John Deere L-Series Mid-Size Wheel Loaders | Capable, Comfortable, and Reliable

(energetic rock music) – We use loaders for
excavation of our basements. The soils around here allow us to go and dig with the loader, which helps save us from
running multiple machines digging and having to move the dirt so we’re able to do it with one machine. – I like a loader that has a lot of power that you can bust the dirt out fast, the boss always wants fast and efficient. So I like a loader that has a lot of power that I don’t have to
fight digging up the dirt and of course getting
full buckets and taking it to the pile or where
you’re taking your dirt is optimum because if
you have half buckets it takes you twice as long. I like the controls up
here where you can see them and use them real easy. You can use them without
having to look down. – Our operators were concerned
that they were gonna lose the feel of the machine and after they’ve had a chance to run it, the adjustment time doesn’t
seem to be very long and they got a good feel
and the results for us have been great. – You can set your bucket
where you want your bucket to be and you just hit
the switch right there, it automatically goes to that position, whatever button you have it on, that’s really nice. – [Andrew] The visibility
out of the new cab is greatly improved
compared to the old one. They moved the air conditioner out, the geometries on the
linkages have changed and the guys say that
they can see the machine and they can see the bucket better when they’re working the machine. On the backfill side when
we’re using a loader, the ability for that
bucket to carry more dirt and have more rollback is a nice feature that’ll help keep messes to
a minimum when we’re digging or we’re carrying the dirt
back and forth from the dig. – Out of all the machines that I’ve run, I love John Deere. They actually have come out and asked me what I liked about running
a loader and their equipment and stuff, and they actually
went back and implemented some of the stuff that we talked about. – [Andrew] The relationship
we have with John Deere is second to none. Comes down to who will stand
behind you when you need help and the machines are unbelievable quality.

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