini,SNES Mini.

  57. Wait for Xbox and ps

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