It Takes Seven Seconds To Vote By Car In Denver, Colorado | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

It Takes Seven Seconds To Vote By Car In Denver, Colorado | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

40 thoughts on “It Takes Seven Seconds To Vote By Car In Denver, Colorado | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. Bernie 2020 !!! not me Us…

  2. Especially when you are not quitting smoking

  3. Vote for Bernie today, for Biden on Thursday.

  4. The GOP hates seeing so many Americans voting. More Americans voting is never good thing for the GOP.

  5. Just what Colorado needed was Illegal alien Clown Car voting ..Now we know for certain Trump is losing Colorado via VoteFraud

  6. Don't vote wrong
    Vote for the future
    Just vote for Bernie Sanders

  7. You know why? Because Denver is mostly white people that's why.

  8. Bernie Sanders has the same kind of people supporting him as socialist leader Jim Jones! MMM Kool- Aid!

  9. Nothing from Denver looks secure, what stops ballet box stuffing?

  10. And the fascist left continue to eat their own…..bye bye Chris!

  11. Oh there's no chance of voter fraud there

  12. When is MSNBC addressing the rambling of the demented, ignorant fool in the WH? He is ill, slurs, cannot talk or move normally and America is facing a crisis like never before. Thousands will die, thanks to Republicans who don't pleaded the 25th.

  13. Corporate/Wall
    Street/Ivy League/Silicon Valley/MSNBC Dems are NOT Democrats…


  14. I am not a US citizen so this is probably a baby question. If there are a million early votes in Colorado alone what happens to all of those votes that went to Pete, Amy and Steyer before they dropped out?

  15. you should drop your ballots straight in a box not just hand it to a person

  16. Guaranteed some early voters scratched off Pete, voted for Amy and submitted lol

    Tough break to have fallen in that window.

  17. Democrats love voter fraud

  18. Texas is already Blue.
    The GOP is supressing the Polling Sites on Brown Communities in Texas.
    ''What The Eyes Don't see, The Heart Doesn't Grieve over''.

  19. Vote Republican, Vote Trump

  20. ~~~~~~ Bernie Sanders ~~~~~~

  21. Pete and Amy cared so Little about the democratic process that they were willing to dropout before super Tuesday. negate huge parts of the country. They care more about the donor class then the voter class.

  22. Democracy: “All Americans should have the equal opportunity to vote.”
    Republicans: “Not on our watch it doesn’t!”

  23. Bernie Sanders 2020!!! Hurry before they try to change the rules to stop Bernie.

  24. Its Stupid Tuesday! Or as Creepy Joe calls it, "Super Thursday".

  25. And about ten to assign it to the appropriate candidate.

  26. Hi Hallie.👋☺.

  27. # BernieSanders2020
    Medicare for all Americans
    We need it! 🇺🇸

  28. I forget just how rural/ old school the US / parts of are…, I think it’s all modern.. (here on me US Apple phone.., but their still learning how to vote now who still be allowed to vote..🤔😂👍

  29. ENERGIZER BERNIE 2020!!!

    Today is a vote for me and my family. Today is a vote for you and your family. Together > let's give this day to Bernie!!

  30. Drive bie for bernie baby

  31. What a joke

  32. 🌊🌊🌊

  33. That's commitment from Gadi!

  34. Surely in a voting system where the candidates may drop out over the course of time they'd do preferential voting so that votes never get wasted.

  35. Republicans: Look at all those blacks and Latino's voting. I remember the good all days when only white votes counted.

  36. So, who's checking on whether the ballot sheet is legitimate or not? It's not like there aren't people who would like to stuff the ballot boxes with fake ballots.

  37. Bernie got my vote in 2016 and he's getting it again…for a real future that can last vote Bernie in 2020

  38. Thank you Gov of CO for making voting 7 seconds by car!

  39. In Texas it takes hours

  40. 2:00

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